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Tracklayers: Jean Cooke and Lynsey Poole

Stewards: Jeff Poole and Robin Palmer

Brian Riste and all his helpers worked so hard to make this trial run smoothly and it did.

Thank you, Donyatt for the invite which I thoroughly enjoyed. We were really spoilt, particularly by Barbara Riste who cooked superb meals on Friday and Sa turday night and by our host Jean Cooke. Special thanks to you both and to Val Upton-for her good company, again. The UD team were great company and worked really hard for the competitors-Thank you Lynsey, Jean, Jeff and Robin. The land was really good and the weather brilliant. Who said it always rains at Donyatt?

We saw some nice tracks but the squares were poor with a lot of dogs not enjoying searching at all which is a shame.

lst John Wykes ond TIP OF TARN FORCE BC (D) -A very nice team, super track and 3 from the square, the only fault being a disagreement between John and Tip about how big the area to be searched was. Very well done. I 85 CoM

2nd Maureen Regan and HARTSHILL KIRKY GIRL GSD (B) Cracker sorted the track out well. Nice to see you working your young dog. Well done. 178.5 CoM

3rd Earl Noel and MELODIUS BLUD YOM VONGRAF GSD (B) It was a pleasure to watch Earls handling of his lovely bitch. Well done. 177.5 CoM

4th Bruce Golledge and SHARDEES BONNl GSD (B) Another experienced handler getting the best from his youngster. Well done. 174. CoM

Also Qualifying-

Jacky Reid and RISEHILL JUST WILLIAM Lanes Heeler (D) A really nice round, congratulations.

Best Civilian Track Trophy to Mary Fellowes and Rodinglea Rhapsody Beardie X (B) It was nice to see this hard working Donyatt member enjoying her first ever trial with a super track 89/90 and both article. Good Luck.




Tracklayers: Susan Wood and Tony Lockyer

Stewards: Jenny Bellmont and Maureen Regan

Thankyou to all at Donyatt for the judging invite and for the hospitality which was second to none. Thanks to Brian and Barbara Riste and their very enthusiastic and capable band of helpers everything ran like clockwork. Thanks also to Jean Cooke for putting up with us over the weekend. My tracklayers were Tony Lockyer and Susan Wood. Thank you both for your efforts and good company. Jenny Belmont was to have laid squares for the 3 days but unfortunately she tripped whilst laying the last square on Friday, resulting in cracked ribs, so she was unable to come out to play for the rest of the trial. I hope you ' re up and about again Jenny and not too sore. Maureen Regan stepped in to lay Saturday and Sunday after qualifying her own dog in UD on Friday, Thanks Maureen, you did a smashing job. The weather was unbelievable for the time of year and atler the early fog lifted we had sunshine all 3 days. The fields were short grass end in excellent condition and most teams made very good attempts at the track, although some of the squares were disappointing. Congratulations to the qualifiers and better luck next time to the rest.

1st Jeff Poole and . LATCHETS QUARTZ GSD (D) Jeff and Dax made the track look easy, losing only 2 marks, going from start pole to end article in just six and a half minutes, followed by a full point square. Congratulations and best of luck in ticket 163/ 165 -214/220 CoM

2nd Ron Davies and BLUE EYED JAY WSD (B) Well done Ron and Jay, a very good nosework round, Ron found the first article but Jay recovered the other 2 and carried on to do a full point square. 152/165 - 296.51220 CoM

3rd Robin Palmer and PIPER OF BROADWAY WSD (D) Well done Robin and Piper. After a hesitant start settled into the track well despite the dog being a bit worried by the gunfire in the distance. Recovered all track articles and four from the square. 149/165 - 294.5/220 CoM

4th .Joe Newman and ROBERT OF GORS WSD (D) I had the pleasure of judging Joe and Bob in CD at Whitchurch in December, they impressed me then as well. Well done Joe and best of luck in the future. 142/165 • 287.5/220 CoM

Also Qualifying

Alan Ballinger and MAGIC FEATHER 20 DUSTER WSD (B) Another team I enjoyed judging at Whitchurch. A good team effort with nice quiet handling of a very keen dog. Recovered 3 track articles but only 2 from the square Well done. 138/165 • 188.51220 CoM




Steward: Jenny Morton

The weather was very kind to us, Donyatt is well known for cold wet windy weather, but we had sunshine and a bit of fog, nothing to complain about. Thanks to Jenny for scribing for three days, I enjoyed your company. Many thanks to the Committee for their invitation to judge, to Brian as Trials Manager - all went smoothly, the ladies and gents in the kitchen for keeping us well fed: to Barbara for the Friday and Saturday meals • my diet went to pot (again). Special thanks to Jean Cooke for the Thursday dinner and for welcoming us into her lovely home for the duration of the trial: good company, good food and a warm bed, what more can be said. Thank you all.

T.D. Stake

1st Jeff Poole LATCHETS QUARTZ (GSD) D. CoM 2 14. An excellent round of C & A. Good luck in Ticket.

2nd. Ron Davies BLUE EYED JAY (WSD) D. CoM 196.5. Well done Ron, looking good for he future.

3rd. Robin Palmer PIPER OF BROADWAY (WSD) D, CoM 194.5. Well done Robin.

4th. J Newman ROBERT OF GORS (WSD) D. CoM I 87.5.

Also gaining a Certificate of Merit:

A Ballinger MAGIC FEATHER DUSTER (WSD) B. 182.5. Lovely handling by a big man with a small dog, good to watch.

U.D. Stake

1st. John Wykes TIP OF TARN (BC) D. I85 CoM. Tip did the only full mark sendaway of the trial, 34 control, full mark agility, well done John.

2nd. Maureen Regan HARTSHJLL KIR.KY GIRL (GSD) B. Well, Cracker (Rightly named) 178.5

3rd. E Noel MELODIUS BLUE VOM VONGRAF (GSD) D. 177.5. Good C & A, well done.

4th. Bruce Golledge SHARDEES BONNIE (GSD) B. I 74.5. Lovely heel work and retrieve saved the day.

Also gaining a Certificate of Merit:

Jackie Reid RISEHILL JUST WILLIAM 167. What can I say about Bill? He certainly put it all together today Jackie, try not to panic when he is doing the scndaway. Thanks to all the competitors for not keeping us waiting, I saw a lot of new dogs and handlers that will, I am sure, make it next time.

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