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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 02 March 2014




Steward: Dave Olley

Gate stewards: Dave Craven and Gary Atkins

I had a lovely day judging CD at this super YWTS trial. Thanks to the committee for the appointment and to Eric and Yvonne Carpenter and all the hard working base helpers - they even arranged the sunshine. My stewards did a great job; Dave, Dave and Gary all played their part to ensure everything ran well - thanks to them and all the stay stewards.

We had an entry of 20, 18 ran. The day started with the nosework in a grass field, dumbell retrieve, followed by the square. The search articles were a wooden dolly peg, a blue shotgun cartridge and a 2" by 3" piece of carpet. All teams gained qualifying marks in this section. Then 14 dogs successfully completed the sit.

All 18 teams worked the C/A in the afternoon, and I really enjoyed watching everyone work. The round was recall, heel on lead, sendaway 50 yards to a cone, heel off lead, clear, long and scale. The down stay finished off the day. Out of 17 who took part 12 were successful.

I am pleased to say there were 7 qualifiers, with a tie for first place; the run off was a retrieve, which both teams performed well.

 1st ARO Sheila Tannert and TARNEDGE WISP, Lab, 97, Q. An excellent performance from Sheila and Inca. A full point search square, and a great C/A. Winning the run off to take first place. Congratulations.

2nd ARO Dianne Ellis and DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, 97, Q. Super work from Dianne and Hattie. C/A round was a pleasure to watch, with full point jumps. Well done.

3rd Pat Nelson and YETA NUVVA AVAWAGA, ASD, 86.5, Q. Lovely teamwork from Pat and Bella in all sections, well done.

4th Kim Astbury and CHASING A DREAM, WSD, 86, Q. Good work from Kim and Chase, a sound performance. Well done.

Also qualified:

Paul Morling and VONLUCIANHAN ARGONAUT, Mali, 85

Bridget Montague and CRISELLA DELTA DUFFY, Lab, 82.5

Janine Atkinson and THE QUARRIE MAN AT DENLEA, WSD, 81.5


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave and Nigel Hines

Steward: Liz Hulley

 Tracking ground: Winter Wheat. Weather: A bright sunny day with a slight breeze.

I would like to thank Yvonne Carpenter and the committee of Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge the UD stake. Thank you to Eric for being trials manager and doing a great job (Eric wanted me to say a bit more about him – well, I have been trying to think of something to say but I can’t), the ladies in the kitchen for feeding me and all the ladies on the desk doing a hundred and one things - thank you all.

I had Liz Hulley as C/A and search steward and she was good company and did a brilliant job - thank you, Liz. I had 2 very experienced track layers in Nigel and Richard and both did a first class job - thank you both.

8 entered, 3 scratched and 1 who didn’t turn up and for whatever reason didn’t phone to say he wouldn’t be there; ok, there is always a reason why, but we don’t need to know that, just that you’re ok but can’t make the trial. It’s only fair to everyone running the trial. 4 completed the test.

As I have said we only had 4 competing, so while we were short on quantity we were certainly high on quality. We started the test with C/A, which started with the retrieve, followed by heelwork to the sendaway point, which was 90 paces to a boundary, then a bit more heelwork to the jumps; then we did the stays. After a short break we started the nosework, which was on lush winter wheat.

 1st Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, CDEx, Lab, B, 193/200, Q UDEx. Good C/A, only losing 1 on heelwork, followed by a decent track and square. Well done, Mike.

2nd Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx, WSD, D, 192/200, Q UDEx. Good control, but needed a 2nd attempt at the long jump, followed by a demonstration of how to track and search, only losing 1.5 on the track with a full point square. Also winning Best Nosework award. Well done, Margaret.

3rd Tracey Eaton with CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, CDEx, GR, B, 179/200, Q UDEx. A good control and agility round; Bronte does good obedience heelwork but you must try and remember this is trials not obedience. Tracey and Bronte did a good track and Tracey was so pleased when she finished that she said "Thank you very much" and then started to leave the field without doing the square or gun - that’s how it can get to you! Anyway, after I explained that there was a bit more to do they both went on to do a nice square and full mark gun. Well done, Tracey.

4th Jean-Pierre Felicien with VONLUCIANHAN ARMAGEDDON, Mali, D, 186/200, NQ. It was nice to meet Jean (John) and a pleasure to judge him and Junior. Costing him a qualification today was the sendaway, or lack of it; he had exceptionally good control over Junior, however he couldn’t stop him looking the wrong way when setting him up for the sendaway. He did a good track and although there are only 2 articles on the track he came back with about 5, of which 2 were mine, and the rest were bits of twigs that the dog stopped on and he picked up just in case (a good idea cause when you’re in ticket you could be right). Well done, Jean-Pierre.

 I had a great time at Nostell and enjoyed judging 4 very good teams. Finally, congratulations to Margaret Robinson on winning the Ticket with Frankie.




Tracklayers: Tom, Eric, Jeff, Dave and Pat

Search Stewards: Liz, Richard and Julz

C/A Steward: Julz

 Thank you to the society for the invitation and to everyone who helped the trial run so smoothly, especially Yvonne and Eric for all their hard work, and thank you to Liz and Theresa for our lovely food. Thank you also to all my tracklayers, Tom, Eric, Jeff, Dave and Pat, who all laid excellent tracks, and to my search stewards, Liz, Richard and Julz and also thank you to Julz for stewarding control.

For the time of year the weather was amazing, we never got wet; it was windy at times and on Saturday not windy enough for squares. On the whole if dogs got past the first four legs they completed the track. I enjoyed my judging appointment and saw lots of lovely dogs and ended up with thirteen qualifiers.

 1st Margaret Robinson’s WSD, JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, 210, and best nosework. This win makes Frankie a WTCh - a superb performance and well deserved win

2nd Barry Gilbert’s BC, GLENALPINE COSWORTH, 208.5. A young dog with a great future in Barry’s capable hands - well done.

3rd Gary Atkins’ BC, GLENALPINE PETE, 207.5. Litter brother to the above. What a result, well done.

4th Heather Patrick’s BC, SHEREBRIDGE KHAOS, 204.5. First time in Ticket, a dog to watch out for. Well done.

 Also qualifying TDEx:

Alan Bexon’s BC, FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 198.5




Glenys Page’s WSD, WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, 186.5

Glenys Page’s BC, BRIGLEN JOSS, 184.5

Mike Williams’ X-breed, MARINA BENS PAL, 184.5

Wendy Magyar’s BC, GLENALPINE TED, 177.5

Qualifying TD:

Tracey Park’s WSD, WAGGERLAND TYNE, 168


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