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Trial Held: 27 January 2008


Trials Manager’s Report

I was quite pleased to be asked to manage this trial, as it was here at Donyatt that I managed my first trial many years ago. I would like to firstly thank the farmers for the use of their land, and in particular Roger Lockyer for the use of his barn, which became our base. Many thanks to the judges, Tony Lockyer and Margery Lee, WD and CD respectively. Our entries were quite good, with twenty in WD and eight in CD, with only one WD cancellation. Thanks to the stewards and tracklayers - you all did a great job, but I will leave it to the judges to thank their teams by name. The ladies doing the catering were headed by Irene Nicholl, who was ably assisted by Gaby, Alison and Pippa, who also prepared much of the food and the judges’ boxes at home.

The weather was kind to us on all three days; Friday was sunny but rather windy, Saturday and Sunday were bright and sunny, almost spring like. The continual rain leading up to the trial left the tracking land very wet. However, there were some very nice tracks done even on the wettest field, resulting in six overall WD and two CD qualifiers. I will give a final vote of thanks to the competitors for understanding the situation without being too disappointed. I sincerely hope to see you all here again at this new venue for many years to come.

Brian Riste   

CD Stake

Judge – Margery Lee

Square Steward - Alan Lee

Control Steward – Liz Hickman

My thanks to Donyatt for inviting me to judge this stake, to my square steward (Patient Husband!), and to my control steward, both of whom worked hard to put all the competitors at ease. Also to the excellent kitchen staff, Irene Nicholl and Alison Schwalm, ever ready with Tea, Coffee and scrumptious food.

I was especially pleased to be invited to Judge at this trial, as it was the very first trial that I ever entered.

We had 8 entries all of which ran, the weather was good to us, dry and neither too hot nor too cold.

Unfortunately we had only 2 qualifiers, but of the others several only need to tidy up a few bits and they will soon achieve the qualification,

1st          Anne Bracegirdle with BRACKEN – Border Terrier Q 89.5 - a nice round losing only a few marks here and there, He didn’t go hunting once.

2nd        Ruth Kuszek with OTTO - SBT Q 89 another nice round, jumps a little expensive to-day, but he does enjoy working.

3rd         Carol Huckle with BLUE – Terveren NQ 85.5 - Jumps cost you dear to-day, sort those and you’re well on the way. A lovely enthusiastic lad.

4th         Gabby Slade and DJANGO - GSD NQ 73.5 the stay was your downfall to-day, I know how hard you have worked at this, and he has improved but to-day just wasn’t one of his best. Another lovely energetic lad.

Jumps were overall not good, the highest jump mark was 17. The stays were on the whole very good, I wished I had had a camera for the sit stay, they made quite a picture sitting there looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths!

Thank you all for entering, it was a privilege


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham and Lyndsey Poole

Steward: Jenny Jefferson

Thank you to Donyatt for the invitation to judge the WD Stake at this trial. Peter and Pippa did an outstanding job in getting the trial going; it is no easy task to organise these events without the added problems of the complete club committee changing and having to find new facilities, and then to add to the problems the weather leading up to the trial was probably the worst it could have been for Sedgemoor, leaving much of the proposed tracking land under water. Brian Riste stepped in as trials manager and base steward, Alison, Gabby and Irene manned the stove for bacon butties and tea/coffee, then besides organising and tracklaying Pippa also filled the judges refreshment boxes every night. Thank you all. It made for a well run and friendly trial.

My thanks to Pippa and Lyndsey for laying the tracks and to Jenny for search stewarding and scribing for me on the C/A.

The weather for the three days was good and therefore led to some very good rounds, with Liz Hickman and Jay gaining 86 for the track but unfortunately missing the last article. Ruth Cahill's Bud went round in 9 minutes 10 seconds with both articles. The control also went quite well - some of the heelwork would grace a Ticket round. I set the sendaway to a very generous marker so consequently marked quite hard if the dogs missed it; Janet Parker and Echo were the only team to get full points.

1st          CoM, Ruth Cahill and VOMKYNA BORUSS, 183.5. A very good all round performance. Well done

2nd        CoM, Paul Adams and GLENALPINE MEG, 180.5. Well done, Paul. Tell Gary, Enfield is coming!!

3rd         CoM, Liz Hickman and WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, l 80. Track articles are always costly

4th         CoM, Irene Nicholl and GUNULT CHA-CHA, 177.5

Also gaining CoM

Barbara Riste and GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, 175.5

Janet Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, 171

Finally - sorry Sue, maths was never my strong point.

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