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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 01 February 1998



Tracklayers: Pete Carroll, Leigh Warner, (2 days) Jan Vallack, Paul Morley (3 days) Jean Morley & John Grantham (1 day)

Search Stewards: Val Isherwood (1 day) Karen Evans (3 days)

Stay Stewards: Val Isherwood, Lorrie Tallis, Karen Evans

C & A Scribe: Karen Evans

My thanks firstly to the Society Committee and anyone helping behind the scenes; decisions have to be made, and stomachs have to be filled! Jeannie makes a rare bacon roll, if anybody is lucky enough to be fed by Kenton's long-serving chef de cuisine in the future.

To my tracklayers and search stewards my sincere appreciation for jobs well done. Six different tracklayers and two property search stewards over the four days of nosework  resulted in 25 teams, from the original 44, going forward to the control section. Neither my co-judges (?) nor myself found a full mark property search during the whole section, with a I0" check chain giving most difficulties, lots of chewing and dropping of articles. Must have been the cold, sub zero temperatures which may also account for Tracey D. observing that the judge had "a little one"!! (I shall used a larger calibre weapon next time!)

I make no excuse for the ground used for the heelwork, if your dog will stay with you over that terrain it will work anywhere. A simple figure eight seemed to throw many people however it was the sendaway to the middle of the field which caused most problems. Five qualifying teams unfortunately fell by the wayside at this point with a further four gaining insufficient marks on agility. My commiserations to Ken Barnard with Hector who had a full mark control round only to uncharacteristically make a complete mess of the agility, and this from a dog that could clear the scale!?!? The last qualifying team went at six minutes into the stay. Karen agreed with most of my marks, but then she had the pen. Thank you for your company ....... and you are correct I am only 36 years old ...... but have had a hard Iife!! !

Thank you to the competitors for entering under me, allowing me the privilege of assessing you and your dogs, and for accepting my decisions. All handlers were appreciative of the efforts of my helpers, in fact one lady offered to thank one of my tracklayers in her own way at a later time!?! Finally my regards to the qualifier who worked the same rough ground in both nosework and C & A as everyone else, who was marked by the same criteria as everyone else and who was due to attend hospital the day after the trial with a mobility problem. I hope it went well.

1st Alan Ballinger & MAGIC FEATHER DUSTER (WSD) B. Congratulations! Fern is a lovely clean, precise little dog who together with Alan put in a faultless control round. She unfortunately left behind one search article, but that was her only mistake, the only marks lost in agility were down to Alan. Well done. 189.

2nd. Pauline Pearce & WAGGERLAND RED DUSTER (BC) B. (After a run-off) Another very good control round but unfortunately the track article that Rusty left behind cost dearly. Congratulations and good luck in ticket. I 83.5.

3rd. Mark Skillin & WAGGERLAND JACK (WSD) D. (after a run-off) Mark and Jack were the first team on the first day to get around the track. A good round throughout with the exception of the chewing of articles in the property search, which cost him a second place. A well deserved qualification, good luck in ticket.

4th. Irene Seymour & CONNOUGHT GIRL (WSD) B. One very happy lady this weekend as the IU.D. report will show. Irene and Chloe (6.5years) have had their problems, I'm glad I was there on the day they got it all together! Well done. 181.

Also qualifying WDex:

Doreen Whiteley & SHA WPJTS A TOUCH OF CLASS (BC) B. 178.5.

Tony Lockyer & HARTSHILL RANGER (GSD) D. 178.

Len Newman & BRIDGALPINE READY EDDY (BC) D. 177.5.

Rod Bunn & JACINTO'S BUCCO (Lab) D. 176.

Lesley Short & WOLFHART CRUSADER (GSD) D. 169.

Joan Snowden & JACK OF DIAMONDS (WSD) D. 169.

Joyce Tibbetts & FOXFOLD UNBRIDLED (GSD) B. 167.

Lynne Alexander & CHOCOHOLIC FENN (WSD) D. 166.5 ..

Marie Dixon & OLD TILLY JA YCOCK (X Breed) B. 165.5.

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