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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 05 March 2006


Trial Secretary’s Report

It felt as if very little went right for this trial but thanks to our workers and judges we managed to get through it without any major mishap.

The judges have thanked their tracklayers and stewards in their reports but I’d also like particularly to thank the following people who rearranged their time at the last minute to rescue us:

Jan & Tom Darby, Dave Craven, Jeff Morgreaves, Brian Page, Julia Findeisen, Ann Bedford.

Thanks also to Janine and everyone who helped with the refreshments, and to our farmers for their generous use of their land.



Stake: CD


Steward, Kim Astbury

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge CD. Stake at their 2006 Championship trial. Thanks to Yvonne Carpenter, Dave Craven, and the ladies in the kitchen. To my very able steward Kim Astbury for doing a great job of search and C&A. My day started with some very foul weather and if I had been competing I would have turned around and gone back home so a big thank you to every one who turned out. This was my first appointment to judge at a championship trial and had the pleasure to judge some extremely good young dogs.

By the time we started the sun had come out and it was a lovely day out in the field. The test started with the search, the articles being a blue aerosol cap, 2 x 3 piece of seat belt and a 3 x 1 piece of green plastic tape, which all the dogs found quite easy this was all carried out on stubble the retrieve was into the square at the end. The C&A round started with heel on lead out to the sendaway which was to two crossed poles 60 paces away this was followed by the recall to get us back to the start pole for the heel free and then onto the jumps and all ending with the stays.

I would also like to thank the society on behalf of my steward and myself for the evening meal and the really good company.

1st           Mr. M. Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM WSD. On 97pts. nice round, Sam is very handsome and he will go far well done.

2nd         Mr. A. Fox with STARDELL MUSCA BC.on 96.5pts. Another good round from Musca well done.

3rd          Mrs. J Holt with HULLATER BROCK WSD on 94pts this is how heelwork should be done in trials very nice.

4th          Mrs J. Beverley with TARJAN JAFFA WSD on 88.5pts well done

Also qualifying C.D.X.

Mr. G. A. Emmerson with DHERRINGTON ROY 88.5pts

Miss. J. Owens with FIRCROFT DALWINNIE 87pts

Mr. R. Shropshire with STYPERSON OLIVER 86.5pts

Mr. F. L. Campbell with SELDOMSEEN SHEP 85.5pts

Miss. M. Brickell with HARTWOOD HILL EMBLEM 85pts

Congratulations to you all and good luck in the future


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Ann Bedford and Dave Craven

Steward: Julia Findeisen

Many thanks to YWTS for the appointment to judge at Nostell. It brought back many happy memories of working my own dogs there.

I was impressed with the standard of work from all the competitors and nice to see such happy dogs.

The down stay was the downfall of most of the dogs that failed. It is not an easy field to set up a down stay. Train for everything you can think of. Good luck to you all in the future.

1st           184.5 Q. Pat Parkinson & CARISHILL HYACINTH (Goldie). I always enjoy watching Pat work her dogs, if she was any more laid back she’d fall over! Well done Pat.

2nd         176.5 Q. Judith Owens & FIRCROFT DALWINNIE (B/C). another good handler who knows when to encourage her dog, nice to watch. Well done.

3rd          171.5 Q. Miss R. LEATHAM & JUSTY GUS (WSD) nice dog and well handled by this young lady. Well done. Good luck in the future.

4th          N.Q. 183. Dave Olley and STARDELL ALULA (B/C). very nice work from handler and dog. Shame about the jumps Dave, another day!

I’d like to say a big thank you to my tracklayers Ann Bedford and Dave Craven, they did a great job. Also to Yvonne and to the ladies in the base for keeping us fed and watered. Last but definitely not least my steward Julia Findeisen, friend and exceptionally good steward. Thanks Jules.

Happy Trialling Everyone.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Brian Page, Jeff Margreaves, Ken Jones and Dave Olley

Search and control steward: Heather Patrick

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge. Yorkshire always run a good trial, and everything ran smoothly, even though the trial manager Damian Chadwick, was ill. I hope he feels better now. Thank you to my tracklayers and Heather my steward and to everyone who gave up their time to make the trial enjoyable.

There were 27 entries, 25 worked and we ended up with 11 qualifiers.

1st           Mrs D. Collies WSD (B) COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE CDX. UDX. WDX. 185 pts also got the best nosework. A great team that I am sure have a bright future ahead of them. Well done.

2nd         Mr B. James’s BC bitch TYTRI KAY CDX. UDX. WDX. 172.5 points. Another lovely collie bitch, well handled by Barry. Well done.

3rd          Mrs H. Hirst’s Aus Shep, Dog TRIJEM ALL AMERICAN TALE OF AVAWAGA 172.5 a strong tracking dog with an excellent control round. Good luck for the future.

4th          Mr A. Pollard PRIDE OF THE GLEN CDX. UDX. WDX. 172 pts. A lovely happy dog well handled. Well done.

Also qualifying;


Mrs L. Wilson’s xbreed dog ALFIE PEPPER POT CDX. UDX 170 pts


Mr J. Sewell’s GSD bitch DRESBURG ESTELLE CDX. UDX. 165.5

Mr B. Richardson’s BSD Mal. CAPER KALI CDX. UDX. 164.5 pts

Qualifying WD only;

Mrs R. Kidson’s BC dog CARFELD GYP CDX. UDX.157.5 pts

Carla Morris’s Welsh S/D dog AZI AZA KITE CDX. UDX.


Stake TD


Tracklayers: Andrea, Tom and Eric.

Square steward: Jan.

Thank you to the Yorkshire Working Trial Society for inviting me to judge the TD Stake at their Championship trial, 28th February - 5th March 2006. It was a great way to end my judging career, so with that in mind may I say to all the teams who worked the test, it was a privilege and a pleasure to judge you, and I hope you enjoyed it. To the non-qualifiers, we have no control over the weather and I am sure each one of you on the day has the capabilities. To Yvonne, whose skills in organising were stretched because of Damian’s illness, still managed to come up trumps, you do a brilliant job, first in at base in the morning and last out at night, thank you. The ladies in the kitchen, Janine, Cath and Liz, the breakfasts and lunches were very much appreciated, thank you so much.

nostell TD track pattern small

Finally, where would we be without the tracklayers. I had 3 of the best, so how fortunate for me and the competitors. Andrea who laid the earlies, Tom who laid most of the afternoon’s etc, and Eric who laid last and spare. Then we come to our square steward, and in this capacity there must be no one with more experience than Jan. All of them gave every team the best of chances, so my personal thanks.

Tracking was on winter wheat, the weather was bitterly cold, with a strong wind. Fields that tracked well one day did not track the same the next, but that is trialling. The control round was straightforward, it is after all the Nosework stake, but at some trials the sendaway often dictates the qualification.

And here are the results:

1st           Mrs A Thorpe with GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, BC, 214 Dropped 6 points, great teamwork and a well-deserved win, congratulations.

2nd         Miss P Herbert with W.T.Ch JOLLY JILL, W/S, 212 and Res CC Quality work from both Pat and Jill, well done.

3rd          Mr B Gilbert with W.T.Ch LAETARE DAY JAVU, BC, 211.5 This team made the whole test look easy, a pleasure to watch and judge.

4th          Mrs Glynis Page with BRIGLEN NUTMEG, W/S, 210.5 also best Nosework, dropped 2.5 on the track and square. Led all week, best nosework, just bits and pieces on the control test.

Also qualifying:

WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, handled by D Marchant 207.5

STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab, handled by S Boyall, 195.5

W.T.Ch STYPERSON TERN, Lab, handled by S Tannert, 194.5

JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, handled by Jill Carruthers, 193

STYPERSON MILLIE, Lab, handled by M Weselby 193

DIVAS DELIGHT, Lab, handled by E Brown, 183.5

ELECAMPANE SPRUCE, Lab, handled by P A Harvey, 181.5

FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC, handled by J Wykes, 179 MANPOLE ROBYN, GSD, handled by J Poole, 176.5

TD only:

GETAWAY BACK TESS, WSD, handled by G Page, 175

ISLA WAY AHEAD, X/B, handled by B Calderwood, 169.5

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