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Championship Trial
Venue: Beeford
Trial Held: 31 December 2016


The Fred Welham Memorial Special Stake   


Tracklayers: Dave Olley and Mike Williams

Search steward and C/A scribe: Sally Rose


I would like to thank YWTS for the invitation to judge this very special, special stake in memory of Fred Welham. A true trialist through and through, he worked tirelessly for our sport over many decades.  We were blessed with beautiful sunny cold days – thanks, Fred.

Thanks to Jeff - he is an ideal manager for this trial, he has a wonderful rapport with the farmers, a major requirement for us trialists!  The base and score sheets were efficiently run by Sheila Margreaves and Desma.  As ever, the fabulous meals the catering ladies produce are yummy, they are on the go from start to finish each day - you all deserve medals, girls.  Thanks Liz, Anne, Judith, Kim, Jacquie, Karen and Sandra.  Profuse apologies if I have missed anyone, catering is one of the hardest jobs in trials.  

Bridget and Jeff escorted competitors to the farm for their tracks, thank you both.

Tracking was on crop, 750 paces, 11 legs with three articles, 3.5 inch clay pigeon, 3.75” x 3.75” white beer mat and tennis ball, all expertly laid by Dave and Mike; thank you both for giving up your time to help us today.  It was very frosty to start with, but as the day warmed up the mud started to stick to your footwear!

Sally was rather apprehensive to start with, as this was her first time laying squares. Articles were 3” x 3” leather, 3” x 3” green carpet, 3.75” x 2” green and yellow washing up sponge and red silk bow, 5” x 3”.  Sally had no need to worry and I hope she enjoyed herself - I know the dogs did with such a high success rate.  Thank you, Sally, for all your help and good luck with your Lab at future trials.

9 entries 6 qualified



1st           WOLFHART KINDRED SPIRIT, GSD, B, with Mrs Eleanor Mestraud, 186.  Kindie worked a lovely track, 87.5, recovered 3 articles and 4 from the search square for 35.  Only lost 1.5 on the heelwork.  She has a lovely attitude, Eleanor - at only just 18 month she has a super future ahead of her in trials.  Congratulations. 

2nd         BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, with Mrs Fran Atkin, 185.5.  Merlyn had a fun day out today, track 87 and 3 articles, 4 from the search for 34.5.  Very good control, only lost 0.5 on heelwork and 1 on the sendaway.  Great to see him enjoying himself at 9 years old, Fran, congratulations.

3rd          NIDDERDALE BLUE MAGIC, WSD, Miss Val Joughin, 184.  Wesley and Val are a team on the tracking - very well handled, Val; 87 track, with 3 articles and 4 from the search for 34.5; only lost 2.5 on the heelwork, just Wesley being a young dog.  Another 18 month old dog with so much potential – congratulations.

4th          BIG TROUBLE LITTLE CHINA, BC with Kim Astbury, 183.  At nearly 12 years of age China shows no sign of ageing or slowing down, she is a star!  She gives her all for yo,u Kim, no wonder you had a permanent smile on your face throughout the day.  86 track and 3 articles, full point search for 35 - lovely.  Control caused no problems for her, lost 0.5 heel free, 2 sendaway and 0.5 speak - congratulations

5th          GLENALPINE VALLEY FLOYD with Martine Taylor, 180.  Floyd set the standard on rock hard frosted ground with his track, 87 with 3 articles and 4 from the search for 34, lovely to watch.  Just a bit of confusion caused by a bird distracting him on the sendaway, pesky critter!  Sorry you had such a mad dash, Martine.  Congratulations.

6th          ALFIE CAM,  Lab/Ret,  Mrs Carole Brooke, 164.  Alfie made Carole eat her words - he did you proud today, Carole, oh ye of little faith!  Now do you believe?  Track 86.5 and 1 article, 4 from the square for 34, very good control, only lost 1.5 heel free.  Another young dog in very capable hands - congratulations.        


As you can see from the high track marks, we witnessed very consistently good dogs and handlers enjoying their day out.  The marks were very tight going into the control, just odd little blips split a very good group of dogs.  This was an extremely enjoyable stake to judge; thank you to all helpers and competitors for making this such a special stake.

Fred would be very proud looking down on you all.



Stake: CD

Steward: Dave Olley

Thank you to YWTS for the judging appointment.  To the trials manager, Jeff Margreaves, the base helpers, Sheila Margreaves, Des Thompson, Liz Stewart and her team of kitchen helpers, thanks for all your work and for looking after us.

To my steward, Dave Olley, thanks for all your help, your clear instructions to the competitors, and your great company.
We started with a group sit stay, then into the C/A, finishing this section with the down stay.  It was then just a walk across the farmyard to a lovely crop field for the nosework, dumbbell retrieve and search.

After a cold and frosty start, we had glorious sunshine, marvellous weather for Skipsea.  There were 4 worthy qualifiers out of the 5 dogs that worked.  All round the standard of work was very good, with all articles retrieved from the search.

1st           Nicola Foskett and READEPTOR ACTIVE STORM, GSD, D, 97.5, Q.  Excellent work from this new team to trials, Samson was well handled by Nicola.  Great set of full point jumps from this team, and full stays. Congratulations on your win, Nicola and Samson.

2nd         Mark Lewindon and THE CHEKA AT BRACOKELI, GSD, D, 96.5, Q.  A polished C/A round from Mark and Cheka, super work all round.  Well done.

3rd          Jan Marshall and FOXFOLD QUINLAN OF ROSSWICK, GSD, D, 83, Q.  A super new team to trials; full point search, well-handled by Jan, and a delighted qualifier.  Well done.

4th          Sally Toynbee and HUNDWITH MAGNUM, Weim, D, 82, Q.  Full point jumps from Ludo - well done on your qualification.



Stake: UD 


Tracklayers: Andy Laws, Brian Page and Chris Trevor

Steward: Karen Bexon


My thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge at their Championship Trial, held at Beeford, w/e 31 December 2016.  I always consider it a privilege to be asked to judge and thank the society for extending me this honour.
This is not an easy time of year to host a trial and I can’t help thinking that She and Jeff Margreaves must have sacrificed some of their Christmas celebrations to enable us all to enjoy ourselves.  Thank you both for your work before, during and after the trial, you are much appreciated.  Thanks also to “Team Yorkshire” for all their hard work, again at the cost of their own Christmas celebrations.

No trial could run without the support of the farmers providing land for tracking and control; the fields we were allocated were absolutely grand, thank you.  Tracking was on short crop, in a huge field giving all competitors exactly the same conditions.  The control field provided plenty of room for the test and a viewing area for spectators.
Thanks also to the Village Hall Committee for the base and the Caravan Site owner for opening the site just for the trial.  A super facility, which we had almost to ourselves, including a lovely exercise field for our dogs.  As dog owners, we all appreciate such facilities.

My list of thanks continues with the “workers”.  In the base She and Des sorted all the paperwork and related tasks, Bridget not only escorted competitors, she was kind enough to ferry myself and Karen around in her lovely car, for which apologies - we left a lot muddier than we found it (oops!).  In the kitchen, Liz, Annie, Jackie, Judith, Kim, Liz (Mills), and Karen all worked very hard to keep us fed and watered - lovely food!

In the field I was really lucky and had a “dream team”.  Karen Bexon stewarding provided clear and concise instructions to competitors, delivered in a friendly and encouraging manner to try and put competitors at their ease.  It was a pleasure to spend time in her company and knowing that I did not have to worry about the stewarding left me able to concentrate on judging.  My track layers were Andy Laws for two days, Brian Page for one day and Chris Trevor for one day.  If I had a pound for their combined years in trials, I would be a rich woman!  Not only were tracks laid perfectly, the company in the field was excellent.  Thank you all.

My final thanks are to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions with good grace.  I saw some really super dogs and the standard to which some dogs were working was very high and would not have been out of place in ticket. Thank you for allowing me to see your dogs.

Track articles were a piece of giant thistle stem, approximately 1” diameter x 4” and piece of rubber backed carpet, black and brown, approximately 1.5” x 3”.  Square - a green plastic dolly peg; strip of leather 0.75” x 4”; knotted piece of brown corduroy approximately 2” x 8” (unknotted) and half a foam backed green scourer.  Weather on both days was bright and sunny, but, cold with very little wind.

12 Entered, 11 Ran.

1st           SNOOPCATS LIFE OF RILEY, WSD, D owned and handled by Gill Moran, 197.5, Q.  Riley put in a really slick round, a pleasure to watch.  Also won the best nosework trophy.  Well done, Gill, you handled him very nicely.  Now, about the muddy boots.…..

2nd         IT’S AN ILLUSION, WSD, B, owned and handled by Irene Seymour, 191.5, Q.  A very happy round from Molly, the only qualifier on the day she worked. A dog to be proud of - well done, Irene.

3rd          ALLMARK EDUARDO AT TOMSZIL, ASD, D, owned by Tom and Liz Mills, handled on this occasion by Tom, 179.5, Q.  Eddie is a very lively dog and Tom has done really well in containing and channelling the exuberance into his work.  Super track and round.

4th          TARNEDGE LEIA, Lab, B, owned and handled by Sheila Tannert, NQ.  Nice to see Sheila with another lovely Lab in Leia.  Although not successful on this occasion, I have no doubt that this is another WTCh in the making.

Some obviously very talented dogs worked who were not quite successful this time out for various reasons; handlers, you have every reason to be very proud of your dogs.  Good luck for the future to all competitors.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Steve Banfather, Tom Mills, Alan Bexon

Steward: Carol Grant


Firstly, I must thank Yorkshire Working Trial Society for asking me to judge WD at their recent Championship trial at Beeford.

I must also pay due thanks to the farmers, David and Nick Blanchard, for allowing us to use their land. Amazingly, they even came along to ask if the land was alright for us. Without such farmers, there would be no working trials.

Jeff and Sheila Margreaves put so much into running the “Skipsea trial”, giving up time between Christmas and New Year in addition to all that is involved before.

Throughout the event, I was kept well fed by Liz, Annie and Jackie Dykes amongst others.

The weather was cold and frosty. The tracks were on winter wheat and laid on the first day by Tom Mills, and on days two and three by Alan Bexon, both accompanied by Steve Banfather, who did all three days. My steward was Carol Grant; not only did she provide me with excellent company, she knew exactly how to put the competitors at ease. Nothing was too much trouble for her and this was greatly appreciated by me and the entrants.

Out of 22 entries, 17 competed. Throughout the 3 days, there were only seven dogs that managed to get around the tracks. There seemed no pattern to this, conditions were the same for all.


1st           Rita Kidson with TREGADA TYE (Border Collie), 192, Q. A very tidy round, a pleasure to observe a nice team working well together.

2nd         Martin Brown, MARKAT JESS. (Malinois), 185, Q. Excellent track, hardly losing a mark and finding both articles. Well done.

3rd          Jacki Snook, ASHLINDT CIDER (Border Collie), 177, Q. A slightly nervous competitor, but did exceptionally well. Hold it together, Jacki, you are going far.

4th          Steve Bell, STESUECA RICI (German Shepherd Dog), 168, Q. Do try not to nag your dog while he is working - a little more experience and there will be no stopping you both.


A huge thank you too all the competitors for working under me and excepting my scoring. Wishing every one of you much success in Working Trials in the future; even if you didn't qualify this time, keep up the training and the results will come.

Stake : TD

Judge : Ann Bedford

Many thanks to Yorkshire for an appointment at this fantastic trial with such a happy atmosphere. Jeff and Sheila Margreaves had everything wonderfully organised, keeping us well informed and taken care of.
Many thanks to:
Ladies in base - Sheila and Desma,
Kitchen – wonderful as ever, Liz, Sandra, Jackie, Kim, Judith, Annie, Karen and Tom (apologies if I've forgotten anyone).
Tracklayers – Jeff Margreaves, Andrea Lynd, Gary Martin, Dave Stewart, Mark Lewindon. Great job and good company.
Tom and Liz Mills for letting us invade their home, yet again.
Last but not least, my travel buddy and steward, Lorraine Wilson.

All tracks were contained within one huge field, that had amazing growth, so giving everyone the same working conditions. Brilliant weather for time of year, cold and bright most days, fog visiting occasionally.
Control was held in a large undulating field which was a little rough underfoot, straightforward test doing what was needed.

34 entries, 33 worked, 25 qualified nosework, 17 qualified overall.

1st Barrie Gilbert, WT CH Glenalpine Cosworth D. BC. 215 also best nosework trophy.
Precise nosework put this team in the lead where they stayed following control.
2nd Vic Snook, Little Mica. B. XBreed. 213 Another sound track/square. Good control though speak costly on this occasion.
3rd Jane Wood, WT CH Ludgate Power ‘n’ Glory D. BC. 212.5 (after run off). Good overall performance earning this place, only losing .5 in c/a-agility.
4th Margaret Robinson, WT CH Just Arran @ Trentvalley. D. WSD. 212.5 Steady performance from Aaron, just pipped in the placings after a run off square.
Also qualifying:
Dave Craven, Quiz-Is Something Special, D. WSD. 211
John Wykes, Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce. D. BC. 209.5
Caroline Martin, Gwynion Soll. D. BC. 207.5
Glenys Page, WT CH Biilkos Glory. D. WSD. 206.5
Dave Marchant. Stargell Pisces. D. BC. 205.5
Mike Williams, Marina Ben’s Pal. B. XBreed. 204.5
Pat Parkinson, Waggerland My Shadow. WSD. D. 203.5
Gary Atkins, WT CH Glenalpine Pete. BC. D. 203.5
Julie Atkins, Glenalpine Peg. BC. B. 202.5
Alan Bexon, WT CH Fly by Night Lad. WSD. D. 202.5
Sheila Tannert, Tarnedge Wisp. Lab. B. 200
Pat Herbert, Glenalpine Fen. BC. B. 192
John Simpson, Far Canal Foster. XBreed. D. 186

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