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Championship Trial
Venue: Wakefield
Trial Held: 06 March 2005

Trials Managers Report

Many thanks to all who helped run this trial: Hopefully it was good one, as I didn't hear too many complaints!

We ran the UD and WD as 'one day' trials for the first time, and using the knowledge gained, will hope to run an even better event next year. We had rather mixed weather, but not the snow everyone else seemed to get.

Our farmers, helpful as ever, gave us some excellent fields for the tracking and, although the PD control and manwork had to be on stubble, the final day went well. I'm working on the farmers for a grass field for TD next year, but they still insist on growing crops - seems there's more profit in wheat than grass.

Special thanks go to Yvonne Carpenter, the Trials Secretary, who did all the hard work for me, before, during and after the trial. I'm sure all the judges will thank their particular helpers, but I should also mention Janine Atkinson, Cath Chadwick and Jan Darby for their catering and Fred and Margaret Welham for keeping an eye on us all!

It was great to have so many qualifiers, and I'll let the judges give their explanations and reasons as to why.





Stewards: Wendy Craven & Rachel Cudworth

Thanks to YWTS committee for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Championship trial. Damien Chadwick, Trials Manager and his team of workers did an excellent job of organising the trial and everything ran smoothly.

The weather was cold on Friday and Saturday with the occasional snow shower. Twenty-two dogs worked out of thirty-two entries and the searches were very well done with only one dog failing to bring out enough articles, the majority of dogs qualified the control section but the stays and agility sections took their toll.

Special thanks to my stewards, Wendy Craven, Friday and Rachel Cudworth, Saturday for laying the squares just as I wanted and giving very clear commands to all the competitors in the control section. We finished with twelve qualifiers:

1st           Rob Currie with VOMHAUSNYE PUNK (GSD). 95.5. Punk has a super attitude to his work, a full mark square in just one minute. This was the dog that Rachel wanted to take home with her. It was a pleasure to judge you both.

2nd         Debbie Meade with HEATHERMARK VIXEN (GSP). 95.5. Not an easy breed to work but well handled, do enjoy her as you go up the stakes.

3rd          Jacquie Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK (GR). 93.5. Another full mark square and a excellent control round, I know you were thrilled with Ghillie’s scale as it has been a difficult exercise for her.

4th          Jim Sewell with DRESTBERG ESTELLE (GSD). 92.5. Full mark jumps from this lovely looking dog made sure she got a place, well handled.

Also qualifying CDex:

Rose Bayston with ROSEDALES MAD JACK (WSD) 91.

Pauline Hewson with JANALLAN ZAPATEADO (BSD) 89.

Jim Jeffrey with BIRKIE BLOOMER (Lab), owned by Mrs S Watt. 89.

John Watts with JAYESS ROUGH N’TUMBLE (GSD) 87.5.

Ann Bedford with WOLFHARTS DARK ISLANDER (GSD) 84.5.

Walter Evens with LANCELOT VON SWARTZ (GSD) owned by Rita Evans. 83.

Dave Holt with CHARLESTOWN JAKE (GSD) 81.

Sue Hughes with DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR (OES) 81.

Congratulations to all who qualified and to those who did not, keep trying.


PD Stake


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Tom Darby, Jeff Poole

Steward: Glynis Page (patrol round scribe) Laura Bardwell

Criminals: Tom Davies, Steve Lancashire, Malc Snowdon, Mark Adams

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge my first ticket, also to Damion and his whole team for making everything go so straightforward, leaving me with only the judging to worry about.

A special thanks to all the people named above for their considerable efforts to ensure all the competitors got an equal chance to qualify their dogs, and for their help to me both for that trial and over the years, it's people like these, and I know they're not alone that make our sport possible.

ywts pd ch track small

Fourteen entered ten ran. After the nosework, control and jumps, we were left with six teams still in a qualifying position.

The patrol round started with the test of courage, three men with padded sticks one with a hot water bottle, the handler to send their dog about eighty yards and not being allowed to join their dog until the test had been marked.

The search and escort part one followed, this included the attack on handler, one criminal took the dog's attention whilst the other made the attack.

This was followed by the quarter covering and area 160 yards, square with five hides of various types trailers, etc. At the final hide the dogs were offered food but not until they had been given time to speak. They then went into the search and escort part two, this included a creep off by one of the criminals and a short escort to get them into position for the recall.

The recall was straightforward with the handler having a very good chance of getting it, however this was quickly followed by a two man chase, the handler needing to disengage his dog from the first criminal at a distance of at least 50 yds, and redirect it onto the second man, the test was over when both criminals had been arrested and the dog brought under control at the handler's side.

1st Article packet safety matches

2nd Article piece of carpet 1.25inches square.

1st           Dave Marchant with JAKE WSD best nosework 114, best control 34.5 and full marks on the jumps left this team with little to do in the patrol round 112, 280.5 overall. Well done Dave.

2nd         Graham Brumpton with BILLY WSD nosework 100 control 31.5 full marks on the jumps and one of the better patrol rounds 120 gave this team a total of 271.5 surely the second ticket will come soon Graham.

3rd          Lorna Cottier with HAMISH crossbreed nosework 91 control 31.5 jumps 19.5 put in the best patrol round for 124 some of us old ones have still got it, total 262, well done Lorna

4th          John Watts with BLUE WSD nosework 93 control 31 jumps 14.5 patrol round 118 well done John, a touch tight mind, 256.5

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