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Trial Held: 18 January 1998


Entries were up again on last year, with W.O. and U.D. running at capacity for all three days. We had to have a draw for U.D. as the stake was over-subscribed. Then of course the scratches took their usual toll. What a pity that the regulations do not allow for a 'reserves' list in the catalogue of those who lost out in the draw, so that they could be brought in to fill gaps caused by the scratches.

At least most of those scratching let me know in good time - thank you; to the individual who couldn't be bothered to phone at all (and still hasn’t), shame on you. You may not come through the draw next year. And on another negative note, why do so many competitors (not all of then new to trials) fail to thank their tracklayer and square steward?

After the close of entries we had to appoint an extra judge for the CD group IV, as otherwise the CD control and agility Judge would not have had sufficient daylight to allow for each competitor to do justice to their dog.

This year we introduced a Veteran stake for the first time, with entries from across the Midlands and South of England. All tracking was on very well grown winter wheat, very heavy underfoot, and unlike last year when the ground had been frozen rock hard a week before, this year a lot of the tracking land was under water ten days before the trial. The weather was mixed; dry and sunny on the Friday, dry and windy on Saturday and as wet as it can possibly get on the Sunday.

Congratulations to the winners and all the qualifiers. Thanks of course to our judges, and to our farmers and land owners who put themselves out to co-operate, even if the whole concept of working trials is totally alien to some of them. One asked (for the second year running) where we were getting the sheep from! And thanks to members and friends of Aylesbury Canine, my band of loyal and willing helpers. I make no apology for naming you all.

Tracklaying were Rob BraceyWright, Steve Fearon, Val Isherwood, Lee Kane, Steve Liney, Richard Musgrave and Mark Richards;

Stewarding were June Brine, Marie Dixon, Lee Kane, Peter Ross, Joan Watkins and Bill Worboys.

The essential but often unsung task of escorting fell to Rita Banfather, Maureen Boutel, Daphne Clarke, Roy Moore and Tanya Whorwood. Catering at various times were Daphne Clarke, Kay Dixon, Von Fearon, Margaret Jones (who also lent her kltchen for three days), Valerie King, Carol Lennon, Heather Moore and Gilly Norris, and running the base were Ann Clarke (who stepped in to judge the CD group IV for two days) and Kathy BraceyWright who did the scoring and marked up all the catalogues.

Many thanks to you all, and please come again!





Tracklayers: Steve Liney (3 days) Val Isherwood (I day) Lee Kane (I day)

Search Stewards: Bill Worboys (2 day) Lee Kane (I day)

l should like to thank Aylesbury C.T.S. for the invitation to judge this stake, Alan Bowles, for his organisational skills, and Ann Clarke who ran the base (and looked after pratts, who lost their escort!!) Thanks also to the escorts, Tania and Roy. The ladies in the kitchen did a marvellous job, providing us with lovely food. I should like to say a special thank you to my tracklayers and stewards, they gave every competitor the chance to succeed, were great company and fun to be with.

Tracking was on winter wheat, with very sticky mud! Friday and Saturday - dry very windy; Sunday - awful, gusting winds and heavy rain. As usual in Open U.D. the standard of tracking was mixed, but in general the dogs that were motivated made it look easy, despite the weather.

Search squares- In the main very good, just the odd dropping and mouthing of articles. Gun - all but three dogs received full marks.

Only 50% of competitors thanked the tracklayers and stewards, to the other 50%, please try in future to thank them, it is hard work, unpaid, and all they ask is a thankyou.

15 dogs qualified in the nosework section, but the overall results were:

lst. Caroline Morton MYSTIC MERYL (X Breed) Worked Friday. Not the fastest track I have ever seen, but very accurate, followed by a good square. Well done. 107/34.5.

2nd. Terry Hadley TOVANDI MEGAN AT JACINTO (GSD) Worked Sunday. A nice steady GSD, whom I am sure will go far in Terry's hands!! 104/35.

3rd. Steve Grange TOVANDIS LORD (GSD) Worked Saturday. Very professionally handled, a joy to watch their partnership. 108/33.

4th. Carolyn Andrews MINKA HAZARDVILLE HARL (Terv) Worked Saturday. This dog went round at breakneck speed, leaving the handler to strip off her coats before starting the square!! I 08/32.

Best Track Caroline Beesley's Danube Arko (GSD) Worked Saturday. A pleasure to watch, losing just one mark.




Tracklayers: Mark Richards, Rob BraceyWright, Steve Fearon

Search Steward: Marie Dixon

What a very friendly, well organised trial this is! The ladies in the kitchen kept us very well fed, and Alan Bowles was not only an efficient trials manager, but he also put on his catering hat and arranged a wonderful meal in the village hall on Saturday evening. The base was run by Kathy Bracey-Wright and Ann Clarke, who managed to get all the people with multiple entries to the right place at the right time, ably assisted by the escorts Maureen and Rita.

The tracking ground was winter wheat, and as near identical for each competitor as it is possible to get. Mark, Rob and Steve were excellent tracklayers and good company, as was my very efficient square steward – Marie Dixon. Very many thanks to all of them .

1st. Kevin Fitzpatrick's FIRCROFT SENECA AT SEANCHAI (BC) 185 marks. You don't' come all the way from Ireland unless you know your dog is good, and this little bitch was superb. I predict a bright future for this pair.

2nd. Sandra Hill's IMPUDENT AT SHANGA Y {GSD) 184.5. Some people who had never seen trials were brought along to watch this track, and they couldn't have made a better choice. Lovely dog – very impressive to watch.

3rd. Neil Symons' BLACK VELVET SHADOW (GSD) 183.5. All the way from Hull, and Neil was convinced the rain had spoilt his chance. Fortunately the dog thought otherwise, and showed that he tracks well regardless of the weather. Well done!

4th. Leslie Short's WOLFHART CRUSADER (GSD) 181.5. A very steady dog who applied himself well.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:

Jan Baker's LYONHOUSE LOUIS STUART (NSDTR) Work that one out! 180.5.

E Warrior's GANGLAND MOLL (WSD) 178.

John Barron's LAETARE MASTER CLASS (BC) 176.5.

J Beverley's JITTERBUG JODISSA (WSD)164.5.

G Brumpton's COLSTER FLYER (WSD) 160




Tracklayers: Mark Richards, Richard Musgrave

Steward: Val Isherwood

Escort: Daphne Clarke

Thank you Aylesbury for the invitation to judge the Veteran stake. I really enjoyed doing this: the dogs and handlers were exceptional, the weather of course decided to be terrible, horizontal rain and wind that you could lean on. The food was excellent.

My tracklayers were superb, and Val kept me company as well as doing the squares exactly as I wanted.

1st. Mary Pearce with Bark, I0yrs old WSD, 163.5/200. You had us fooled once Mary but your little dog got it right, well done.

2nd. Dolores Palmer with Lassie, 9.5 yrs old WSD, 163. Best track, if only someone had a camera, from where you were you tracked on the horizon, it was text book.

3rd. John West with Cressie 8yrs old GSD, 150.5.Cressie was distracted by the wind but you managed to sort it out; and it's only the dog allowed in the square. Well done.

4th. Debbie Miffin with Jerry Lee, 7 yrs old GSD, 13 I. Missed out some of the track but the rest was very good.

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