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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 11 September 2016

Stakes: CD and UD, WD, TD Control and Agility

Judge: RAY LEA
Stewards: Carol Grant (1day), Liz Mills (2days)

Many thanks to Dave and Wendy Craven and the committee of YWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake and the UD WD and TD Control and Agility. A big thank you to my two stewards, Carol and Liz, for putting everyone at ease and stewarding exactly as I wanted it to be - you were both great company.
The venue is at the sports club and is not the biggest of C/A fields, and it is very busy with big tractors, lorries, aeroplanes, cars and various sports going on, so lots of distractions which didn't seem to worry any of the dogs.
We started on the Friday with WD and TD. I didn't set a big test but I did want to see it done to a professional standard and wow, I wasn't disappointed. We were treated to a full mark C/A dog after dog, it was really good to watch. On Saturday we were joined by the UD dogs and on Sunday we had the CD dogs.
All stakes did the same round, except for the sendaway. The round started with the dumbbell retrieve for UD and WD, then on to the heel free which led to the sendaway, which was to a cone in the hedge. Then onto the jumps - clear, scale and long. All the below marks, except CD, are for C/A only.

CD Stake:
With only two teams running we started with them, and two very nervous teams they were, too; both were new to trials, but they were very well prepared and both qualified well.

1st Kathryn Jenneson with JUST MIDGE, BC, B, 95, Q. Lovely to watch this little dog work; keep control of those nerves and you will do well in trials
2nd Janice Robinson and D Brown’s ZWARTBOS MOËT, Hovawart, B, 89, Q. Again, nice to watch; again, nerves played a big part, but very well prepared. A big dog, well handled by Janice.

Good luck to you two ladies in the future.

UD Stake:
1st Mike Wilson with THE MELV MIX, X-Breed, D, 54.5, Q. A lovely C/A round, this team will go far. Well done, Mike and Melvin
2nd Andy Laws with KHAMYSKER ROGER, GSD, D, 55, Q. A great C/A from Andy and Roger - full marks says it all. Well done, Andy.
3rd Gary Martin with ONION SARGIE, X-Breed, D, 48, Q. Well done, Gary and Sarge. The scale almost cost you, but great result. Well done.
4th Nigel Hines with TAZ OF BRYNSWOOD, BC, D, 44.5, NQ. Jumps proved costly today. Good luck in the future.

WD Stake:
1st CC Merseyside Police, MERPOL VITO, GSD, B, 54.5, Q. A beautiful round by this team and well handled by Chris Davis.
2nd Steve Bell with STESUECA RICKI, GSD, D, 55, Q. Another great round, a pleasure to watch. Well done.
3rd Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, Lab/Ret, D, 55, Q. A nice quiet round from Peter and Quincey, nice and steady. Well done.
4th Rita Banfather with TRACELYN TYRRELL OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 49, Q. Well done, Rita and Tyrrell.

TD Stake

1st Diane Ling with Little Deben Joe X/Breed D on 50.5pts Q very well handled by Diane with this very lively young boy well done

2nd Barbara Bell with Dreaganta Big Mac BC D on 51pts Q well done Barbara sendaway proved a bit tricky but got there very well done

3rd MrJR &Mrs KA Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce BC D on 49.5pts Q well done John again the sendaway proving costly but still got there well done handler John Wykes

4th Brian Glasgow with Randolfield Neila GSD B on 43pts Q jumps nearly catching you out Brian congratulations

Also qualifying Jacquie Hall with Meadow Burn Little Biddy X/Breed D on 52pts Q well done Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline X/Breed B on 46.5pts Q well done Good luck to every one in the future


Stake: UD Nosework

Tracklayers: Tom Mills, Brian Page and Richard Musgrave
Steward: Gill Armstrong

Thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for asking me to judge UD Nosework at Rufforth Open trial. Thanks to Dave Craven, who as Trials Manager runs a very friendly trial with a great team of people - you are made to feel very welcome by everybody. Thanks go to Liz and Teresa in the catering dept, Wendy and Carol at base, Janine for escorting, tracklayers Tom Mills over two days, Brian Page and Richard Musgrave one day each. Also Gill Armstrong for stewarding, a brilliant job from all.

1st Mike Wilson with THE MELV MIX, 197.5, Q. Lovely nosework from this pair and a well-deserved win.
2nd Andy Laws with KHAMYSKER ROGER, 197, Q. Again, very accurate nosework and nicely handled.
3rd Gary Martin with ONION SARGIE, 190.5, Q. Worked very nicely.
4th Nigel Hines with Taz of Brynswood, 187.5, NQ. Just a shame to have gone out in C/A after very assured nosework.

Finally, thanks to all the competitors for the privilege of being allowed to watch their dogs work, and good luck to you all in future trials.


Stake: TD nosework


Tracklayers: Andy Laws, Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves

Stewards: Liz Mills and Mark Craven

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for asking me to judge the TD nosework stake at Rufforth. Dave and Wendy Craven always run a well organised and happy trial, and this trial was no exception.

Thank you to my helpers: firstly, Sally Rose for escorting the competitors and driving them thought the York traffic at the busy times to their tracks on time; to my square stewards, Liz Mills one day and Mark Craven for two days, laying the squares to perfection; and last, but not least, to my tracklayers, Andy Laws on the first day, Dave Stewart for two days and Jeff Margreaves all three days. All tracks were laid with total brilliance - thank you for making my job so easy.

1st               Diane Ling with LITTLE DEBEN JOE, X-Breed, 202, Q. Really well done, excellent nosework round, achieving the best nosework trophy.

2nd              Barbara Bell with DREAGANTA BIG MAC, Border Collie, 197, Q. Lovely round, handled very well in difficult conditions, well done.

3rd              John Wykes with DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, Border Collie, 194, Q. Another good round, under difficult conditions, well done.

4th               Brian Glasgow with RANDOLFIELD NEILA, GSD, 189.5, Q. Another good round, pleasure to watch, well done.

Also qualifying:

Jacquie Hall with MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY, 179.5

Judith Stamp with LITTLE MADAM MABELINE, 178


Thanks to all the competitors for entering; I hope you enjoyed the nosework test I set. Good luck for the future.


WD Nose Work

Judge: Bridget Montague
Track layers: Andrea Lynd and Richard Musgrave
Square Steward: Desma Thompson
Thank you to YWTS for inviting me to judge, to Dave Craven Trials Manager for his organisation and support, to Liz Stewart, Theresa Musgrave and Annie Edwards in the kitchen. A special thanks to the farmers for providing the land without whom we would not have had a competition. Thanks to Andrea and Richard for laying the tracks their company and help making life very easy for me. Thanks to Desma for laying the squares exactly as planned. Thanks also to Wendy Craven and Carol Grant in the base making things go smoothly. Thanks to Sally Rose for escorting the competitors and finally the competitors themselves for entering and accepting my decisions.
Tracking was on wheat stubble. Conditions on the first day were dry and windy, the wind getting stronger later in the day. The second day was also dry but less windy. The ground was hard and dry.
Tracking articles were a gun cartridge on the 5th leg and the end article 2 x 2.5 inch green scourering pad .
Square articles were 2 x 2.5 inch carpet, 2.75 x 0.75 inch lino, 2 x 1 inch rubber and plastic duck.
15 competitors entered and 10 ran. 6 completed the track, 9 found all 4 articles, one found 3.
6 teams were qualifying after nose work all of which qualified overall. Well done to you all.
1st Merpol Vito GSD, CC Merseyside Police, handled by Christine Davis 194.5 Q, also won best nose work. An excellent team.
2nd Stesueca Ricki GSD, handled by Steve Bell 194 Q. Lovely team.
3rd Pacescott Northern Spy LAB/RET, handled by Peter Brooke 190 Q. Another super team.
4th Tracelyn Tyrrell of Bannersway GSD, handled by Rita Banfather 185 Q. Lovely young dog.
Also qualified:
Codie Canny Jack WSD, handled by Mark Craven 173.5 and Glenalpine Seth BC, handled by Andy Magyar 173. Well done.
Congratulations to all. It was a pleasure to judge and watch some great teams. Good luck to you all for the future.

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