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Championship Trial
Venue: Wakefield
Trial Held: 28 February 2004

Trials Manager's Report

Another successful trial at Nostell, mainly due to the wonderful support of a great band of helpers, some of whom came from afar to assist. I must especially thank Yvonne Carpenter, the Trial Secretary, who took on nearly all the work and left me very little to do! She also released her husband Eric to tracklay all week and help mark out fields before the trial. I'm sure the judges will thank their individual helpers, but a special thanks goes to Janine Atkinson for doing the catering assisted by Cath Chadwick.

I must also thank our farmers, John Ellis and the Nostell Estate, Jim Driffield, and Richard Metcalfe who provided fields with the usual excellent tracking surface conditions. Thanks also to Roy Board man of The National Trust and Cohn Eastwood for the control fields.

We are indebted once again to Eric Jubb and the Cricket Club for the use of their clubhouse all week.

The weather was reasonably kind to us in that we had little rain and only a light dusting of snow, but the wind was bitingly cold. Quite a few competitors rang to ask whether the trial was still running because of the terrible weather conditions and were amazed to hear that we had no problems!

Damian Chadwick


CD Stake


When I accepted this appointment to judge I had only just found out that we were moving to Spain to live.  Now I am even more pleased I accepted because I had a wonderful time coming back to judge and to meet up again with many friends.  Thank you to YWTS for inviting me and to Damian and his team for their help and support throughout the trial.  Many thanks also to my stewards Rita and Anne for looking after me and making my job very much easier.  Although the ground was covered with snow we had a bright sunny day.  Out of 18 entries only 13 dogs were able to work, due mainly to the poor conditions for travelling.  It was disappointing to only have one qualifier at the end of the day but I am sure with a little more work and consolidation the others will soon have their day.

1st           P.P. Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD - a very worthy winner. 96.5.  Well done Nigel and best wishes for the future.

2nd         Mrs. J.S. Atkinson with STILLMOOR QUAY TO MY SUCCESS AT DEN LEA. 82 NQ.

3rd          Mrs. J.M. Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA. 79 NQ.

4th          Mrs. C. Chadwick with KERCHAK DANCING RHAPSODY. 76 NQ.


U D Stake


Tracklayers: Carol Hall and Ken Jones

Stewards: Sue Scott

Thank you to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the UD Stake, Thank you to my track layers Carol and Ken, and thank you to Sue for stewarding during the control and search squares. Well done to the trials manager Damian, everything was spot on including the weather (how do you do it, I left home with 6" of snow).

The tracking was on grass, we had bright sunshine but a cold breeze so off I set looking forward to my day. Only 5 entries originally, one scratched which left 4 competitors, hence everything was to be done in one day.

I started off with the control and agility first, where we lost one competitor leaving 3 Qualifiers for the nose work. We witnessed three very good tracks however only the winner recovered the articles. We had a run off for 2nd and 3rd place, which was decided by a search square, with the 2nd placed dog retrieving 4 articles, and the 3rd placed dog 3

The first article was a 9" cable tie and the end article was a wooden peg with green tape around it.

1st             Janet McGloughlin-Minch with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL (XBreed) Did well throughout all of the tests, Janet knows her dog and took her time. Obedience will have to improve for the higher stakes but what a superb track. Well done and a worthy winner 188 Qex

2nd         Terry Austin with GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS (Munsterlander) Nice young dog, sort out your sendaway and long jump and you will climb up the stakes. Nice attitude to nosework with sympathetic handling a promising team and one to watch out for. Pity about the articles on the track.158 NQ

3rd          Dave Olley with BLACK NEWBOROUGH LAD (Lab) Daves first dog in trials so it is a huge learning curve for them both Steady control round, and steady nosework pity about the track articles but keep at it you are doing all the right things 158 NQ

4th          Shirley Shearsmith with MEDBURN NEMESIA (GSD) Just not your day to-day Shirley, just about everything went wrong That could go wrong. But you still had a smile at the end 56 NQ


W.D Stake


27 Entries 17 Ran

My thanks to Y.W.T.S for asking me to Judge this stake. It was worked over two days competitors having to come back on the Sunday for control.

Thursday the first day was very cold and dogs were getting round the track but articles were hard to find, also on Thursday afternoon a lot of us attended John Grantham's funeral which made Thursday not only a cold day but a sad one as well. Friday and Saturday seemed to be better days for working. the dogs started to find articles much to our relief. Sunday, control day was fine and a bit warmer we had 10 dogs came back and some good work done, looking at the results it does support the theory that experience counts.

1st           Rosie Jones with DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION. (BC) Q ex 191

2nd         JoanSnowden with TYRI TRIPLE TEE (BC) Qex l90

3rd          Wendy Beasley with GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL (BC) Qex 185

4th          Judith Owens with Fircroft Sheelin (BC) Qex 182.5

Also qualified W.D ex.


Vat Scott  with BIG DUKE (Crossbreed) Qex 179.5

Phillipa Fearns with MORGANNA MOJALLA (Weim) Qex 170

Mary Hardacre with TARNDALE TAG (BC) Qex 16O.5

I would like to thank everyone at base for looking after us and thank my two tracklayers Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves for their sterling work and to my square steward Liz Hulley well done and thanks for your company. The fact that all the prize winners and qualifiers were all ladies has a very simple explanation, I don't like kissing men.


TD Stake


Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter, Andrea Lynd

Stewards: Peter Morley

My heartfelt thanks to Y.W.T.S for the privilege of judging my first ticket stake. The organisation by Trials Manager Damion Chadwick was superb and everything ran smoothly; the other hard work done before the trial and at the base by Yvonne Carpenter made sure no tracks were lost and all competitors arrived on time for their nose work.. The tracks were laid by Eric Carpenter who went out to do the earlies each day, and Andrea Lynd who really should have spent the whole week in bed as she was suffering from flu- total dedication from you both -and many thanks for all your efforts. To the ladies in the kitchen who sent out our lunches, our grateful thanks too, a hot drink is most welcome halfway through the day. The only part that we had no control over was the weather -first day rain, then bitterly cold winds, really hard frosts and then a covering of snow; still the sun shone on us all for the control day which made a nice finish to the week.

There were 56 entries for the stake but 11 teams scratched, many for the bad weather conditions. Tracking was on winter wheat with a growth of about 4-6 inches in places. The track pattern was so designed that the handlers should trust their dogs once they set off with conviction. The tracking was for the most, well done with some hiccups that were costly. I was disappointed with the searches as I felt they could have been better - perhaps it was the cold ground that upset the dogs. The search was put down after the first track article and so should not have presented any difficulty - only 11 dogs retrieved 4 articles from the square and of those there was only one team who achieved 3 and 4. My special thanks to my husband Peter who laid all the squares as I asked and also ferried me round for the whole week. Sunday, control day, dawned bright, the sun shone on us all and all competitors were put at their ease by Peter. A lovely setting at Nostell caravan park was used for the control field. The exercises started with a speak of 10 continuous barks with the handler out of sight.Then some heel work to the sendaway point - a conspicuous tree about 80 yards away (2 marks). A re-direct to the left of 35 yards (3 marks) and a re-direct to the right some 80 yards to a large yellow board in the hedge (5 marks). There were some brilliant sendaways and re-directs where only 1 or 2 points were lost. I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Wakefield and the judging of some really good teams was a bonus. Thanks to you all for entering under me and for accepting my decisions whether you liked them or not but that is trials - its how you and the dog is on the day that counts. At the end of the trial we had 14 qualifiers who I congratulate whole heartedly they deserved the qualification.

1st           And Kennel Club Working Trial Certificate awarded to DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA (B.C) 208 points handled by Pat Parkinson. Congratulations and Good Luck at the K.C.C. The only dog to get 3 and 4. Qual.T.D.Ex

2nd         And reserve ticket NORSHEP DIGGA (G.S.D.) 204 points handled by Doug Shearer worked really well. T.D.Ex

3rd          ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE (W.S.D.) 203.5points handled by Anne Bussey, an article missed on the track proved costly. T.D.Ex

4th          KINGSLODGE MISS ALLIANCE FOR DREAGANTA (W.S.D.) 202 points handled by Sheila Shearer T.D.Ex.

Other Qualifiers

Miss T.A.Park with WAGGERLAND BROOK (B.C.) 201 points

Mrs. S. Tannert with STYPERSON BRIAR (Lab) 197.5

Mrs M.Wesselby with STYPERSON MILLIE (Lab)195.5

Mrs A.Fowler with WT CH WAGGERLAND FLOSS (B.C.) 192.5

Mrs S.Plumb with MELNOLA SWINGTIME (X Breed) 192.5 Mrs W.Beasley with WT CH BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL (B.C.) 189.5

Mrs M. Rogerson with DELTA OF XANDOA (X Breed) 181.5

Mr J Poole with MANPOL ROBYN (G.S.D.) owned by J. Ashford 181.5

Mrs L.Newbold with LITTLE BRADLEY (X Breed) 181 T.D.onlv


My thanks to all trialists for giving up their time and energy and may you all continue to enjoy this sport of ours, It was heartening to get positive feedback from tracklayers and competitors on my test - thank you one and all.

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