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Trial Held: 28 January 1990




Tracklayers: Phil Wackett, Mike Snow, Roy Varndell

Steward: Robin Palmer

Great  company,  great  Tracklayers, great  Stewards,  great  accommodation, great refreshments and great organisation but who ordered the weather!! 

1st. Mr. M. Webb TAMAZAN DZUDO (GSD) D. 184/220. C.of M. Excellent attitude, hampered by the wind  and in my opinion too much line. 87/100 track, articles 30. Search needs attention 2 articles 17/35.

2nd. Mrs. D. Webb KABYEUN EPPACE (GSD) D. 184/220 C.of M. Excellent nosework round unfortunately  missed 2nd track article. 94/100 track, articles 20. Search 3 articles 24/35. Well done.

3rd. Mrs. R. Healy-Fenton GREAT BEAR (ROTT.) D. 188/220 NQ. Handler T. Lockyer. What can I say 961100 track, articles 30. Search 3 articles 25/35 and then sat up in the down!

4th. C.C. Avon & Somerset AUSPOLS AARDVARK (GSD) D. 175/220 NQ Handler J. Poole. Another control failure but the nosework very commendable. Track  89/100,articles 20.Search 27/35.

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