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Open Trial
Venue: Piccotts End
Trial Held: 28 March 2004



Search Steward: Lyn Linney

Track Layers: Steve Linney (3 days) Belinda Chapman 'Pony Baverstock (2 days) Arthur Jeal

It was another good tracking weekend at Piccotts End, and resulted in some very good nosework performances all made the better to judge by the superb performanc'~ of my search steward and the track layers, once again my sincere thanks for making my job all the more enjoyable. Further I must give a big thank you to the C & A judge, Bean Howells, for sorting out my qualifiers.

1st           Sally Berg-Roose with TOILERS TIMO at SARSWAY GSD Q 189 pts This big energetic dog showed us how to get 'stuck in' but losing some marks in enthusiasm, but brought in the two articles and proceeded, after settling, to bring out: the four square articles.

2nd         Paul Hines with TYTRIKES of BRYNSWOOD BC dog Q 180 The style of the dog showed up his Carfeld and Bridgealpine breeding. L~t less marks on the track than the first placed dog retrieving two articles, but failed to find more than three articles in the square.

3rd          Sue Asby with THE ECHO WSD (B) Q 172 A nice quiet bitch who did not lose a lot on the track and together with retrieving the two articles produced the best track mark, but only three articles in the square were costly, failure of the bitch to pass clear on the gunshot undermined the nosework.

4th          Jeff Poole with LATCHETS BOSS GSD (D) Q 168 The class in the breeding of this dog showed up in the track mark and together with retrieving both articles produced a mark equivalent to the previous dog. The downfall was brought~ about by only retrieving two articles from the square.

Lastly congratulations to Penny Bellis on managing her first trial helped as always by Jan Vallack backed up by her team of helpers, and her relationship with the farmer Bob Fiddeman, who supplied us with a first class venue for a trial. The weather was cold and overcast with a light breeze for all the three days of the trial.


WD Nosework


Search Steward Val King

Tracklayers Keith Jordan, Belinda Chapman, Sue Ashby, All Both Clays.

Escort Sherron Perez

What a great first nosework judging appointment this was for me, thank you Penny and Jan for inviting me. We had lots of nice land thanks to farmers Bob and Jenny again, and the weather conditions were near perfect for tracking: Thanks must go to-tracklayers Keith, Belinda and Sue who looked after me so well I didn't have a minutes worry, and Val laid every square exactly the same and to the competitors best advantage. Thank you all for being super company, not to mention Sherron for keeping them coming!

Wonderful grub was supplied by Bob and Sue Carter, wish you the best in your newfound career - better to have you in your pinnies than not at all!

The track pattern was straight forward for WD open and 12 teams got round with the other 4 going nearly all the way. Search was more dificult for some as there was little or no wind. Thanks to the competitors who were all sporting and accepted my decisions.

We had 5 qualifiers after the control and agility.

1st           Lynne Baker with TRKNDALE CODA.(WSD) Lovely steady track, and the only full mark square. Coda will do well with your sensitive handling, Lynne, a worthy winner. Track 87/arts 20/search 35. COM 195.5/200.

2nd         Colin Ball with CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX (LAB) Solid consistent work from Tucker, with only an occasional other agenda on straights. His turns are immaculate, Cohn, Only 2 from square but full handling marks. Track 88/Arts 20/Search 21 COM 179/200.

3rd          Lee Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN (WSD). This little pet shop collie has eventually fallen into the right hands, Lee. All your hard work was plain to see as Buzz went almost faultlessly round his track losing only I on the 5th corner. Shame about the 1st article. Good luck with him. Track 89/Arts 15/Search2l COM 177.5.

4th          and Best Track, Jan Rex with IVYMOOR MISTIE (WEIM) Another stunning track from Cher, I know weimies can pull it from the bag and this time she certainly did.Very business like performance and a pleasure to watch. Track 88.5/Arts 20/Search25. COM 176.5 Also obtaining COM

Eric Nicols with TYRTRI NIKK1 (BC) Q 173 Brilliant recovery on the track, Eric!


TD nosework.


Steward / tracklayers : Keith Jordan, Terry Brace, Nigel Hines, Lynn Baker, Paul Morling, Paula Bridge.

Thanks to Brocket for invitation to judge TD nosework.  I had brilliant three days.  The land and weather conditions were good.  Thanks to my excellent tracklayers Keith Jordan, Terry Brace, Nigel Hines, Paul Morling and Lynn Baker.  And Paula for keeping me organized and scribing and laying all the squares.  Thanks to Penny Bellis for running a super trial aided by Jan Vallack and Penny Bann.  Thanks also to Bob and Sue Carter for excellent food and dinner on Saturday night.

33 entered

24 worked

14 qualified nosework

9 qualifiers overall.

1st           Lesley Olden with WAGGERLAND WOW OF NEDLO 208½. Well done 3 off track and excellent full mark square.

2nd         Anne Thorpe with GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN  200.  well done excellent track only losing 1 mark.

3rd          Wendy Beasley with GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL 199½.  Well done.

4th          Mary Bartlett with J.LANES PHARM PHRESH PHOEBE 198½

Also qualifying :

Jean Cooke, DUNNSLAYNE MAC 197


Allan Ballinger, WAGGERLAND SCRUFF 189½


Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON TAY 186


TD, WD, UD, Control and Agility


Steward : June Hines

I would like to thank Brocket Park for inviting me to judge the C&A at their Open Trial.  I had a lovely three days.  Special thanks to my steward June who did a super job and was great company.  Thanks to Bob and Sue Carter for keeping everyone fed during the day and especially for the lovely chips each lunchtime.  Thanks also for the lovely evening meals.  I saw some really nice control rounds over the three days.  The sendaway seemed to prove difficult for some dogs although it was a very straightforward outrun to the only tall tree in the hedge.  Congratulations to all of you who Q.


1st           Lesley Olden and WAGGERLAND WOW OF NEDLO 208.5 Q

2nd         Anne Thorpe and GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN 200 Q

3rd          Wendy Beasley and GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL 199.5 Q

4th          Mary Bartlett and PHARM PHNEGH PHOEBE 198 Q

also Q

Jean Cooke and DUNNSLAYNE MAC 197

John Phillips and  JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY 195.5

Alan Ballinger and WAGGERLAND SCRUFF 189.5


Maere Weselby and STYPERSON TAY 186


1st           Lynne Baker and TRKINDALE CODA 195.5 Q

2nd         Colin Ball and CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX 179 Q

3rd          Lee Payne and SWEET ASSASSIN 177.5 Q

4th          Jan Rex and IVYMOOR MISTIE 176.5 Q

Also Q Eric Nichols and TYRTRI NIKKI 173


1st           Sally Bergh Roose and TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY 189 Q

2nd         Nigel Hines and TYTRI KES BRYNSWOOD 180 Q

3rd          Sue Ashby and THE ECHO 172 Q

4th          Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS 168 Q

Finally, my thanks to Penny for all her hard work as Trials Manager and also to Jan and Penny for all their hard work.

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