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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 03 March 2013



Tracklayers: Nigel and Damien

Search Steward: Tracey

C/A Steward: Yvonne

Thank you to Yvonne, Eric and to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge, and to Yvonne and Eric for their hospitality and for a well organised and very enjoyable day.

Thanks also to Nigel and Damien for laying all the tracks accurately and consistently, to Tracey for laying the squares just as I wanted and to Yvonne for stewarding the control, also just as I wanted – you were all good company and made things run really smoothly.  I also got great back-up from the base, good food and speedy processing of marks and places from Julie and Rita.

There were 8 entries and 7 ran.  The weather was cloudy and relatively mild with little wind which made for some excellent tracking on fairly sparse corn.  What a joy not to be wading around in the mud!!  Of the 7 teams competing 5 were very experienced handlers with newish dogs.  They produced a high standard of work in all areas which was reflected in the results:

1st Gary Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D, 192.5, Q.  Pete worked accurately and consistently, as I would have expected from one of Gary’s dogs.  However, what impressed me was his willing and happy attitude and the great rapport he and Gary seem to have with each other.  A well-deserved win.

2nd Malc Snowden with STARDELL SIRIUS, BC, D, 186.5, Q.  This pair produced an excellent nosework round with again a great attitude from the dog.  Just some fine tuning may be required for general control between exercises

3rd John Currie with MY BOY JIM, CDEx, WSD, D, 185.5, Q.  Another experienced handler producing a professional and accurate round with a willing and capable dog.

Emily Arch with JASPER THE COWPE CRUSADER, CDEx, WSD, D.   Emily and Jasper produced a very creditable nosework round with just a few inconsistencies and lack of concentration on the control.  Well done

Also qualified:

Jules Findeisen with BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, CDEx, X-breed, D, 175

Thank you to competitors for your entries and for your willing participation in the test.




Tracklayers: Geoff Margreaves, Richard Musgrave, Nigel Hines, Chris Trevor

Stewards: Janine Atkins, Richard Musgrave

Thank you to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Many thanks to Eric Carpenter, and his band of helpers for running an excellent trial.  Thank you to all my tracklayers, Geoff Margreaves ,Richard Musgrave, Nigel Hines and Chris Trevor - you did a fantastic job, has did my stewards, Janine Atkins and Richard Musgrave.  I enjoyed your company very much.

The weather was kind to us and even though it was cold it was dry, so that was a bonus.

There were 12 entries and 11 ran.

1st Mrs H Patrick, SHEREBRIDGE KHAOS, IPO2, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 186, Q.  Excellent track and search and a nice tidy control round.  Congratulations on your qualification

2nd Mr B Gilbert, GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx – WDEX, BC, 184.5, Q.  Another nice track and the only dog to get a full point search.  Congratulations this qualification, which now puts Cossie in Ticket.  Good Luck to you both

3rd Mrs A E Price, LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 184, Q.  Well done, Liz.  Oliver didn’t mind you being nervous at all; once he was tracking there was never a moment’s doubt that he wouldn’t complete the track.  Also won the best Nosework Trophy

4th Mrs Stubbings and Mrs Collier, CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, 168.5, Q.  Congratulations, Tracy, just bits and bobs on the track and you found the first article, but a well-deserved qualification



Judge : LORNA COTTIER               

Tracklayers:  Andrea Lynd and Dave Stewart

Search, C/A Steward and PD Scribe: Ann Bedford

PD Steward: Jackie Snook

Patrol Helpers: Tom Davies, Vic Snook, Ann Bedford, Steve Lancashire and Chris Trevor.

Thank you to the YWTS for the invitation to judge the PD Stake. I have judged and competed here on many occasions and as always, it was a very friendly welcoming trial.  Many thanks to Eric and Yvonne Carpenter for the excellent organisation of the trial, to Rita and Julie for their hard work at the base and to Teresa, Liz and Doreen who supplied the lovely refreshments from the kitchen. 

I was aided by first class helpers who ensured the stake ran smoothly and efficiently and were all excellent company and expertise. Thanks folks, it was much appreciated.  Thanks also to Dave and Liz Stewart who accommodated Ann and me in their lovely home and apologies again for Clyde dismantling and digesting Roxy’s toy.

Weather conditions throughout the trial were very good, cold and dry with a slight breeze throughout.  14 entered, 12 ran. On Friday all five dogs qualified through the control, agility and nosework; on Saturday just one out of seven qualified.  On Sunday we had 9 teams work the patrol round with the 3 non-qualifiers first.  Of the remaining 6 teams, 3 earned themselves worthy PDEx qualifications.

The round started with the quarter.  In this large L-shaped field there was no natural hides so the perimeter needed to be checked until the locations.  Handlers were encouraged to work their dogs as a team and extra commands with a positive outcome were not marked down.  The first part of the quarter required the dog to ignore the crowd of spectators in the middle of the field and work where their handler sent them - this proved difficult for the less experienced teams (but something to now go and train for).  However all dogs located Ann, an innocent person reading the paper.  She was escorted to the crowd and then took over scribing the round for me.  The quarter continued to the location of Steve and Chris, who were then escorted towards the crowd.  During this, Chris threw a ball for the dog whilst Steve attacked the handler; several dogs were distracted by the ball but most refocused quickly on Steve.

The recall was next with Tom and Vic; one stood still after the dog was sent, the other kept running.  The chase followed with Steve and Chris, same format as the recall and included the search of the criminals.  They were then escorted (not marked) back to the crowd, during which Tom and Vic appeared from each side and attacked the dog with sticks, Steve and Chris also turning at the dog; on completion the dog won the sleeve.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering.  It was especially good to see more new teams in the stake.

1st Dave Olley and WTCh STARDELL ALULA, BC, B, 301/320, PDEx.  Experience of both dog and handler shone through here - near faultless C/A, very good nosework and handled the patrol round like a pro, subsequently receiving best patrol round trophy.  Very well done, best of luck at the 2013 KCC’s.  Control 33.5/35, Ag 20/20, N/W 107.5/115, Patrol 140/150.    

2nd Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, D, 271, PDex.  First time in PD Ch for this team. Okay control, excellent nosework and kept themselves together very well in the patrol round.  Second location lacked any vocal offering by Eck, though he certainly has presence and focus, and lost marks due to extra commands throughout the test, but on the whole, great control and commitment.  Well done on your first PDEx and the reserve ticket.  26.5, 19.5, 111, 114.     

3rd Diane Ling and WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, X Breed, D, 264.5, PDEx.  Excellent C/A and nosework. Superb faultless quarter and locations, Tom was like a coiled spring throughout the whole stake, let alone the patrol round.  He sprang once too often though during the recall (or lack of it) but still had enough for a well-deserved qualification.  33, 17.5, 109, 105      

4th Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D, 289.5, NQ.  Wasn’t qualifying after the agility, however completed excellent nosework afterwards and was first to work the patrol round.  Superb and faultless quarter, Murphy listening to his handler and working to the commands.  Messy escort but otherwise the patrol round was faultless.  It is easily seen why he is such a successful dog in the patrol stake.  29.5, 10, 110, 140. 

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