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Trial Held: 01 February 2004

Trials Managers Report

Thanks to Donyatt for asking me to run this years trial. We had different weather conditions each day, Friday was very cold and windy, Saturday gales and heavy rain, Sunday am was dry and the rain and wind waited until pm. Later when it was just 3 of us left tiding up and leaving for home, it was so bad even the roads flooded making things harder. It was very disappointing not to have any WD qualifiers, but at least we had some in both CD and UD. Well done everyone.

Special thanks to Lionel for all the help he has given me over the year to sort out this trial. Thanks to Jacqui Barron for stepping into judge WD. Also thanks to John Hinds MBE and Irene Nicholl, both first judging appointments, thanks you were great. To all tracklayers and stewards, all ladies and gents in the kitchen, my escorts Jenny Pocock & Paula Burley, to whom I had to apologise to as both had competitors who were offish with them, these ladies do not do working trials and come to help as a favour to me, and therefore deserve our thanks. Thanks also for all the other helpers and our farmers who were happy to help.



CD Stake


Thanks to Donyau for asking me to judge C. D., to Frances as Trials Manager, to the Kitchen Team and to Peter for acting as Steward. 6 teams entered and 5 worked. Unfortunately only 1 qualified, the Jumps and Sendaway taking their toll. In the main the dogs worked well in the Square ( Leather Strip, Shotgun Cartridge Case and Denim Patch). Compared with the other Stakes we did well with the weather. The “Donyatt Effect” did not hit us until 7 minutes into the Down Stay and it was so good to see that, despite the squalls, all of the dogs remained solid to the end. Well done to all of the teams and Congratulations to Gill and “Scrumpy”.

1st           Gill Lawrence, Slieve Chance (BC), 87

2nd         Carol Wood, Pixham Pretty Lady (Sheltie), 85.5 (NQ)

3rd          Margaret Gatland, Aberdaunant Celyn (LML), 79

4th          Angela Stevenson, Gem’s Star of Cleyside (WS), 77


U.D. Stake


Tracklayers: Pipa Bentham (Sat&Sun) Peter Nicholl (Sat) Moreen Regan (Sun)

Steward: Adrian Quick.

Firstly, I would like to thank Frances and Lionel for giving me the opportunity to judge the UD Stake, it was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope the competitors did also. As this was m first judging appointment I considered myself very lucky to be supported by a great team of track layers, who were not only experienced in the skills of track-laying but also in the art of friendly micky taking and banter. I thank them for their humour, hard work and track-laying skills and abilities. A very special thanks goes to Adrian Quick my steward who’s experience, help and assistance was invaluable to me over the two days. His maturity (he was 50 years of age on the Friday of the trial) also helped to set the competitors at their ease.

The weather, heavy rain with swirling gusty wind played a major part in preventing some good young dogs successfully completing the tracks on the Saturday. Sunday’s weather proved calm and fine, all but one dog successfully completed the track that day.

Most dogs recovered three of four articles from the square during both days. In the C & A section the jumps, send-away and down stays caused the majority of casualties.

During the trial, it was very pleasing to hear the competitors commenting on how they had enjoyed themselves and on the good humour and friendliness they had experienced during the two days.

To all the competitors, qualifiers and non-qualifiers alike, I wish you success, enjoyment and good luck in your trialling career.

1st           Pat Middleton-Smith, SLIVE CLINKER (BC) (B). 186 Q.Well done. A good overall performance. A little weak on the heelwork but a brilliant send-away.

2nd         Rosemary Price, MARLISH ACQUIESCE, C.Dex. (GSD) (D). 164 Q.Only 2 articles out of the square but a lovely C & A round. Good luck in the future.

3rd          Pauline Pearce, DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN. (WSD) (B). 177 NQ.

A lovely track and control round but unfortunately they went out in the agility round. It won’t be long before this dog qualifies. Good luck in the future.

4th          Nicki Prescott, DUNNSLAYNE DOVE (WSD) (B). 175.5 NQ. The best track of the competition and 4 articles out of the square, unfortunately the heelwork and send-away let them down. They were so close to qualifying. Good luck in the future.




I would like to thank Donyatt for their support and invitation to judge here this year. I am getting a lovely set of glasses; many thanks for the kind gift and I will endeavor to get good use from them!!

This is a great little trial with a big heart, which is very ably managed by Frances Stoneley and her sidekick, Lionel! Thanks to you both and to the rest of the members who made us all feel welcome and at ease, but who put in tons of work to make it happen at all.

Thanks from me particularly to Jo and Adrian who made me feel so welcome in their home and between them succeeded in  not  co-judging!! Their professionalism is to be admired.

The land was fine but the weather much less so; it varied from just poor to b….y atrocious. This had the inevitable casualties on the nosework. The C&A was another matter; here there should have been little to worry about. The test was without gimmicks; it required control only, but there was SO much handling and SO many extra commands.  I was prepared to be reasonable but there comes a limit!

“Life is like that”.

There were some lovely C&A rounds but the fates gave the bad weather and vice versa. The end result sadly was that there were no qualifiers.

I would like to thank Adrian Quick and John Hines for tracklaying on Friday, before the UD started on Saturday and Chris  Shave for square stewarding on Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday Chris tracklayed with Paul Cousins as his oppo; here they were joined by Jo Magness (squares) who as all the stewards did, did as I asked (within stewards license) and ensured as fair a trial as possible to all the competitors. Thanks to you all; it was a privilege to work with you.

1st           Yvonne Filleul and Rustic Fox CDdex, UDex. W.S.D. A reasonable C&A round with a very good Nosework mark said it all. Well done! 171/200

2nd         Pippa Bentham and LA BELLE KERRI. The stay was so costly! 150.5/200

3rd          Bill Thomson and KENZED MOON STAR, 137/200 The track was impressive in the conditions!

4th          CC Guard and LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY, he worked so hard on the track and got you out of a really tricky  patch, well done.119.5/200

There were one or two unhappy people; however all rebounded well and there is after all, life beyond failure; success is there for you all and the majority are worthy of higher things. Good Luck to you all

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