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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 01 March 2015


Stake: CD 


Stewards: Rita Kidson, Tracey Eaton

I would like to thank YWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake; it’s great to see young dogs starting out in their trials career.  Many thanks to Liz Stewart, head of catering for Yorkshire, and her helpers.  Liz is ideal for the position; never flaps, and the food and drinks supply is "just perfect".  Thank you to Sheila and Julie at the base for sorting out scores and certificates!   And I had better thank Eric for his many talents as trials manager!

The weather was amazing - kept fine for us all day.  A big thank you to Rita and Tracey, who are very efficient stewards and brilliant company.  I appreciate you giving up your free time to help us – thanks, girls.

We witnessed some lovely rounds, and to prove it we had 50% of the dogs gaining CDEx, and some who are almost there.

1st           Sue High with STILLMOOR SHOWTIME, BC, D, 91.5, Q.  Carrick produced a lovely round of control, just lost one mark for the barks!  You worked him very well to keep his excitement under control.  Congratulations on this win, I'm sure there will be many more to come.

2nd         Jim Pearce with WOOLSHAN JONKA, GSD, B, 89.5, Q.  Amber worked a super control round for you, Jim; the long jump was expensive, but with full marks for the scale and clear jump she was well in!  She is a delightful girl, I know how pleased you are with her - many congratulations.

3rd          Karen Bexon with SPICEY LITTLE MAN, WSD, D, 86.5, Q.  Spice was a little star for Karen today, he just lost odd bits during the test.  The last exercise was the search, he needed all three, and bless him he got them all – yippee!  I know he will go from strength to strength with you, Karen - congratulations.

4th          Cath Chadwick with GLENDARACH MAGIC MIST, WSD, D, 81, Q.  Dice certainly enjoyed his day out.  He came up trumps, Cath; it’s great to see you back in trials - keep up the good work and congratulations.

5th          Sarah Burroughes with TARNEDGE CLASSIC DANCER, Lab, B, 80.5, Q.

I had a brilliant time today.  Thank you to all the competitors - you all took the best dog home.  Also thanks to everyone who helped to make this trial such a success.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Gary Atkins and Malc Snowden

Steward: Julie Atkins

Many thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge the UD stake.  Thank you Eric, Yvonne, and everyone involved with this well-run trial.  Thank you to everyone helping in the kitchen and as always doing a great job.  Many thanks, Julie, for stewarding the control and the squares, and to Gary and Malc for the perfectly laid tracks.

The weather was very kind to us.  The control round proved to be a little challenging with rabbit droppings being very tasty! (Or Eukanuba, as Julie believes it to be!)  The tracking was on lush crop; all dogs did very nice tracks and qualified the nosework.

We finished up with 3 qualifiers - well done to you all.  Thanks Julie, Gary and Malc for your company.

1st           Dianne Ellis with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, 177, Q.  Well done, Dianne, lovely tracking - a great couple of trials for you.

2nd         Lol Campbell with CONISTAN DANNY BOY, WSD, 174, Q.  Well done, Lol - he's a nice dog.

3rd          Val Joughin with ROYAL MERLE OF CLOUGHTON, WSD, 173.5, Q.  I was very pleased for you.

Thank you all for all for entering and good luck for future trials. 


Stake: WD 


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Richard Musgrave and Dave Stewart

Steward: Jenny Olley

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge.  We were well fed and looked after by all the helpers at the base and well supported by Eric Carpenter, who ran a great trial. 

The tracking land was well grown crop and we saw some very good work out in the field from the dogs and handlers.  Thank you to my tracklayers, Richard, Andrea and Dave, who all did a spot-on job.  Thanks to Jen for the squares and stewarding the control round.  

The field we used for the control is challenging in both shape and terrain, but this makes for an interesting test, in which all the competitors coped well.  Finally thank you to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.

1st           Margaret Robinson and JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 197.5, Q.  A very polished performance from this seasoned campaigner with her future champion.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd         Pat Parkinson and WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, 196.5, Q.  Another very experienced handler with a young dog, producing a great performance and winning the best nosework trophy.

3rd          Barrie James and LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, BC, Q, 196.  Well done on your qualification, Barrie, well handled.

4th          Ann Clarke and TADMARTON EVITA, Lab, 190, Q.  Well done, Ann, great performance in all sections.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Tanya Whorwood and GUNNISWENS ARRIVA-LA-DIVA, 189.5

Jacquie Hall and LITTLE ASHAN, X-breed, 187.5

Joyce Watson and COLINTON CEIL, X-breed, 183.5

Judith Stamp and LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, X-breed. 182.5

Roger Shrimpton and STARDELL ZUBEN, BC. 180

Lorna Cottier and STARDELL MARS, BC, 178.5

John Lester and CLEO OF MEADOW BURN, GSD, 164.5


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Nigel Hines and Dave Stewart

Search, C/A, and Patrol Steward: Judith Owens-Poole

Patrol Round Helpers: Nigel Hines, Malcolm Snowden, Gary Martin, Vic and Anthony Snook, and Chris Trevor

Base: Liz Stewart, Teresa Musgrave and Doreen (sorry, don't know the surname) in the kitchen.  Julie Atkins for scores (at the field) and certificates.

My thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge, and to Eric Carpenter for organising a first class trial.

I was again lucky to have a very professional group of helpers who, without exception, were great company and worked to ensure that all the teams had an equal chance.  On behalf of myself and the competitors, thank you all.  And thanks to the farmers for the use of their land.

Tracking took place at Top Farm on winter wheat; there was a good amount of growth for the time of year, and overall resulted in some good nosework marks.  The control field was near the base, which was really convenient, as the storm clouds looked quite threatening at times.  The standard of control and agility was very good.

I was given a choice of two (huge) fields for the patrol round.  The one we used lent itself well to my plans for the test.  I set a flowing test, with each exercise following directly on from each other - all teams dealt well with what was required.  The standard of work in the patrol round was of a very high standard.  Those who have worked dogs under me at this level know that I require control throughout the test, and this was very much on show this weekend. Well done all.

1st           winning the CC and also gaining Best Patrol Round, Manda McLellan with LITTLE TIGER, Crossbreed, 292, Q.  A consistent performance throughout.  Congratulations.  Tr. 59/20, Sq 26, C 32, A 20, P 135

2nd         Res CC Wendy Beasley with WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, BC, 288.5, Q.  A very 'professional' performance, as one would expect from this team.  59/20, 26, 34, 19.5, 130

3rd          Alan Bexon with WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, 282, Q.  Well handled throughout.  59/15, 26, 33, 20, 129

Also Qualifying PDEx:

Lee Payne with WTCh LITTLE ROUGH DIAMOND, Crossbreed, 275.  58/20, 24, 32, 14, 127

Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Crossbreed, 274.  46/10, 33, 33.5, 19.5, 132

Congratulations to you all.  Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me and for your sporting attitude throughout.  Finally, special thanks to Eric and Yvonne Carpenter for the hospitality extended to Judith and myself.

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