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Trials Manager Report.

I would first like to thank DDTC for inviting me to run this trial. Just for a change we managed to have a dry trial, the first in many years and I am unsure who to thank for that!

As always the first day gave some problems, the first three fields were lost to us due to the farmer forgetting that we were coming and spreading silage the day before, this meant that we had a slight delay. I would like to thank the competitors for their patience as tracking times did not go to plan.

I would like to thank Lionel for all the help he gives me each year, without his support I would not be able to run this trial. Also to everyone who helps, each and every job is important and with out the volunteers we would not have trials. Thanks.

Well done those competitors who qualified, keep trying those who did not get there this time.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Len Newman for the information he sent me, I have not forgotten your offer.



CD Stake & UD/WD Control


Stewards Saturday; Jenny Jefferson Sunday Paula Burley

A very cold weekend, but thankfully dry. Thank you Donyatt for inviting me to judge. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these young dogs work. Donyatt was run in its usual friendly, nothing is too much trouble manner, by Lionel and Francis, thank you. A huge thank you to Jenny Jefferson who stewarded for me on Saturday and Paula Burley on the Sunday, thank you ladies you were so good. First time stewarding for both of you.

Unfortunately we didn't have many qualifiers. - Jumps and stays taking their usual toll, apart from WD where the tracking seemed to defeat all, bar one. Thanks must go to the competitors for accepting my decisions, it was a pleasure to see you and your dogs work. Better luck next time to those that just missed out, and well done to the few that qualified.

CD                                          10 ENTERED.

1st           Mr. I Bradley and WEDGIE (brown Lab) D Qualifier

Only the one qualifier, but what a qualifier. 19 for square, 8 dumbbell, 10 send away, 4 recall, 8 heelfree, 2.5 H.O.lead and 19 jumps. clear sit and down stays. Well done. Very impressive. Good luck with CD Championship

2nd         C Clayton and JACK (B C.) D NQ

3rd          Mrs J Martineua and KITE (Bearded Collie) D NQ

4th          M Gatland and EMMA (Large Munsterlander) B NQ

UD                                          19 ENTERED

1st           Chris Pilton and SID (X breed, a son of W T Ch Hartshill Rob) - Well done Chris, what a fast send away Lovely attentive dog Q

2nd         Liz Hickman and INDIE (GSD) B Very nice round. Indie worked really well for you Liz. Q

3rd          Stephanie McBride and JAKE (lab) B. A very nice round. Well done. Q

4th          Polly Thomas and GEORGIE (Lab) B. another nice Lab. full mark send way. Q

One other qualifier:-

Val Isherwood and SHAFER (GSD) D. Well done Val. Another nice control round and super send away Q

Well done all of you and good luck in Championship.

WD                                         17 ENTERED

Only one qualifier, a few hard luck stories, but your day will come, as there were some lovely dogs working at this trial.

1st           Robert Currie and PUNK (GSD) B. What a nice round and well handled by Robert. You kept it all under control. Well done Q

2nd         Ruth Cahill and CASH (GSD) D NQ

3rd          Dave Marchant and MURPHY (WSD) D NQ

4th          Jill Lawrence and SCRUMPY (BC ) D NQ

Very hard luck to the above NQ, but it certainly won't be long before you do qualify.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers - Chris Shave (both days), Paul Cousins (Saturday), John West (Sunday)

Square Stewards - Ted Brownlow (Saturday), Gill Lawrence (Sunday)

I would like to thank Donyatt DTC and Frances in particular, for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at this trial.  Having agreed to the appointment, I did go out and buy several sets of new waterproofs, only to find that, this year, Frances and Lionel managed to hold a trial in dry weather!!  They even had that well organised - I am beginning to believe that Lionel really does have influential connections! Thanks to Pat, Pearl and Rose in the kitchen who looked after us very well, it may have been dry but it was very cold out in the fields, especially on the Saturday and the food and drink were most welcome.

I had a lovely gang of tracklayers, all three of them were conscientious in their work and very good company, as were my square stewards, who were both new to the job, but as good as you could wish for.  Such a combination of helpers gave the competitors every opportunity to work well and the quality of nosework was extremely impressive especially on the first day when everyone qualified.

1st           Chris Pilton with SID OF VOMKYNA. (XBreed) What a start to the trial.  First dog to run and a full mark track.  Sid was a joy to watch on the track and followed that with a full mark square!  The only marks they dropped were five on the article that Chris found on the track.  Well done, Chris and Sid!

2nd         & Best Club Member. Liz Hickman with WOLFROCK INDIANA MISCHIEF (GSD).  Another super track and only losing odd marks for mouthing in the square.  Indie is a lovely, keen GSD, who positively dragged Liz round the track.  Her enthusiasm made the whole thing quite entertaining to watch as there were some pretty steep bits in that field but Liz kept on her feet, even at speed! 

3rd          Stephanie McBride with STAFTLY THUNDERBOLT (Lab.Ret.) Jack is not yet two years old and has such a lovely happy attitude to his work.  He enjoyed every minute out there on the track and hardly put a foot wrong.  Pretty good in the square, too, just missed one article.  You must be very pleased with him, Steph, especially as you did not even plan on having him!!

4th          Polly Thomas with BONZER HONEYSUCKLE BLOOM CDex (Lab.Ret.) Another young dog with a lovely attitude to her tracking.  Georgie was enjoying herself far too much to stop for the first article, but otherwise did a lovely track.  She was not quite so keen on the square, but still brought out three articles. 

Thanks to all the competitors who entered the trial. There were those who must have been very pleased with their dogs' work and some who were just unlucky on the day.  You were all polite and good sports. Thank you for letting me judge your dogs. I always enjoy watching dogs working, especially the nosework and, as I said earlier, the nosework in this stake was outstanding.  It is a shame that more of the less experienced handlers do not ask to watch the old hands with their youngsters, you can learn a lot.  Apart from that, I am sure that most triallist must enjoy watching dogs work or we would not be out there in the middle of nowhere modelling all the latest styles in outdoor clothing!!

Keep enjoying your dogs and good luck in future trials.


W.D. Nosework


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham and John Hinds

Steward: Ann Bracegirdle

Firstly my thanks to Frances Stoneley and Donyatt committee for inviting me to judge the WD nosework Many thanks also to my tracklayers, Pippa and John both of whom were brilliant tracklayers, good company and never complained when they had to recover the articles. Thanks to Anne who made a brilliant job the search squares. Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen and to Lionel for ensuring everyone was where they should be at the right time.

The weather was dry, which it seems is a miracle for Donyatt. The fields were reasonable pasture but for no apparent reason the dogs found the tracking difficult. Every dog managed to recover at least one article from the square. One dog got only one article - and this was one of few who got round the track! (hard luck John). Most dogs got three out of the square, none got all four but no article in particular proved to be elusive.

17 entries, 13 ran

1st           Robert Currie and Vomhausnye Punk (GSD). A super young dog, keen and enthusiastic. Congratulations Robert! 176.5 marks. COM

2nd         Ruth Cahill and Ambush of Salenze CDX (GSD). CASH tracked well but got blown off near the end. Expertly handled by Ruth. 129 marks. NQ

3rd          Dave Marchant and Waggerland Murphy (WSD). MURPHY drew the highest field on the windiest day and the going proved just too much. Good effort Dave. 126 marks. NQ

4th          Gill Lawrence and Slieve Chance CDX (BC). SCRUMPY was first to work and was defeated by his shear enthusiasm. Well done on this place GILL. 122.5 marks. NQ Best Club Member.

I am sorry there were not more qualifiers but that's the way it goes I guess. Thank you to all my competitors for allowing me the pleasure of judging your dogs and, for most, accepting defeat with such good grace. Better luck next time!

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