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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 04 March 2007

Trial Manager’s Report

My thanks on behalf of Yorkshire WTS go to all the landowners, who continue to support us with their generosity.  Thanks also to the judges, Glenys Page CD, Sheila Tannert UD, Suzanne Plumb WD and Moira Rogerson PD, and also to their respective teams, Roseanne Leatham and Brian Page, CD; David Waite, Dave Craven, Graham Reaney and Damian Chadwick, UD; Liz Hulley, Jeff Margreaves and Dave Stewart, WD; Heather Patrick, Andrea Lynd and Brian Page, PD.  Thanks to Dave Craven, Dave Stewart, Jeff Margreaves, Brian Page and Fred Welham for help with all those jobs that need doing at the trial.  A big thank you to Liz Stewart and Doreen Fawbert for a superb job with refreshments for both workers and competitors – I am sure we now have a Michelin Star!

Thanks also to Liz Stewart for production of schedules and catalogues.  Thanks to Margaret Welham for standing in for Yvonne when she had to return to work for a meeting.  A special thank you to Yvonne (Carpenter) for all the hard work put in before and during the trial.

Finally, a big thank you to the competitors, the vast majority of whom complied with our requests – this will help ensure our continued use of the facilities and land.  To the one or two who found it difficult to comply – think how you would feel if the boot was on the other foot.

Congratulations on their Ticket win, and best wishes for the KCs to Suzanne Jaffa and ACCRA EASEL BOB, and congratulations to Wendy Beasley and GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL for the reserve.  Well done to those in all stakes who qualified.  Best wishes for the future to all our competitors.

Eric Carpenter



Stake: CD


Steward: Roseanne Leatham

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake.  Thank you to Eric Carpenter, Trials Manager, and Yvonne, Trials Secretary, who worked extremely hard to make this trial a success.   The kitchen was ably managed by Liz and Doreen – nothing was too much trouble.  My stewards in the field were my granddaughter Roseanne and my husband Brian, who kept the competitors flowing, resulting in me not waiting about, especially in the afternoon, when it rained.

15 dogs entered, 13 worked.  There were 3 qualifiers CDEx and 1 CD.

1st     Dave Stewart and BLUE OF BURFORD, 96.5, CDEx.  Blue worked well for you today, only dropping 3.5 overall.  A well deserved win.  Good luck for future trials.

2nd   Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM, 91.5, CDEx.  Another lovely round, just missing the third article.  Another one to watch for the future.

3rd   Audra Hurst and THE LIFE OF RILEY, 89, CDEx.  Good round, just tidy up agility and you’re there.  Well done.

4th    Pete Turner and ZAC, 72.5, CD.  I’m sure you were pleased with Zac today, just the stay and you’ll be there.  Well done.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Dave Craven, Graham Reaney, Damian Chadwick

Steward: David Waite

I would like to thank Yorkshire for the invitation to judge this UD stake.  It was a great pleasure as everyone is so friendly and helpful.  Thank you to Yvonne for running the base and to the ladies in the kitchen - it was great to have a warm lunch when we came in from the tracking land.  To my track layers Dave Craven, Graham Reaney and Damian Chadwick for giving up their time to lay the tracks - you did a great job.  I couldn’t forget my steward, David Waite, who did a great job laying the squares and stewarding the control round.  Thank you all.

The tracking was on grass and I saw some lovely tracks.  12 dogs were entered and 8 dogs worked.  The track articles were a piece of green scourer and a small tennis ball; the search articles were a metal clip, a piece of underlay, a lolly stick and a shuttle cock.

1st     Avril Salisbury and DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, CDEx, WSD.   A super, steady track and all 4 recovered from the square.  Heelwork needs tidying up, but overall a good performance.  Well done, you really deserved your qualification. 192.5, Q

2nd   Anne Dent and GHYLLBECK PALLASI, Lge M/Lander.  This dog went round the track like it was on rails; it was a pleasure to watch.  All articles from the square were recovered.  Once again, the control round needs a bit more work.  Well done.  189, Q

3rd   Manda McLellan and CHESARIK ZAC, BC.  Very well handled by Manda on the track; struggled on the second corner but after that no problems. Just bits and bobs on the control.  Well done. 187, Q

4th    Bob Shropshire and STYPERSON OLIVER, Lab.  Oliver went round the track so quick he missed the first article, but it was great to watch.  All articles from the square and a nice tidy control round.  Well done.  182, Q


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves

Steward: Liz Hully

Thanks to Yorkshire WTS committee for the invitation to judge.  Trials Manager Eric Carpenter, ably assisted by Yvonne, and their team of helpers, ran an excellent trial, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself judging the WD stake over three days.

Tracking was on well grown winter wheat; the weather was kind to us for the time of year, apart from Thursday, when the wind was very strong, and at times it was difficult to stand up.  Amazingly, it did not affect the dogs, because out of nine working that day, only two failed the track.  The tracklayers did an excellent job – twenty six teams competed, and twenty one got round the track.  Thank you Dave and Jeff, I did appreciate your hard work and company.  Unfortunately, the squares tested the handlers – dogs were indicating articles but failed to pick them up, and even stood by them eating the very lush crop.  Maybe they were exhausted, as the seven dogs that failed the search had tracked successfully.  Thank you, Liz, for laying the squares exactly the same for everybody, and we did appreciate the handlers who thanked her even though they were disappointed with their dogs’ performances.

Control and agility followed in the afternoon.  The round started with heelwork, normal then slow, a ninety yard diagonal sendaway to a pole in front of a tree, fast heelwork to the hurdle, normal heelwork back to the start of the round, then retrieve.  Handlers were given the choice for their dogs to jump the scale or the long jump next; interestingly, it was half and half.  Group stay followed at the end.  Thank you again to Liz for stewarding, explaining the round, and putting each competitor at their ease.  Control rounds were well done, with handlers getting good attention from their dogs, with only the sendaway causing a problem, with dogs going to the wrong trees.

Congratulations to the qualifiers, to those who did not qualify - better luck next time.

1st     John and Shirley Simpson and GLENROYAL YAZZ, (GSD), 187.5, handled by John.  Teamwork at its very best, only losing 1.5 on the track and 35 for the square.  No return on the scale, but with John’s sympathetic handling of this lovely bitch I am sure this will not become a problem.  Lots of luck in the TD stake.  Also won the best nosework trophy.

2nd   Vicky Jenkins and PRAGNELL DAISY, (X-Breed), 178.5.  Daisy worked very hard on the track, despite the strong wind, and then brought all four articles out of the square.  Minor errors on the control and agility, but this happy dog just wants to please.  Very good handling from Vicky.

3rd   Judith Owens-Poole and IrCh FIRCROFT DALWINNE, (BC), 178.  Lovely track, and even though Gues worked hard in the square, she couldn’t find that fourth article.  Again, minor errors on the control and agility, but Judith’s calm handling overcame the hiccup on the scale.

4th    Alan Bolton’s NORSHEP SHADOW, (GSD), 176.5, handled by Stan Banks.  Windy conditions made the track difficult, but Stan stood still, allowing Shadow to work it out.  Only managed to get three out of the square.  A nervous Stan came into the control and agility, but Shadow didn’t let him down – a good round, and one of the better sendaways.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Gail Cartwright and SOOSHINE APRIL SPLASH, (BC), 175.5

June Reed and ESSEX GIRL (GSD), 175

Laura Bardwell and TSAR PRINCE AMARUKA, (Rott), 171.5

Jenny Holt and HULLATER BROCK, (WSD), 171.5

Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, (BC), 164

Polly Thomas and BONZER HONEYSUCKLE BLOOM, (Lab), 160.5

Qualifying WD:

Gill Armstrong and SAPPHIRE TYG, (ACD), 157.5

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