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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 02 March 2008

Trials Manager’s Report

As usual at Nostell, we had a little bit of everything weather wise, and a lot of gales.  Special thanks to Yvonne for all the hard work before, during and after the trial; to Jan Darby who looked after the base as if she’d been doing it all her life!; to Liz Stewart for typing and producing the catalogues (with a little help from Dave); to Liz again and Doreen who ran an excellent kitchen - in fact so good were the refreshments it was hard work getting the workers, judges and competitors out to do what they had all come for!; to those who worked out in the field.  TD tracks - Tom Darby, Andrea Lynd and Graham Reaney, TD Search and Control - Yvonne, WD Tracks - Jeff Margreaves, Dave Stewart and Graham Reaney, WD Search and Control - Liz Hulley and Glenys Page, UD Tracks - Dave Craven and Brian Page, UD Search and Control - Richard Musgrave, CD Search and Control - Karon Tiffany and Rose; CD and TD Gate Steward - Sue Hughes, Escort and Refreshment Runner and occasional stay steward - Fred Welham.  Thanks also for their expertise in being general dogsbodies as and when required - Tom Darby, Dave Craven, Brian Page, Dave Stewart, Jeff Margreaves.

A big thank you to a terrific bunch of judges - Jill Carruthers, TD, Bob Russell WD, Lol Campbell UD, and Sheila Margreaves CD.  All came up trumps when we lost a control field, were supportive and never complained.  All were good company throughout the trial and some even kept me entertained at various hostelries of an evening.

Being a trials manager is easy-peasy when you have helpers and judges like these.  THANK YOU ALL and also for all the people who offered to help but were not called upon. 

Thanks also to the various landowners without whom we wouldn’t be able to run a trial - Nostell Estate and its managers, Richard and Jonathan Metcalf; to Richard and Jonathan again for the use of their own land; John and Mrs Driffield for the grass land at Featherstone; to Colin and Debs Eastwood for the CD/UD/WD control field; to the National Trust Staff for the TD control field at Nostell Priory; to Nostell St Oswalds Cricket Club for the use of the base; and to the Wakefield Independent School for use of their car parks.

Finally a big thanks to all the competitors for making this such a successful and fun trial.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Dave Craven, Brian Page

Steward: Richard Musgrave

My thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge, and to all the people in the base, and the kitchen helpers.  Thanks also to my tracklayers – you both did a brilliant job in difficult conditions – and to Richard Musgrave, my steward (welcome back, Richard!)  Finally, thanks to Eric and Yvonne Carpenter for your hospitality – I had a great time.

16 dogs entered, all ran, and all tried hard. 

1st, after a run-off H Cook and THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, 188.5.  Track 88.5, lost just 0.5 in C/A.  Brilliant to watch – well done.

2nd Ann Clarke and STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab, 188.5.  Track 82, lost 1.5 in C/A.  Ann and Quincey set the standard – well done.

3rd Karon Tiffany and BRICKER BRACKEN, WSD, 188.  Best nosework mark of 140, which was fantastic in the conditions.  Pity he ran round the scale.  Well done.

4th Caroline Martin and YES MALADY, Cross, 189.5.  Started the track slowly, but finished fast.  Well done.

Also qualified UDEx:

Ruth Bryant and MEISTERWERK BRUISER, BC, 176.5

Sarah Royle and POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, 175.5

Julia Findeisen and TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, 169.

Qualifying UD:


All the competitors had a good go, but the conditions were against them.  Well done to you all and good luck in the future.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers:  Dave Stewart, Jeff Margreaves, Graham Reaney

Stewards: Glenys Page on Tuesday and Liz Hulley the remainder of the week, both doing Search and C/A

Another Yorks trial, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and my thanks to West Yorks committee for the invitation to judge this trial.  The trial organisation and operation was excellent and from my perspective everyone worked as a team.  Appreciation to Eric and Yvonne Carpenter for ensuring I was taken care of, not only at the trial but in the evenings when we finished at the base.  I could not have had a better lot of tracklayers and stewards, who carried out my requirements with considerable expertise and made it a pleasure at the same time.  The crack, banter and insults (even when Dave Stewart made me wear a woolly hat with a collie on the front) were brilliant and made my time there a pleasure.  As no good base can run without catering and base staff, my final thanks go to Liz Stewart who was there every day and can only be psychic as every time I arrived at the base, food and coffee materialised in front of me almost, it seemed, as soon as I sat down at a table, and to Jan Darby who handled the score sheets and ensured competitors were at the tracking area in good order.

The tracking land was excellent considering the variable weather over the previous couple of weeks, but unfortunately for those tracking on the first day it was hard enough staying on your feet never mind tracking your dog.  It improved over the next three days, however, and this showed with some qualifiers each of these days.

1st Jackie Dykes with DAISY DOO, X/BREED, B, 186.  An excellent nosework round with the dog handling the wind well.  Any lost marks on the track were minimal until the ninth leg, where for whatever reason she lost the corner and got slightly off the leg, but the team made a good recovery, romped the remainder of the track and proceeded to blitz the square.  Excellent.  C/A was good with just a slight hiccup at the clear jump.

2nd Averil Salisbury with DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, WSD, B, 185.5.  Another excellent nosework round and winning the Best Nosework Trophy.  Well handled with track marks being lost for minor infringements.  Brilliant square. Good C/A round with marks being dropped on the sendaway.

3rd Roger Shrimpton with CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, BC, D, 184.5.  The first successful track of the stake, on the second day, which gave me a lift.  Excellent nosework round with a quality track and a brilliant square. Good C/A with a slight mistake on the long jump and ‘the coat was hanging on a shoogly peg’ in the downstay, Roger.

4th Janet McGloughlin-Minch with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL, X/BREED, D, 180.5.  Top quality track but down one article in the square.  Tended to be a bit deaf on completion of the sendaway (Janet knows what I mean) but good control round with slight errors on the agility.

Other qualifiers were:-

Linda Newbold with COLLIE WOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, D, 178.5

Ann Bedford with ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, X/BREED, B, 165

Ruth Cahill with VOMKYNA BORUSS, GSD, D, 160

and qualifying WD:

David Barker with MORROW AMAROO, GSD, B, 159.5


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Andrea Lynd (six days hard labour!), Eric Carpenter and Graham Reaney

Steward: Search and C/A: Y. Carpenter

I would like to thank YWTS for the invitation to judge, and especially so to Yvonne and Eric Carpenter for all their hard work before, during and after this trial.

A big THANK YOU to Tom and Andrea for surviving such a harsh week, out there laying tracks and recovering articles when it was too hard for the dogs. Please keep going because we need dedicated and accurate tracklayers like you, not forgetting Eric and Graham (who was pinched from laying WD tracks).

Thanks also to Liz Stewart who did a fantastic job in the catering department with Doreen’s help and Dave did a bit too. Liz worked wonders; nothing was too much trouble (even the odd Danish pastry or two that went missing). Fred Welham delivered our lunches and returned scores to the base, which was extremely efficiently run by Jan Darby. Thank you, Jan, for all the many hours you selflessly give to us all helping at so many trials, it’s much appreciated.

Stay stewards were Yvonne, Andrea and Dave. Gate steward and crowd control was Sue, thank you all for giving up your time to make this trial such a success.

This proved to be a rather exciting week, especially with the good old British weather! Most of the time it was very windy and at times you could hardly stand up. How some of the dogs managed to track in such bad conditions is truly amazing.

1st 208, WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR with Sheila Tannert.  Briar worked on one of the better days and took full advantage of the conditions, recovering 3 and 4, and with good C/A came out top once again. Congratulations, Sheila, and best wishes for the KCC`s

2nd 206.5,  Ir WTCh FIRCROFT DALWINNIE with Judith Owens-Poole. Guess recovered 3 and 4, she worked beautifully for Judith throughout the test and on her performance here she will soon be a WTCh here as well as at home in Ireland. Congratulations.

3rd 200.5, WTCh CAFCOLL RON with Gary Atkins. Ron thought he would give someone else a chance at the ticket having won the last two! He recovered 3 and 3, as ever he put in a good C/A round.

4th 197.5, LITTLE JODE with June Reed. Jode worked a nice track, recovered 3 and 3, June lost her a couple of marks (but hopefully will not do so again). Another good C/A round.

Also Qualifying TDEx:


192, MANPOLE ROBYN with Jeff Poole

191.5, WTCh FIRCROFT DOON with Judith Owens-Poole

187.5, WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS with Anne Fowler


186, ESSEX GIRL with June Reed


185, WTCh JOLLY JILL with Pat Herbert. Jill retired at this trial, her career cut short due to an eye problem. She tracked beautifully in a very exposed area gaining 96 for her track, making it look easy. Enjoy your retirement, WTCh Jolly Jill.

181.3, FITZERS HAZEL with Barry Harvey

180, TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD with Nigel Hines

176, LATCHETS BOSS with Jeff Poole

Qualifying TD:

173, WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY with Dave Marchant

I would like to give a special mention to three teams who got round the track when most were literally blown off, Margaret with Lace, and Anne with Tessa; both teams unfortunately did not have enough track articles. Mary and Tag were just stunning, recovered 2 and 3, but missed out on the agility. You must all be delighted with your dogs’ dedication and amazing ability to track.


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