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Open Trial
Trial Held: 13 September 2003




Many thanks to the Kenton committee for the opportunity to judge at this friendly, relaxed but very well organised trial. Peter and Caroline did an excellent job of running this trial so smoothly. My tracklayers for UD were Steph Cooper and Norman Mason, thank you both, and Norman for also stewarding the control and laying the CD squares. 30 C.D. Stake I set a very simple and straightforward test. There were no qualifiers on the day. I did feel however that with a little more work - particularly on the obedience related exercises and stays ALL the dogs could obtain their CDex in the near future.

1st Elizabeth Warrior and OH MY KKATIE. (X) B. 67. NQ. Katie is a very young dog - she looks like a BC. Good Nosework - got the 3rd article from the square on the nick of time! Agility good. Stays the downfall. I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of this team.

2nd John Illingworth and WONDER MADONNA OF HARTSHOLME (GSD) 8. 66.5 NQ. Cas did a good square and in general the control section was well done. A very costly retrieve, no long jump and stays were the problem today.

3rd Terry Hobin with OWLSCASTLE ROSCOFF (Brittany) D. 63 NQ. This little dog has got it all! Super attitude [apart from heelwork!). Handler worked dog with a whistle in the square - may have been a distraction as Bailey was the only dog to leave an article in the square. Super jumps and retrieve. Work needed on stays and heelwork.

UD Stake

The tracks were on stubble, 7 legs. The stubble caused little trouble at just half an hour old. Only Lee Payne's dog, Buzz, found both track articles - but he missed 1 in the squa• and went on to retire on the control field. The control and agi lity were not well performed today. All handlers could do with a little more attention to detail, these things are difficult to rectify as time goes by. Sadly no qualifiers overall.

1st Belinda Chapman, Essex Police's P.O. KAI OF NEWCOURT. (GSD) D. 159 NQ. A very handsome shepherd with a good attitude to his work. Control section was quite weak which unfortunately let them down and cost the qualification. I'm sure that Belinda will now be seriously training the gun test, without it, qualifying wi ll be a struggle.

2nd Elizabeth Warrior and OH MY KKATIE. (X) B. 156.5 NQ. Katie did a ve1y nice track- I article. Good square with all 4. Fell apart in the control and just scraped the agility. Katie became noticeably more tired as the day wore on, 2 stakes in 1 day. Did very well for such a young dog on such a hot day! Well done.

3rd Sandra Dearing and SHELTYSHAM SH EPSON OF PROFORM. (BC) D. NQ. I believe this was Sandra's first ever trial. Sandra coped very well with helping at this trial and working her dog. Sonny is a good-looking Border collie who has done well in the show ring and is now being switched to working trials. l hope you both enjoyed your day.




Tracklayers: Ron Jaques & Lee Payne

Steward: Chris Very sunny- hot days.

Tracking was on stubble which turned out to be hard for the dogs. A well run trial by Peter and Caroline Carroll - everything went well. Thanks to my tracklayers and steward, well done.

1st Mr & Mrs Wykes, FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE (BC) D. 188pts. CoM. Super track and square, good control.

2nd Mrs Ball, ALICE ON SPRINGS (Lab) 173pts. CoM. Super track & square, good control.

3rd Mrs Davidson, MY GIRL MILLIE (WSD) B. 173pts. CoM. Same as no 1 and no 2. Lost run-off with no 2.

4th Mrs Wright, CARISHILL CHESTNUT (G/Ret) D. 148pts. NQ. Better luck next time.




Tracklayers: Paul Morling, John Phillips, Peter Carroll

Stewards: Caroline Carroll, Paul Morling.

Thank you to Kenton for the invitation to judge. l had a lovely time. Thank you to Pete and Caroline for your hospitality when you had Rosie and me to stay. Thanks also to the tracklayers and stewards, Paul, John, Pete and Caroline. To Brian Pole for ensuring a smooth ingress of track competitors to their poles and for having Rosie in his Kennel whilst I was in the fields.

1st Mrs A Davidson, COLTRIEVER CONTENDER (X) 191 CoM. Super dog. Good luck in ticket.


3rd Mr J Wright, BRIDGALPINE ZAC, I45.75 , N Q


Stubble at 3 hours cold in September was always going to be a challenge and so l designed my track with a fairly long first leg so the dogs could settle into it. Although camouflaged to the handler, the articles were of a size that the dogs should easily locate as they passed them. Dog after dog struggled in the early stages and just the three dogs had passed the halfway point on the track in the course of the trial. Finally the very last competitor Alison Davidson with her cross breed 'Jet' showed that it could be done, and was the first to complete the track and recover two of the articles. He followed this with a full mark square with the exuberance of a dog that had just got out of the car!

The control round was designed for the dog who was doing his first redirect in competition and I intended that the redirect should start from a nice easy and therefore hopefully successful sendaway. With good marks from that and a straightforward speak exercise the control round was generally well done. On the whole I think most competitors enjoyed themselves and left the trial feeling that their dogs had worked hard for them. The dogs in the competition need a couple of nice easy fun tracks this week after such tough nosework. 

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