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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 05 March 2016

Trials Manager’s Report

I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for their continued support in providing the control fields and excellent tracking land for all the stakes.  Thanks also to the Cricket Club for making the car park available on Saturday and Sunday.  I would also like to thank the YWTS Committee for their support and help with the running of the trial - their help made the trial both enjoyable and successful.

Thank you to our judges: TD, Tracey Park and steward Liz Mills; WD, David Waite and steward Glenys Page; UD, Mark Lewindon and steward Sandra Lewindon; CD, Chris Trevor and steward Annette Harper, for giving up their time and for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.  Thank you to all the tracklayers: TD, Jeff Margreaves who did the earlies, Dave Stewart and Richard Musgrave; WD, Brian Page and Andrea Lynd; UD, Dave and Jenny Olley.

Thank you to Bridget and Desmond for escorting the TD competitors and help at the base.  Thanks also to Tom Mills for erecting the jumps and escorting and organizing the CD competitors at the control field.

I would also like to thank Trials Secretary, Richard Musgrave, for organizing entries before the trial.  Thanks also to Wendy Craven, with help from Carol Grant and Cath Chadwick, for booking in and keeping everyone organized at the base.

Thanks to Liz Stewart and Teresa Musgrave and their helpers, Trudy, Doreen and Annie, for providing excellent food and drinks for all the workers and competitors throughout the trial.

Look forward to seeing you all next year.

David Craven


Stake: UD


Control Steward: Sandra Lewindon

Square Stewards: Sandra Lewindon (Friday) and Bridget Montague (Saturday)

Tracklayers: Dave and Jenny Olley

I would like to extend my thanks to the committee of Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge this stake.  Sandra and I always enjoy visiting the area and spending time with some really friendly people.  Dave Craven is an excellent trials manager who does what he does really effectively and with a minimum of fuss, ably assisted by Wendy.   As usual, Yorkshire put together a veritable army of helpers who pull together to make the event a success.  Wendy ran the base on Friday, then Cath and Carol on Saturday, ensuring that everyone, including me, were in the right place at the right time; even on Saturday, coping when I tried to throw a spanner in the works over the tracking times!! The food at Yorkshire is always excellent with a wide choice and lots of it.  Thanks Liz, Teresa, Trudy, Annie and Doreen for your efforts. 

Sandra stewarded the control and agility on both days, as usual providing clear instructions to the competitors and making them feel at ease.  Sandra also square stewarded on the Friday.  On the Saturday, Sandra didn't feel well, so Bridget stepped in to lay the squares.  This was, apparently, her first time out in the field.  She had been well taught about her duties and did an excellent job, including that important extra responsibility of keeping me sane.  Well done Bridgette.  Jenny and Dave Olley laid the tracks perfectly giving all of the competitors a good chance of success. 

I enjoyed watching some excellent teams working, including brilliant dogs at their best, some dogs who are on a journey towards great success in the future and some that were thwarted only by the conditions.  The control and agility were completed first.  Weather on the Friday was dreadful and Sandra even went that extra mile by wiping snow off the long jump and excess damp off the scale before each dog attempted to negotiate the jumps, thereby giving them the best chance of success.  I believe that the conditions took a toll on the stay exercise with two of the three dogs attempting the exercise not being successful.  Conditions were better on the Saturday but, for reasons that I will never understand, the dogs were less successful in the nosework with only two of the six teams successfully completing the track.  The track articles were a wooden spatula and piece of artificial plastic grass approx 4" x 1".  Square articles were a piece of soft leather approx 4" x 1", a shotgun cartridge, a green drinking straw and a piece of cloth covered electric iron flex. 

13 Entered, 10 ran

 1st               Pat Herbert with Fen, GLENALPINE FEN, UDEx, BC, B, 198.5, Q.  Just EXCELLENT!!!!  Worked on the Friday in the appalling weather conditions, only losing one mark on the track and a half mark for the heelwork.  This is definitely one to watch for the future.  Well done, Pat, qualifying UDEx.

2nd              Jackie Dykes with Poppy, ZINZAN ZOO, XB, B, 188.5, Q.  A very good track – 88.5 + 20 for the articles and all four articles from the square for 33 marks.  Congratulations, Jackie, I know that you were delighted to qualify UDEx.   

3rd          Bob Shropshire with Harvey, TADMARTON EARL, Lab, D, 168.5, NQ.  Completed most of the track, only missing the last leg and end article and recovered all four articles from the search square.  Unfortunately, the agility and stay took their toll.  Good luck in the future with him, Bob.

4th          Tom Mills with Eddie, ALLMARK EDUARDO AT TOMSZILL, ASD, D, 163.5, NQ.  Tom worked on the first day and I think that the conditions were just too tough for Eddie.  He stood up for 40 seconds, approximately halfway through the stay, before lying down again - how frustrating is that!!!  Completed the track achieving a score of 88.5, recovering both articles, but left the leather and flex in the search square.  Keep it up Tom, I know that your hard work will pay off.

Lastly, I would like to thank the competitors for entering and attempting my test.  It was a privilege to judge you all.  Best wishes in your future trials.  


Stake: WD


Steward: Glenys Page

Tracklayers: Brian Page And Andrea Lynd

I would like to thank Yorkshire Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge this stake and Dave Craven (Trials Manager) and all his team for organising and running the trial.

A special thank you to my tracklayers, Brian and Andrea, and my steward, Glenys, for doing a great job over the three days, especially on Friday, in what can only be described as totally miserable conditions.

19 dogs entered – 13 dogs worked.

1st           Ms Jayne Lewis with RHYNSTON RHYS, WSD, Dog, 195, Q.  This team worked on the first day, and really set the benchmark with a good solid all round performance, with only minor faults on different exercises throughout the round.

2nd         Mrs Polly Thomas with POLLGINA DENNIS SPARKIE, Lab, Dog, 183.5, Q.  Another team who worked on the first day; really good C/A section – it was the nosework section that proved a little costly.

3rd          Mr Lol Campbell with CONISTON DANNY BOY, WSD, Dog, 177.5, Q.  This team worked on the third day, and put in a good overall performance on a windy tracking field and a very wet C/A field.

4th          Mrs Joan Snowden with STARDELL MERCURY, BC, Dog, 167.5, Q.  Another team who worked on the third day – a near perfect control section in very wet conditions.

Best WD Nosework Trophy went to Mrs Cheryl Savage with DREAGANTA KYP, BC, Bitch, with a total nosework score of 144 points.

The overall standard over the three days was very impressive, and I think it was the very cold and wet conditions, especially on the second day that proved a bit too much for some dogs.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to judge this stake and I would like to wish all the teams good luck in their future competitions.


Stake: TD

Tracklayers: Jeff Margreaves, Dave Stewart and Richard Musgrave

Steward: Liz Mills

Many thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge the TD stake at their Nostell trial.  Altho I've judged a fair few PD Tickets this was actually my first TD and I enjoyed every minute of it.  A huge thanks to my 3 fantastic tracklayers, who were out in all sorts of weather and were great company all week.  My steward, Liz Mills - what a fab lady and terrific steward, and I couldn't have asked for better company, and so sorry you got soaked a couple of days!  Thanks to Liz and Dave Stewart for accommodating myself and my 3 dogs - it was just like home from home.

Thanks to the base girls and kitchen girls for all their hard work.  And last but by no means least, many thanks to the competitors for entering under me and allowing me the privilege of judging your dogs.  Every single dog was a pleasure to watch.

I set a track pattern I considered worthy of a TD ticket stake but taking into consideration the length of the corn and the weather we could have that time of year, I decided to be sensible with the size of articles, feeling that if the dog completed the track then they deserved to have a good chance finding the articles.  We had an amazing number of dogs complete the nosework on good marks, so my theory proved right on this occasion.

Nostell TD track pattern

Control day brought us nicer weather and altho we were using a smaller field it gave me a chance to watch the dogs work close up.  We started with the speak, dog left in any position and handler approx 10 paces away in front of dog, handler on one knee - then I was looking for 13 barks with as little movement from the dog as possible.  On to heelwork, which was set out across the field with a set of poles to give the handlers a guide of where to walk.  Next came the sendaway, approx 75 paces up a slight hill to the boundary between a tree and stump, (which were approx 15-20 paces apart), then a right re-direct along the boundary to the corner of field, and then a 2nd right re-direct down a wired fence to a pole. The 10 marks were split 4,3,3.  Last was the jumps in order of clear, long and scale.
There were quite a few on close marks, but at the end of the day we came away with a clear winner, a winner who made it all look so easy.

1st               and CC, Gary Atkins and WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, 216.5, Q.  Well done to a fantastic team on their 11th ticket. I feel very honoured to have had the privilege of judging such a team and being a part of their fantastic journey.  My wish is to see you go on and win the KCC’s, as I believe you truly deserve it.  Well done, Gary and Pete - 1st class work.

2nd             and RCC Margaret Robinson and JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, 214, Q.  Well done to you both - that 2nd ticket is just round that corner along with many more, I'm sure.  Great dog to watch

3rd              Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 213.5, Q.  Still has the ability to be up there at the top and with the same exuberance.  Well done to you both, always a pleasure to watch

4th              June Reed and SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, 211, Q.  June’s little legs were slightly shorter after completing the track, haha, but she was delighted with Arnie and was great to watch.  Well done.

Also qualified TDEx:

Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross, D, 210

Gary Martin with MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, D, 210 (Best Nosework)

Eric Carpenter with DRAC AT CARFELD, BC, D, 208.5

Glenys Page with WTCh BILKO'S GLORY, WSD, D, 208.5

Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, GSD, D, 208.5

Barry Gilbert with WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, D, 207

John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, Cross, D, 205

Malc Snowden with STARDELL SIRIUS, BC, D, 202.5

Vic Snook with LITTLE MICA, Cross, B, 202

Caroline Martin with CARISHILL FREYA, Gold. Ret, B, 196.5

Jenny Olley with STARDELL ARCHE, BC, D, 196.5

Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBER'S DELIGHT, BSD, D, 190

Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, D, 188.5

Paul Morling with VONCUCIANHAN ARGONAUGHT, Mali, D, 183.5

Thank you to all the competitors for giving me the pleasure of watching all your fantastic dogs and accepting my decisions, and well done to all the qualifiers - you all deserved your qualifications.

Finally, my run-off track pattern was in the shape of the number 1 (should we have needed it) as whoever would have won would have been number 1.

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