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Judge: Jenny Orchard

Steward: Anne Shepherd

Thank you to the Midland Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge the CD Stake. As usual this trial was run in an efficient manner by Barrie Jones and his skilled team of helpers. Catering was in the experienced hands of Joan and Chris on Saturday, and many willing helpers on Friday; the scores and base on Friday were kept in order by Rita and Jacqui Gibney on Saturday - nothing was left to chance.

Anne put the competitors at their ease and kept the stake flowing by stewarding in her usual calm and pleasant manner. Many thanks to you all.

Twenty two teams entered, with sixteen actually running. I set a straightforward test, commencing with the nosework, firstly the square followed by the retrieve. The articles in the square were a red cartridge, a six inch piece of knotted black corduroy material, and a two and half square piece of green wellie. Seven teams recovered all three articles. The highest retrieve mark was 9.5.

The control commenced with heel on lead, followed by a recall, heel free, and then the sendaway which was 65 paces to a natural white tree guard in the boundary hedgerow. The majority of dogs performed this exercise well, with three teams earning full marks. As is usual in CD the agility took its toll, with only six dogs achieving full marks in this section. This left the following qualifiers:

1st Mrs D Cotterill, SANDYS OAK, Lab, 94, Q. Lost 2 marks in each section; I am sure that you and Simba have a promising trials career ahead of you. Congratulations.

2nd A Laws / H Philipson, LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, XB, handled by Andy Laws, 92, Q. First dog, first trial, just lost 2.5 marks on the nose work, 3 on control and needed a second attempt at the long jump. What a start to competing at Working trials! Well done.

3rd Mrs S Naylor, DUKE OF WHITWELL, Lab, 90, Q. Assa worked well for you today. Recovered 2 out of the square just missing the cartridge, tidy heel work but needed a second attempt at the long jump. Well done.

4th Mrs N Keeler, DELARK THAT’LL BE THE DAY AT NICKILA, BSD, 76, CD. Missed one article in the square and an unfortunate error on the sendaway. I am sure it will not be long before you qualify.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered, I hope that you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging you and your dogs. Many congratulations to those who qualified and I am sure it will not be long before the rest of you achieve the success that you all deserve.




Tracklayers: Jim Sewell and John Weselby

Steward (Squares and C/A): Jacqui Gibney

Firstly I would like to thank Midland Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge the UD Stake at their Championship Trial. Also, I would like to thank the trials manager Barrie James, who I thought ran a fantastic trial. To Anne, Tony and Anna Fowler for putting Brook and myself up for the couple of days I was there – it is always a pleasure to stay with you and I am very grateful. x

To my steward Jacqui for giving up her time and being extremely professional in her role as my steward - your company is 1st class - cheers. Also my tracklayers who laid every track to perfection – thanks to you both for giving up your time for me.

The nosework was on pasture, and although wet in places it looked extremely trackable. My track pattern was set to give every dog the chance to show me what it could do. It was a simple T with an acute angle at the end. Although I could have set the track pattern myself I engaged the help of Mr John Watts. My reason for this was, as you will all know, John no longer feels physically up to competing in trials, so in order to keep his hand in, so to speak, I wanted to include him, and will do so for any future trials I judge, as his experience is invaluable. The nosework was on the whole very good. I did think the tracking was better than the squares.

The control and agility was very straight forward. We started with the dumb-bell, then heelwork, a straight forward sendaway out to a boundary, then on to the jumps. The long jump was the exercise that was performed the least well out of everything.

1st Mrs L Price and KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD, Bitch, Q, 194. Grace tracked to almost perfection and finished off with a very good square. Also a very good control round, with 17.5 on the jumps. Well done to you both, you deserved the qualification and to win the stake. A real lovely dog, a pleasure to watch. Also got best track.

2nd Ms A J Lynd and REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab Ret, Bitch, Q 184. Andrea and Peg nearly gave us a heart attack on the track, but with an excellent display of teamwork, and Andrea knowing her dog, they managed to finish the track and perform a very good square. A very good control round, and the only dog to gain full mark jumps. Well done both of you. So chuffed you qualified.

3rd Mr D Waite and EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, Bitch, Q, 171.5. This team only lost half a point on the track and it was a pleasure to watch. Luckily getting 2 out of the square meant they had enough going into the C/A. A good control and agility round ensured they gained their qualification. Well done Dave.

4th Mrs G Page and BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, Dog, Q, 162.5. Ossy’s inexperience on the track caused him to miss the last 2 legs but he made up for it with an extremely good square. And another good control and agility round made sure of a qualification. Well done, Glenys.

Many thanks to all the competitors. It was a pleasure to judge your dogs. Well done to the four above, and to those that didn’t qualify, there is always another day.




Tracklayers: Len Newman, Andy Magyer and Andrea Lynd

Search and Control Steward: Le Newman

My thanks to Midland Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge. This was my 3rd ticket; the other 2 were on forest land, so I was a little apprehensive. But with help from Bill Hardaway - he laid and worked my tracks for me a couple of weeks ago, thanks Bill - I was fairly sure I’d got a good test. Much to my relief all articles were found by midday on Monday, with some good tracks as well.

Thanks must go to Barrie James, for his hard work and help, also to his ‘team’ behind the scenes; I’m not sure of all of you, but you know who you are, so THANK YOU.

To Anne Fowler for her hospitality and food on Saturday night - it was a great evening - to Jacqui Gibney for the scores and certificates.

To my ‘team’- tracklayers Len, Andy and Andrea - it was really hard work in thick heavy clay; they all laid the tracks just as I wanted, so every dog had a fair chance. My steward Le also did exactly what I wanted, and she did walk miles - thanks Le.

Unfortunately the weather played a big part in what qualifiers I got. Monday saw 5, and then it all went down hill and I ended up with 15 after nosework. I had hoped for more, but when the weather started to go down hill on Sunday (it snowed) I was glad for only 15!!!

1st Jean Howells and GLENALPINE JED. This is Jed’s 2nd ticket, so making him a WORKING TRIALS CHAMPION. Well done Jean, track with 3 and 4 was great, 96/30 and 34 for square. C/A 32/20, only the heelwork let you down!!!! 212, Q. Congratulations!

2nd Margaret Robinson and WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY. Another good track, 95/30 and 35, Well done. C/ A 30.5/17.5, 208, Q

3rd Nick Williams and SUNSHINE ANTIC. This team were on the side of the hill; they did good steady track, and this collie was so responsive to his handler. Track 90/30 and search 27. Good C/A 32/20, 199, Q. Very well done.

4th Roger Shrimpton and CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, CDEx-TDEx. Another good steady track, shame about the square. 93/30 and 26, C/A 29.5/20.

Also qualifying:

Pat Parkinson and CARISHILL HYACINTH, 196.5 Best track 98.5, it was brilliant to watch.


Stevie Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND, CDEx-TDEx, 184

Gary Atkins and WTCh CAFCOLL RON, CDEx-TDEx, 184

June Reed and LITTLE JODE CDEx-TDEx, 183, A good track, 92/30

Best track went to Liz Warrior and OH MY KKATIE, 99/30 - great track on Monday morning, what a start to the week, made it look so easy, thank you!

It was a good week; well done to Midland Border Collie Club. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even in thick mud! And I don’t do mud!!!

Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions, we did lose more teams on the tracks than I thought we would, but weather and mud did take its toll.

Thanks again to everyone and Good Luck for 2009.

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