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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 31 January 2004

C.D Stake


Very variable conditions – 1 day snow – 1 day rain – 1 day beautiful sunshine. Super Trial, good food and good company.

1st           Mr D Waite, DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN – (WSD). 94.5. QU.

2nd         Mrs M Rogerson, KLICKON LYCOS OF XANDOA. (XB). 93.5. QU.

3rd          Mr Nichols, TYTRE NIKKI – (BC). 93.5. QU.

4th          Mrs Ansell & Mr. N. Cooke, GEFNI YET AGAIN. (GSD). 90.5. QU.

5th          Mrs Warrior, OH MY K-KATIE. (XB). 89.5. QU.

All well done under adverse conditions.


WD Stake

Judge: Lol Campbell

Tracklayers: Brian, Norman, Lee, Amanda, and John

Steward: Christen

Cold, snow, and windy. Thanks to society for appointment also to tracklayers and steward for your time. Thank you to Pete and Carole for accommodation at your home, really enjoyed myself.

1st           Mr P Bryan & WAGGERLAND/WANNABEE OF BRYBOURNE (BC) 191.5 Well Done

2nd         Mrs M Regan & KENMILLION FRASER (GSD) 186 Good luck, well done.

3rd          Mrs Cooper & MIDNIGHT SPARKLE (WEIN) 185

4th          Mrs V Moody & KINGSLODGE IN THE MOOD (BC) 182

5th          Mr. J. Wykes & FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE (BC) 181.5


PD Stake


Tracklayers: Jim Sewell, John Phillips.

Criminals: Simon Bainbridge, Jim Sewell, Steve Lancashire, and Tom Davis.

Stewards: Search, C&A, & Patrol: Paula Bridge.

Thanks to Kenton for the invitation to judge the ticket, and to Caroline Carroll for organising a very well run trial. Thanks to all the tracklayers and criminals and search, C&A and patrol steward for all doing an excellent job and making my task a lot easier.

Many thanks to Sandra and Keith Dearing for putting Paula and myself up and making us feel very welcome, and for letting us use the Jacuzzi!!!

I wondered if the threatened snow would have the same effect as the same week last year, so arrived in Wisbech a day early. Within minutes of arriving the snow appeared with a vengeance. The first day dawned cold, sunny with thick snow. 4 Dogs worked and 3 qualified nosework and C & A.

Day 2. Slightly milder, snow melting, very grey. 5 dogs worked, all qualified nosework, lost 2 dogs on the jumps. This left 6 dogs qualifying going into patrol on Saturday.

Day 3. Patrol round. Very wet and windy. Thanks to Paul Morling and Baz for doing the run through.

1st           Dave Marchant, MISTER JAKE. 283. Worthy overall winner. Little dog with a big heart. Well done, I believe this makes Jake a WT.CH. with KC Confirmation.

2nd         Stan Banks, TAG VENTURE. 278. Another good all round performance, well done.

3rd          Rod Roberts, LITTLE BART. 273. Also best nosework, well done.

4th          Moira Rogerson, XANDOA’S TORNADO. 270.5. Also best patrol round, well done.

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