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Trial Manager’s Report:

I would like to thank DDTC for inviting me to act as Trials Manager. This Trial was the best trial I can remember running, everyone was so happy without one complaint to be heard from anyone. We had the normal kind of difficulties, i.e. losing fields that we had been able to use the day before, but that’s what happens when you use working farm land.

I would like to thank the following people: Ruth, Anne, Lucy and Liz who did a wonderful job of keeping everyone feed and watered. Gill, Jon, Jenny and Anne for acting as stewards. Adrian, Maureen, Chris, Ann and Martin for track laying of course the Judges who were: John Hinds, Pippa Bentham and Lindsey Poole. My thanks of course must go to Lionel, without whom I would not run this trial. If I have missed anyone, I am sorry but you can be assured your help did not go amiss.

Again, this year the weather was kind in some ways- it was not raining. However, it was very bitterly cold and very windy, and I am sure that this had some effect on the dogs, after all who in their right minds would go out in that kind of weather? The temperature was about 2 degrees but then add on the wind chill!!!. For anyone not there I can assure you that it was very cold.

For those who did not qualify, do not give up what I could see from the base (no I did not face the cold) there are some very able dogs around. Well done those that did qualify, and good luck to you all with your Working Trials career.



Stake: UD Nosework


Square Stewards: Jenny Jefferson – Saturday. Ann West – Sunday

Track layers: Maureen Regan- Saturday and Sunday. Chris Shave – Saturday. Adrian Quick Sunday.

I would like to thank Donyatt DTC for the invitation to judge the UD Nosework at this year’s trial, especially Lionel and Frances Stoneley for all the hard work they put in organizing and running the trial. Also thanks to the ladies in the kitchen: Ruth, Liz, Lucy and Ann for keeping us supplied with food and drink.

The weather despite blue sky and sunshine both days was really cold- it felt below freezing with a very stiff breeze, so really big thanks to my track layers and square steward’s for braving the elements.

The competitors were a really nice bunch and a mix of experienced handlers and complete novices, who all made a good effort with a smile.

Thank you also to the farmers who land we were using for excellent fields and holding the shoot back until we had finished on Saturday.

15 entries, 11 ran.

1st           Freddie Middleton and JODIE, GSD B. Q.185.5- Fredie and Jodie made the track look so easy despite working in one of the more exposed fields. Track 87.5 articles 2/2

2nd         Celia Bourne and INDIE. WSD.D.Q.168.5. Celia handled her youngster so calmly and quietly that inexperience on Indies part was not a problem. Track 85.5 articles 1/3.

3rd          John Reynolds and KELLY.GSD.B.NQ 180. Absolutely excellent track 89+2. 4 from the square a real pleasure to judge, it was so easy.

4th          Gavin Thomson and ROSCO. GSD.D.NQ. 177. Another excellent track 88 + 2. 4 from the square. A nice steady young dog with lots of ability.

I must just mention one other dog who really left an impression on anyone watching, not necessarily for her accuracy, but for her boundless enthusiasm, unfortunately she did not qualify-but what a dog, keep an eye out for mini- Margaret Gatlands rescue Large Munsterlander.


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers Saturday Adrian Quick

Sunday Ann and Martin Bracegirdle

Search Steward Jonathan Hinds.

Firstly I would like to thank Frances and Lionel and Donyatt D T C for the invitation to judge the WD stake nose work. A special thanks is also extended to the girls in the kitchen for keeping us suitably fed and watered throughout the trial.

I also extend a big thank you to my three superb tracklayers (Adrian, Ann and Martin) for the proficient and skilled manner in which they laid their tracks for the competitors.

A very special thanks is extended to my son Jonathan for laying all the search squares this was the first time that we had worked together at a trial. It was also the first time in his life that he has done what I told him without question or argument and to my surprise he didn’t borrow any money from me , Now that is a first!

All the nosework was carried out on short grassed fields.

There were 11 dogs entered in the stake of which 7 dogs competed. The majority of the dogs found the conditions very difficult with only one competitor satisfactorily completing the track.

Frosty ground and swirling wind having a chill factor well below freezing being the main reason for the inexperienced young dogs from successfully completing the track, But all the dogs did bring 2 /3 or 4 articles out of the square.

1st           Tony Lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL WSD D. A near perfect track and 3 out of the square made this a team to lookout for in the future. It was the old master at work and a well deserved result. Congratulations and good luck for the future. Track 86 articles 2/20 Square 3/27 Total nosework 133. C & A total 50 Grand total 183 marks (Q).

2nd         Steve Linley with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH X – B. A keen young dog overwhelmed by the weather conditions when tracking but brought 3 articles out of the square with a little more maturity this little dog will be one to watch in the future. Track 10 Articles nil Square 3/25 Total nosework 35 C & A Total 63. Grand Total 98 marks (NQ).

3rd          Sue Stevens with WAGGERLAND SKIFFLE BC B. This was Sue’s last competition before entering hospital for knee surgery we all wish you a speedy recovery. Track 20 articles nil Square 3/24 Total nosework 44. C & A total 36.5 Grand Total 80.5 (NQ).

4th          Rosemary MORLISH WITH CADEAU GSD D. Another young dog needing a little more experience best of luck in the future. Track 0 Articles nil Square 2/19 total nosework 19. C & A total 48 Grand Total 67 marks


Stake: CD, C&A for UD & WD

Judge: Lindsey Poole

Steward: Gill Lawrence

My thanks to the Donyatt DTC committee for the invitation to judge.  I had a relaxed two days, being well looked after by the ladies in the kitchen – many thanks. A very friendly trial run by Lionel and Frances, who even managed to arrange dry weather!

Special thanks to Gill for stewarding for me - great company. And to Scrumpy for keeping Tia amused and helping her with her sendaways.

Stake: CD

– 8 dogs entered and 6 worked, which included a Hovawart, two Large Munsterlanders and an Aussie. All had super attitudes to their work and hopefully had a fun time.

1st           and CoM 88.5 marks – Margery Lee and LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER. Loki found the search articles too big! The odd mark lost here and there but all in all a good round.

2nd         NQ 84 marks – Margaret Gatland and ABERDAUNANT CELYN. Lovely round, shame about the jumps.

3rd          NQ 76 marks – Margaret Gatland and BLUE MOON AT MEREONI. Margaret only got Minni 6 months ago as a rescue Lge Munsterlander. What a lovely bitch with a super attitude. This was their first time out and Minni didn’t let her Mum down. Well done.

4th          NQ 72 marks – Eleanor Anderson and PINES PORSCHE OF MYRTILLAS. Nettie didn’t fancy the sendaway or jumps today, but the rest of her work was lovely.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me and being such great sports.

WD and UD C&A

I set a similar round for both with the exception of the heelwork – WD was changes of pace on the move. The sendaway for both was 70 yds to a large telegraph pole. Jumps and stays took their toll as normal.

UD results

1st           CoM 168.5 marks (29 / 15). Freddie Middleton and SHARDEE’S JODIE. This was Jodie’s first time out after having a litter of pups.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself, well done both.

2nd         CoM 168.5 marks (32.5 / 15). Celia Bourne and FLAME OF THE FOREST. Indi demonstrated super redirect skills during his sendaway – lovely round.

3rd          NQ 180 marks (24 / 19). John Reynolds and LAST CHANCE KELLY. Absolutely super round but Kelly broke the stays right at the end, such a shame. She’ll get there John.

4th          NQ 177 marks (15.5 / 20). Gavin Thomson and CONCENN XANADU. Rosco enjoyed his work but didn’t fancy the sendaway. Lovely jumps and then broke the stays – he’ll get there.

WD results

1st           CoM 183 marks (32.5 / 17.5). Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL. Lovely round.

2nd         NQ 89 marks (34 / 20). Steve Liney and GEMSTONE EASTER WISH. Gem did the best C&A round of the trial. A real pleasure to judge.

3rd          NQ 80.5 marks (31 / 5.5). Sue Stephens and WAGGERLAND SKIFFLE. Skiffle just didn’t concentrate doing her jumps.

4th          NQ 67 marks (32.5 / 15.5). Rosemary Price and MARLISH CADEAU. Manto did a nice round, well done.

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