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Open Trial
Venue: Piccotts End
Trial Held: 03 April 2005

Trial Managers Report

This was our club's 25th anniversary, everything went so well, a superb weekend. My grateful thanks to farmer and wife Bob and Jenny Fiddaman, their farm, barns and fields were ours for the duration of the trial. The joint party on the Saturday night was a great success, with helpers and competitors enjoying themselves.

A trial cannot run without a great team of judges, tracklayers, stewards and escorts.  All were volunteers, giving their time and support freely, I really do appreciate this, thank you.

To Penny Bann who ran the base, did the scores and with Angela Porter sorted out the placings, rosettes etc. couldn't have done this without you, thank you.

Keith Jordan, our honorary President and a founder member of the club came from Lincoln to tracklay, put up signs and support the club. To BJV for his behind the scene support and help, thanks.

The weather was wonderful, it does make a difference. I will leave it to the judges to thank their helpers.

Once again thank you to everyone who helped to make this special trial a super success, this includes the competitors, most came back to base to say thank you and how much they had enjoyed the trial.



Stake: Control & Agility

Judge: Nigel Hines

Steward: June Hines.

Many thanks to the Brocket Park committee for the invitation to judge control and agility at this popular and well organised trial at a superb venue. Congratulations to the club on its 25th anniversary, which also made this trial special, particularly on the Saturday evening when there was a joint get together at the golf club with Bob the farmer who was celebrating his 60th birthday. Thanks to Jan and all her helpers for their hard work in making it such a successful trial and for looking after us so well.

Thanks to June for stewarding for me. I have to apologise - I have mislaid my marked catalogue so this report is late but the placings and qualifiers were as follows:

UD Stake

1st           LET'S BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI (GSD) D Handled by Mark Lewindon - a good efficient round, well handled.  Well done. 193 marks Q

2nd         SODEN JAY (WSD) D Handled by Yvonne Filleul - 178 marks Q

3rd          CASTLE PARK DORRIE Handled by Steve Mann 172 marks Q

WD Stake

1st           VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM (GSD) B Handled by Chris Gregory - a very lively dog, well controlled through the round by Chris. Well done. 191.5 marks Q

2nd         JENNALINES MUCKING FUDDLE (GSP) D Handled by Penny Bann who was extremely happy with this well-deserved qualification. 187 marks Q

3rd          SAGENHAFT MARINER (GSD) D Handled by Mary Cooper - well done. 184.5 marks Q

TD Stake

1st           JOTUNHEIM VIP (Malinois) D Handled by Mick Tustain - Ike did a steady control round to earn himself this qualification. Well done Mick. 201 marks Q

2nd         TEMPEST OF OBERAN (WSD) D Handled by Geoff Mayes - good to see Geoff working again, it was a nice, well-controlled round. Well done. 193.5 marks Q

3rd          TOILERS TIMO (GSD) D Handled by Sally Bergh-Roose - lost a few marks on the jumps but otherwise a good round. Well done. 188 marks Q

4th          FIRCROFT IDAHO (GSD) B Handled by Steve Fearon - well done, Steve, I know you were pleased with this qualification. 187 marks Q.

Also qualifying:

OUR DUG (BC) D Handled by Julie Atkins 181.5 Q

DUNNSLAYNE CAP (WSD) D Handled by Jonathan Hinds 180 Q

FIREBLADE LAD (GSD) D Handled by Tony Baverstock 178.5 Q

ALICE ON SPRINGS (Lab) B Handled by Frances Ball 177.5 Q


U.D. Nosework


Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Jan Vallack, Vana Moody, Penny Bellis, Pete Sewell

Search steward: Valerie King

Thank you Brocket Park for the invitation to judge at your anniversary trial (25 years). Thanks to Jan Vallack, trial manager for all your help before the trial and during. My track layers and steward, you were all great company throughout. We were well fed and watered thanks to Sue and Bob Carter, and not forgetting the team at base.

Weather was perfect for working and tracking was on winter wheat. Everyone, including the dogs, seemed to enjoy themselves.

Those that enjoyed it the most were as follows:

1st           M & S Lewindson and LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI GSD. D. Q. 193 Handled today by Mark. A super track, handled calmly and confidently. Look forward to watching your progress through the stakes. Very well done. 89+20+35.

2nd         Y. Filleul & SODEN JAY WSD.D. Q. 178 another very nice track. Well done. 87+20+25

3rd          S Mann & CASTLEPACK DORRIE lab. B. Q. 172.5 A very stylish worker, well done. 83+20+14

4th          Essex Police Dog Section EXPOL TYLER OF HEWCOURT NQ.177.5 GSD. D. handled by PC Belinda Chapman. A delighted handler. 87+20+18


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Keith, Angela and Lynne

Steward: Jan Sewell

12 entered - 10 ran

Thank you to Brockett Park for the invitation to judge, on this your 25th anniversary. My thanks to Val King for giving me a bed for the night in her beautiful home. Thanks to Bob and Sue for the lovely food and drink in the Cabin.

Jan thanks for your great company and the continuous way you laid all search squares. To Keith, Angela and Lynne, my thanks for tracks laid perfectly.

I had a wonderful two days, thank you everybody at Brocket Park.

1st           C. Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM (GSD) (B) with a total of 191.5(Q) Well deserved win for Buffy and Chris.

2nd         P. Bann and JENNALINES MUCKING FUDDLE (GSP) (D) with a total of 187 (Q) Well done Penny.

3rd          M. Cooper and SAGENHAFT MARINER (GSD) (D) with a total of 184.5 (Q) Well done Mary.

4th          Z. Finlay and TRIJEM REBELIN IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE (ASD) (D) with a total of 174.5 (NQ) a lovely track, - get it all together next time.


TD Stake


Thank you Brocket Park for inviting me to judge the TD nosework at your trial, your 25th anniversary, celebrated at the Golf Club on Saturday night, which was excellent. The trial was very well organised by Jan Vallack and her many helpers, many thanks for looking after me, three good days.

The trial was run on winter corn which was about 6-9 inches long, the weather was good, 22 dogs completed the track, 16 dogs got 2 or more articles from the square, 8 dogs qualified. Many thanks to the track layers; Keith, Vana, Belinda, Ron and Paul all laid as requested, thank you Paula for laying the squares for three days.  Also thanks to Sue and bob for the breakfast and the food through the day.

1st           Mick Tustain's JOTUNHEIM VIP MALINOIS, D - very good track 97.5, 3 articles, 3 from square. You've worked hard on his tracking since last time I saw him, congratulations.

2nd         Geoff Mayes' TEMPEST OF OBERAN WSD, D - Casting cost the marks on track 87.5, 3 articles, 3 from square. Well done 193.5.

3rd          Sally Bergh-Roose's TOILERS TIMO GSD, D - Also lost marks for casting 91, 3 articles, 2 out of square 188.

4th          Steve Fearson' FIRCROFT IDAHO GSD, B - Also casting cost the marks 91, 3 articles, 2 from square, she got enough this time, well done 187.

Also qualified:

Julie Atkin's OUR DUG BC, D 181.5

Jonathan Hind's DUNNSLAYNE CAP WSD, D 180

Tony Baverstock's FIREBLADE LAD GSD, D 178.5


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