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Championship Trial
Venue: Nostell
Trial Held: 05 March 2017

Stake: CD

Steward: Liz Mills

Very well done to all competitors, and a very big thank you to Liz Mills for stewarding for 2 days. Also to Tom Mills and Dave Craven for all your help setting the jumps up. Thanks also to Andy Laws, trials manager, for the support and to everyone at the base. I couldn't have done it without all the support. Thank you xxxx

1st Lorraine Wilson and BLIMEY LIFE OF RILEY, 95, Q
2nd Pat Quinn and SOMANIC HERE WE COME AGAIN, 82.5, Q
4th Kathryn Jenneson and JUST MIDGE, NQ


UD Stake

Judge: David Bell
Thank you to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge at this very well organised and very pleasant trial. Many thanks to Andy Laws for all the organisation, to Di and Carol for the base work, and to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered (the jam and cream scones were delish). Many thanks to my tracklayers, Andrea Lynd and Dave Stewart on the first day, and Andrea and Tom Mills on the second day. All tracks were excellently laid and everybody had an equal chance of getting around. My thanks to the farmers for letting us use their land, because without them, we would not have Working Trials. Last, but not least, my thanks to Barbara for stewarding for me and for organising me.
We had 10 entries, and 8 dogs ran. As usual in UD, dogs had varying degrees of success, but on the whole the work was of a high standard.

1st Cath Chadwick with Glendarach Magic Myst 192.5 marks. A good overall performance gave this dog the red rosette. Well done Cath.
2nd Jenny Miller with My Lanie Jayne 188.5 marks. A solid performance from this dog, and achieved this mark with no down stay today. Also best nosework trophy. Well done Jenny.
3rd Rosemary Smyth with Finn my Cool Collie. A lovely full point track, but only two from the square. Shows the importance of the square articles, but well done on a well deserved qualification.
4th Abbey Peart with Teasel Tumbletwist. Another lovely full point track, but Abbey and Dobby had us sweating on the second article from the square. Well done, well deserved.




Square and C&A Steward:Rita Kidson

Tracklayers:Alan Bexon,Dave Craven,Jeff Margreaves.

    Thank you to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the WD stake here in windy/cold and wet/sunny Nostell,it’s a privilege to be asked.Thanks also to Andy Laws for running a super trial,and for organising all the helpers,including base staff Carol and Di,kitchen guys Liz,Annie and Doreen,and Sally for escorting competitors.

Spot on tracklaying,thanks Alan,Dave and Jeff,nice advice and company.

   Thank you Rita for laying super,consistent squares on all three days,and for doing a reet good job in stewarding the C&A rounds,leaving me free to watch.Brilliant.

   Farmers Richard Metcalfe(super winter wheat)and John Driffield(nice grass field)thanks for the use of your land to work all the dogs.

   The weather varied from windy to cold to wet and to sunny,and most teams coped very well with conditions.

   Iwas impressed with overall standard of work,especially the nosework.Thank you to all the competing teams for travelling to Nostell to have a go at my test,and for accepting my decisions.

   The Results are:

Qualifying WDEx:

1st Eylauerhof Isla on 192.5 handled by Dave Waite-a super track and square.Well done.

2nd Flintsfield Faithful Fella on 191 handled by Liz de Unger-an 89.5 track and super jumps.Very nice.

3rd Waggerland Cappuccino on 189.5 handled by Fran Atkin-nice track and sendaway did you good.Nice.

4th Retswerb Hot Spice on 189 handled by Sally Rose-worked hard on the track,and good jumps.Spot on.

Also qualifying WDEx;

Legend of Gypsy Joe,handled by Cyril Barke,a super track,nice one.

Seldomseen Jet,handled by Andrea Lynd,a full point track!Wow.

Dreaganta Kyp handled by Cheryl Savage, 2&4 got you a good score.Well done.

Bandaitch Star Edition handled by Dave Stewart,a nice track and sendaway.Nice.

Qualifying WD only;

Ashlindt Cider handled by Jackie Snook,worked hard on the track,nice square.Well done.

and the best nosework trophy goes to Tadmarton Earl handled by Bob Shropshire.Super! 

   Thanks Everyone.

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