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Tracklayers: Paul Bryan, Wendy Magyar, Christine Stewart

Steward: Jayne Lewis

 Thank you to Barrie and Sue and to Midland Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge. Grateful thanks also to Paul, Wendy and Christine for laying tracks and to Jayne for laying squares and stewarding the control and agility. I really appreciated the trouble you all went to to make sure each competitor got a fair deal and an equal chance.

Marks were speedily processed by Sue - thanks for this, and for looking after the inner judge with some lovely food.

There were 10 entries and 5 ran. Tracking was on grass, the weather was windy and cold but thankfully dry. Everyone tracked well and all qualified on the nosework, however there were casualties on the control and agility. The final results were as follows:-

1st Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx, WSD, D, 192 Q. Margaret and Arran produced an accurate and consistent performance and were very worthy winners. They also gained the Best Track award.

2nd Neil Green-Morris with EYLAVERHOF WICKED AT DAVOKA, Rott, 185.5, Q. A lovely round from Neil and Kai, with good work in both nosework and C/A. Just a hiccup on the long jump.

3rd Hilary Mercer with STARDELL RANA, CDEx, BC, B, 182.5, Q. Again a very creditable round in all sections - the only hiccup was some lack of control around the jumps.

4th Jane Clarke with SKYE’S OVER THE TOP, WSD, B, 173, NQ. A beautiful nosework round but sadly came to grief on the C/A.

 Thank you to competitors for your entries and for your participation in the test - also for turning up despite the weather!!


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