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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 02 February 1997




Stewards: Mick Head (Search and scribe) Joan Watkins (Pules) Mick, Joan, Bob Cooke and Dave Prior (Stays)

Thank you to Kenton for the invitation to judge the C.D. Stake: to Bob and Sue Carter, Jeannie in the kitchen, and everyone who helped in running the trial. The weather was extremely cold so we appreciated the competitors coming forward to work promptly. Many thanks to Mick Head for his help and support, i.e. search and slay steward and scribe for two days, I hope you enjoyed it. and look forward to seeing you competing with your Norman soon: and to the ever willing and cheerful Joan Watkins, my 'guide' and pole steward, thanks Joan. There were thirty-seven competitors, thirteen qualified, out of twelve different breeds competing. Stays were very good, as were the searches and retrieves, but only six had full mark jumps. The Sunday competitors had to work very hard on their control rounds as there were different activities taking place around them in the afternoon.

1st NORSTOCK IMPUDENT AT SHANGAY (GSD) D. Handled by Sandra Hill. Very fast, enthusiastic dog, well handled by Sandra during the P.D. round taking place in the next field. Full mark jumps. Congratulation. 94

2nd OLD TILLY JA YCOCK (X Breed) B. Handler Marie Dixon. Very steady work, quiet handling (Marie lost her voice). A successful weekend, congratulations. 92.5.

3rd WYLDERWAY MACAULEYS DREAM (GSD) D. Handler Anne Fowler. Lovely control round, just made it on the agility. Well handled, wasn't there on Sunday for the run-off. Well done.

4th. BUSSBOYS SWEEP (WSD) D. Handler Ann Bussey. Full mark retrieve and sendaway, only lost half a mark on the search. Well done. 92.

Also qualifying CDex:

GROVE 1-ITLL EXPRESS (Lab) D. Handler Carol Brooke. Express by name and nature, did everything at top speed. Fast.est search, 53 seconds. Full mark jumps. Well done. 91.5.

JACINTOS BUCCO (Lab) D. Handler Rod Bunn. We all enjoyed watching this happy team. Only lost .5 on search, full mark sendaway. Well done. 9 I .5.

WAGGERLAND FIREFLY (BC) B. Handler Lorri Tallis. Another super sendaway and full mark jumps. Well done. 9 1.5.

TESS OF TERRIERS END (X Breed) B. Handler Marie Dixon. This was your day Marie, with both rescue girls qualified CDex and UDex. Well done. 88.5.

SPUD THE DIDGERY DOO (ACD) D. Handler S Sharratt. Impressive dog. Enjoys working with his enthusiastic handler. Only just in on the agility. Well done. 86.5.

RISEHILL IDST WILLIAM (Lanes Heeler) D. Handler Jackie Reid. What a pair of characters! Loved watching Bill work Jackie, well done. 85.

WOODARD THESEUS (GSD) D. Handler Jeanette Osborne. Full mark retrieve, loves his mum and everyone else as well. Well done. 84.5.

DASI-UNG AIRMAN (Hung. Vizsla) D. Handler Wendy Dick. Well handled during clay pigeon shoot. Well done. 84.

HOTLINE ZAP (GSD) D. Handler Mary Walker. This young lady handler, although very nervous, impressed everyone with her courtesy and quiet handling. But Jerry pulled her through. Thanl-.'YOU and well done Mary. Two competitors I want to mention: Jan Blumfield with his Dobe, Tegan, What a superb team, losing 1.5 overall until the scale. We know she can do it. Lesley Short with GSD Webster. Full mark jumps and retrieve, a lovely round. Sort out the stays.

Many thanks to all of the competitors. Congratulations to all the qualifiers, to those who didn't quite make it, keep trying with happy training, you will get there. 

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