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Open Trial
Trial Held: 25 January 2009



Stakes held: CD and WD.

I will begin my report by thanking the farmers for the use of their land and Roger Lockyer for allowing us to use his barn as trials base.  Our judges this year were Jo Magness and Barbara Riste, for CD and UD respectively; many thanks to you both for your time and expertise.  I will leave it to them to name their own teams but collectively I would like to say thank you to all the tracklayers and stewards for doing an excellent job.

Special thanks to Tony Lockyer for organising the tracking fields prior to the trial, also to Lindsey Poole for the paperwork and scoreboards.  Not forgetting, of course, the ladies in the Field Kitchen for keeping us all supplied with food and drinks.

The weather was mainly dry, but as one might expect in January on the Somerset Levels it was cold and quite windy. 

Finally, to the competitors who qualified well done and good luck at future trials; to those who did not quite make it this time better luck at your next event.


STAKE: CD       


Steward:  Margery Lee

My thanks to all at Donyatt who helped, organised and ran this trial.  We had a great deal of rain just before the start and the Somerset levels are renowned for flooding at this time of year.  Fortunately, enough dry land was found to work the dogs on and we could watch the swans and other water birds in the adjoining fields.  Special thanks must go to Margery for carrying out my wishes, trying to put the competitors at their ease and being good company throughout the day.  The standard was very good for CD Open, despite some being first timers, and nerves getting the better of others; try to relax and enjoy your dogs - we’ve all been embarrassed by them at some time, me probably more than most.  My only general criticism is that people move their legs differently on change of pace but their heads and their dogs travel at the same speed in slow, normal and fast; however I enjoyed watching you all and hope you all enjoyed your day.

1st Ruth Kuszek with SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, CDEx, UDEx,  SBT, D,  93.5, Q.  Shame that you couldn’t stay to collect your prizes. Very nice dog, well done.

2nd Kevin Hill with VEKKA LADY, GSD, B, 91, Q.  Vekka’s first trial, and she really enjoyed herself, full of enthusiasm.  Well done.

3rd Jan Baker with JABY PHLOMIS, NSDTR, B,  90.5, Q.  Very nice all round performance.

4th Angela Fields with JUST RED ROBIN,  Lab, D,  85, Q.  Despite the nerves Storm qualified.  I hope this gives you some confidence to relax and enjoy.

Also qualifying:

Margaret Tarvit, HOOKSIDE DAMASZT, Hungarian Vizsla, B, 83, Q.  Apart from the heelwork Heki worked very well.  Good luck in future.


Judge: Barbara Riste

Steward: Liz Hickman

Tracklayers: Tony Lockyer, Adrian Quick, Lindsey Poole

Many thanks to the Donyatt committee for the invitation to judge the WD stake. I would also like to thank the ladies in the kitchen, Irene, Alison and Jenny, for looking after us all so well in the food department.  Alison, your homemade soup was delicious and very welcome. 

A very well run trial with everyone at base being very helpful and friendly - thank you, Brian.  Thanks to Tony for overseeing the tracking land and making sure that the competitors had the best fields available.

A big thank you to Tony, Adrian and Lindsey for laying the tracks exactly as I asked, also to Liz for laying the search squares and for stewarding the control. I could not have had better company; you were all great.  Thank you all once again.

The weather was dry but cold with just a light shower on the first day. My last thank you must go to the competitors you were all great.

1st Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS DULCIMER, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 196.5, Q.  Almost perfect control and agility, losing only half a mark.  Also very good nosework, a joy to watch.  Well done, Gill and Toffee.

2nd Jeanette Hickson and ROSEMARINUS RAINBOW, BC, 194, Q.  A very good all round performance, worked well in every exercise.  Well done, Jeanette and Roy.

3rd Juliet Ward and WOLFHART WHAT A CRACKER, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 191, Q.  Again, a very good all round performance throughout, the only dog to have a full mark square.  Well done, Juliet and Tanya.

4th Sue Martin and ASK ME NICELY, GSD, 184,  Q.  Worked well throughout, the only full mark jumps.  Well done, Sue and Jay.

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