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Trial Held: 19 June 2005

Trials Managers Report

Not having been training for a few weeks, Lionel and I went to look at the grass the week before the trial, to say that I was just a little concerned that the grass had not been cut was a little of an understatement!  However, the farmer as always came up trumps when he rang us on Thursday asking us if 100 acres would be enough.  I really think we owe him a bottle of whiskey!

Anyway the weather had changed and we had a very hot training day on Saturday followed by yet another very hot day on Sunday.  I would like to thank everyone for coming, you were all great.

I would like to thank both Gill Lawrence as judge and Pearl Bray as steward.  You see Gill I knew you could do judge CD! I would also thank all members of DDTC for their help both on the day of the competition and for the previous day.

As always my thanks to Lionel, without his continued support I could not run Working Trials.





Steward:Mrs Pearl Bray

I would like to thank Lionel and Frances and Donyatt Dog Training Club for "volunteering" me to judge the CD stake on the Sunday of the training weekend and also a very special thank-you to Pearl who stewarded for me.  I think she has a great career ahead of her of looking after first time judges.  She was brilliant and made my job so easy.  Also thank you to the competitors who were a great bunch and accepted my decisions gracefully.  We had six entries but only five ran.  Sadly one competitor had to stay at home and look after a poorly dog.  I hope all is well now.

1st           Mrs Densie Spratt DETANIA MILO LIFE FRIEND. (B.C) D. A handsome collie and sadly my only qualifier on the day.  Excellent square and jumps.   Just tighten up the heelwork and you should go far. Congratulation 88Q

2nd         Mrs Ruth Kuszek SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING (S.B.T.)D Only the jumps let this super team down.  Apart from that Ruth should be very proud of Otto and I am sure she is. Well done 85.5 NQ

3rd          Mrs Carol Burgess SPYCE IS NICE AT CAROBILLS (W.S.D) B. This little bitch tried very hard for her mum but the stays and jumps were costly.  A full mark sendaway and a well handled square.  I think that she has a future in trials. Very best of luck.68. NQ

4th.         Mrs Gay Rowley GAEEQRAIZE NEMESIS. (G.S.D.)D. What can I say! The absolute delight of Gay when Hagar cleared the clear jump brought a lump to my throat.  As I often say we ALL take the best dog home.  I am sure Gay would agree. 43NQ.

5th          Mrs Valerie King LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK. (G.S.D.) B. Val is a sporting handler who carried on even though Tikki had an injury which meant that she was unable to jump.  The fast heelwork was stunning and I am sure Tikki will do well in the future. 39NQ.

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