East Anglian WTS

Open Trial


From Thursday 30 January 2020
To Sunday 02 February 2020



Woodbridge, Suffolk

Judges :  T.D. Stake -----  Sharon Carter

                P.D. Stake -----  Mark Lewindon

               W.D. Stake ----- Dave Self

               U.D. Stake -----  Jane Clarke

               C.D. Stake -----   Jane Clarke

                Special PD Stake  -----   Mark Lewindon

All work in one day in all stakes, except possibly PD depending on entries

Entry Fees:  PD & TD Stakes £25

        W.D. &  UD  Stakes  £22

         C.D  Stake   £18

         Special PD Stake  £15

        (£2.00 reduction for paid-up members)

All entries to be received by Thursday 8th January 2020

Trials Manager Margo Brothwell

Schedules from  -  Di Ling,  148 Brook Cott, Broxted Estate, Sutton, Suffolk, IP12 3HW

Entries to Margo Brothwell,  Scotland House, Boyton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 3LE

S.A.E. Please