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Open Trial
Trial Held: 28 January 2007


Stake: CD


Stewards: Liz Hickman, Jenny Jefferson

Thank you to Donyatt for the invitation to judge the CD stake, to Vikki and Simon for a great job in the kitchen, and Liz and Jenny for stewarding.  The weather was kind to us, and the field for the nosework and control was excellent – clean grass about 4 inches high.  Jumps and stays took their usual toll, and I finished with only one qualifier.

1st           Ruth Kuszek and OTTO, SBT, 91, Q.  A well polished performance from an enthusiastic dog, with a really sympathetic handler.

2nd         Sue Topley and FLORRIE, Crossbreed, 75, NQ.  Agility proved costly today, but Florrie is really coming on.  Well done.

3rd          Rose Faulkner and CHARLES, Shetland Sheepdog, 72, NQ.  Charles worked well, and Rose has promised to do a bit more training.

4th          Ann Bracegirdle and BRACKEN, Border Terrier, 70, NQ.  Bracken worked very nicely in the majority of exercises, just the down stay and long jump let you down.

One final thank you to Frances and Lionel Stoneley for putting on a really well-run and relaxed trail, in difficult circumstances. 



Stake: WD

Judge: John Reynolds

Tracklayers: Tony Lockyer, Lindsey Poole

Stewards: Jinny Lockyer, Gill Lawrence

Thank you Donyatt DTC for the judging appointment. A very well run trial, organised by Frances and Lionel Stonely. Many thanks to the tracklayers Tony and Lindsey, both days, stewards Gill on Saturday, Jinny on Sunday, many thanks, also thanks to Vicki & Simon in the kitchen. Well done, thanks Gill for your hospitality.

The tracking was on grass, weather was fine both days.

1st           Mr G. Haim’s WAGGERLAND DILEMMA WSD (D). Q. 179.5 Track 87.5, arts 20, Sq 27, control 25, jumps 20. A very good round, congratulations.

2nd          Mrs M. Lee’s LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER WSD (D) Q. 169 track 83.5, arts 10, sq 26, control 29.5, jumps 20. Well done.

3rd           Mrs C. Brookes’ DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE BC (D) NQ. 157.5 track 86.5 arts 20, sq 11, control 22.5 jumps 17.5

4th           Mrs B Riste’s GEMWELL STORM DRAGON Gordon Setter NQ. 146.5 track 79, arts 10, sq 18, control 24.5, jumps 15

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