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Trial Held: 25 January 1998


Somerset inhabitants would have been forgiven for thinking that they had stumbled across a tele-tubby convention during our trial due to the amount of clothes most of us were wearing (although two of our members were knickerless at one stage).

Our fabulous farmers were extremely generous with land provision (even re-routing their Sunday ramble) so that, despite the recent deluge, competitors had superb well drained grass fields at their disposal, ensuring equal conditions for all 64 entries.

Thanks to Rosemary, Lyndsey and Jennie for stewarding the C & A, we should be able to wean you off obedience and agility soon!

Continuing our "grow your own" policy we had two first time square stewards (Trevor and Janet) and one jolly judge "debut" (Teresa), although their inexperience was not evident. Tremendous tracklayers in Peter, Jo, Adrian and John, who were also great company; not to mention the expertise of Jacqui and John who remained cheerful throughout.

I cannot over emphasise the amount of work undertaken by Lionel and Frances who organised land!, hall, catalogues and food along with Vkky who is a credit to you (despite owning a very large, hairy caterpillar!).

I had nothing to do but tloat around looking decorative (although even I find it difficult to look fetching in a tea cosy and fluorescent waistcoat!) and threaten a prima donna outburst. Thanks also to Shirley and Helen on the C & A field, and Helen's son for our Saturday nosh up.

Worst moment of the trial: tracklayer failing to materialise on Saturday morning with no prior notification which resulted in Lionel having to lay a track despite his arthritis, and the subsequent re-scheduling of events.

Best moment eof the trial: Snuggled up with excellent company in front of a wood burning stove and a glass (or two) of 14 year old single malt whiskey

I look forward (to a rest!) seeing you all again in October when I shall no doubt feel more mellow after my trips to the (Funny) Health Farm and Mauritius!





Tracklayers: Jo Magness, John West, Lionel Stoneley

Stewards: Janet Woods, Colin Rose

Thank you to Donyatt for inviting me to judge the U.D., and to those instrumental in the warm hospitality which was extended to me. My square stewards, Colin and Janet, did an excellent job, as did Jo, John and Lionel, who were tracklaying. Their hard work and keen sense of humour were much appreciated.

It was pleasing to see so many newcomers to the sport taking part and I hope their Interest and involvement continues. We saw a lot of promising young dogs work, and a high proportion of successful tracks. The tracking ground was excellent and the weather, although cold, was, thankfully, dry.

1st. Pippa Bentham MOLLY MANGETOUT (WSD) B. 187.5 CoM. A super track, despite how nervous Pippa felt. Well done.

2nd. Margery Lee SURESHOT SAM (WSD) D. 184.5 CoM. An enjoyable track to watch, no hesitation or casting. Congratulations.

3rd. Pat Middleton-Smith SLIEVE AURORA (BC) B. 176.5 CoM. Well handled. It was a pleasure to see this team relaxed and enjoying themselves.

4th. Stephen Vedmore KENTEE DELILAH (GS) B. 181.5 NQ. Good nosework but failed the control round. Better luck next time.

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