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Steward: Sue Morley

Trials Manager: Barrie James

Base steward: Sue James

Thanks to Barrie and the MBCC committee for the invitation to judge and also for all their efforts in organising and running the trial.  A very special big thank you to Sue for travelling all the way down from the Preston area to Melton to steward these stakes, especially as Sue does not even compete in trials.  Despite this being her first attempt at square laying and stewarding she did everything to perfection.  Thank you, Sue.

 And to our other Sue, many thanks for running the base in your usual efficient manner.


 This is the first time that I have judged the Introductory stake and I can honestly say I was amazed at the very high standard of work.  It’s interesting to note that of the eight dogs that worked in this stake, six obtained 9+ marks for "heel off the lead"   while their  "heel on lead"  marks were not quite so good.  My assessment was that with these dogs, very positive methods were being used to train the HW, and therefore they were much more accustomed to working off the lead.  Positive training to an excellent standard.  Well done to all of you.

 1st Rachel Abbott with SQWUFFEE FENSTER, WSD, 95.5, COM.  Fen was a little unsure about doing HW on the lead, but made up for it with near perfect Heel Free.  Lost only 1 on the nosework, and followed this with a smashing full mark S/A, lovely recall, and only 0.5 lost on the agility, giving her a well deserved win.  I hope you continue your trials career and wish you the best of luck.

 2nd Gary Summerfield with BRAYSUZ BLUE DIAMOND, GSD, 95, COM.  What a little star Skye was.  Well trained, well handled, just oozing attitude and commitment.  Another full point S/A, excellent HW and recall, plus good nosework, losing just 2.  This young lady must have an excellent future in trials.

 3rd Becky Collier with  ROSMARINUS RAINMAIDEN OF PEPPERBOX, BC, 91.5, COM.  Another excellent nosework performance losing only 1,  full point recall, lovely HW and agility but went a little bit astray on the S/A, which cost a few points but still an excellent  all round performance.  Well done.  Please continue in trials as Breeze obviously loves it.  Good luck.

 4th Angela Clarke with CHACKMORETON CHASER, Golden Ret, 89, COM.   Lost just 0.5 on his nosework and gave a good all round performance, with just the S/A needing a little work.  Excellent agility and a well deserved placing.  Well done.

 Also qualified COM:

 Jan Turner with AZL NOSE, NAF, Std. Poodle, 87.5.  This very handsome dignified young man really did you proud, Jan. You handled him very well and with a little more confidence on the scale he will definitely be up there.  Well done.

 Chris  Coomber with ALFIE ALFRIDA, NSDTR, 76.5.  Not an easy breed to train, Chris, but you both made a very good attempt with only the S/A really letting you down.    Keep at it and Alfie will continue to improve.

 I hope you all enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging your dogs. The standard of work was excellent so I look forward to seeing you all working in trials.  Good luck.



1st Angela Clarke with CHACKMORETON CHASER, Golden Ret, 95.5, COM.  Well, Angela, Monty put the experience he got in the Introductory Stake to good use in the CD, giving an all round excellent performance, with a full point S/A, full points agility, full point recall, losing just 1.5 on HW and 3 on nosework.  Also proved that she had no problems coping with the full sized jumps.   Brilliant, well done. 

2nd Becky Collier with ROSMARINUS RAINMAIDEN OF PEPPERBOX, BC.  Another excellent square and retrieve from Breeze, followed by a really good control round with full point S/A.  Also coped well with the full sized jumps, losing only 1.5 on the agility.  Another well deserved qualification, well done.  I hope you continue working in trials.  Good luck




Tracklayers: Linda Newbold, Sheila Tannert, Andy and Wendy Magyar

Square Stewards; Mr and Mrs Earp

C/A Stewards; Linda Newbold and Wendy Magyar.

Thanks to Midlands Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their Open Trial on 6 - 8 August 2010.

My thanks go to Barry James for running the trial, to Mr and Mrs Earp who stewarded the search squares, to Linda for tracklaying and control steward on Friday and Saturday, to Sheila for tracklaying on Friday and Saturday, to Wendy and Andy for tracklaying on Sunday and Wendy for stewarding on Sunday.  Also to Sue James for keeping us all fed and watered and doing a grand job as base steward.  

Tracking was on grass and most dogs had little trouble with this, articles on track and square being the cause of lost marks.

There were 19 entries of which 9 qualified.

1st Andrea Clarke working Mrs L Sailsbury’s ISCWT, YOGI, Q, 190.5.  Yogi’s attitude to work was a joy to see.  Such

a happy, willing dog who should soon move up through the stakes.  Well Done, Yogi.

2nd Steph McBride with her eye-catching Lab/Ret, GUNNER, Q, 189.  Lovely tracking and C/A.  Well Done.

3rd  Fred Welham with DONNA, BC, Q, 186.  Donna is a very independent minded dog, but Fred’s persistence has paid off, only losing 3 marks on N/W.  Good luck for the future.

4th  Tony Orchard with BONNIE, Lab, Q, 184.  First dog to work on day 1.  Only 3 out of the square was costly, but Bonnie did a lovely track and control.  Beautifully handled.

Also qualifying: 

Anne Thorpe with MOLLY, 181

Jackie Nicholas with JOSH, 178

Jacky Lloyd with ROLLO, 176.5

Jim Sewell with THAI, 175.5

Chris Young with JAC, 165

Best track was John Wykes and KYLE (full marks)

To all the competitors, thank you for entering; congratulations to those who qualified and to those who missed out, keep

trying, there were some very near misses today.

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