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Steward: Sue James

Thank you to Midland Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge CD.  Thank you to Barrie James for running the trial, the ladies in the kitchen for the lovely food, and not forgetting Sue for stewarding for me .

1st Andrea Clarke, BEINHARD YASKO, GSD, 96

Well done, Andrea.  He worked very well today, and I am sure you will qualify CDEx soon.


3rd Lucy Cook, GAESTEN LEAPIN LOOLIE (Imp), Lagotto, 70

4th Sue McCrilley, LITTLETHORNE KELISA, BC, 64.5




Tracklayers: Jacqui Gibney, John Mitchell, Andy Magyar, and Linda Newbold

Stewards: Sheila Tannert, and Wendy Magyar

Trials Manager:  Barrie James

Base Steward:     Sue James

Thanks to the society for inviting me to judge.  Special thanks to Barrie and his team for all their hard work in running this trial.  A very big, huge, enormous thank you to Anne Fowler, who soft talked the farmers into letting us use the land.  "Soft talk" and Anne, not too sure if those words are compatible, I never actually connected soft talk with Anne, but she got the land as she does every year for both the open and championship trials.

Soft talk or not, it’s two more trials a year thanks to Anne’s endeavours.  Smashing.  Well done.  Thank you, Anne.

Thanks to Vorrie and Chris in the kitchen, who provided all the food, and very nice it was too.  Thank you both.  Not forgetting Sue, who organized the base and kept the score sheets up to date.

Many thanks also to my tracklayers, Jacqui Gibney, John Mitchell, Andy Magyar, and Linda Newbold, and my square stewards Sheila Tannert, and Wendy Magyar. Wendy also stewarded the C/A for me.  Thank you all very much

1st Dave Craven with  DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD.  Brilliant track losing only 1.5, and a good control round.  Calm quiet handling contributed to an excellent performance.   Well done, a worthy qualification.

Track 88.5, Articles 20, Square 26.5, Control 32.5, Agility 15   Total  182.5, COM

2nd Gail Gwesyn-Pryce with CONCENN YEWEN, CDEx, GSD.  Lost a few bits and bobs on the track but made up for it with an excellent square.  83, 20, 32, 28, 19, Total 182, COM

3rd Jackie Hope with CARLSBRO MACH, GSD.  Nice track but unfortunately only one article, and getting just 3 out of the square proved very costly today, because Buddy had the best control round losing only 1, and perfect agility. Such a shame, but never mind there’s always next time so good luck.  86, 10, 25, 34, 20, Total  175, COM

4th Kate Wykes  with KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, CDEx, BC.  Excellent track, losing only 2, but again articles proved costly.  Nice control round but just managed to get by on the agility.  Well handled and with a little more confidence she will soon get there.  Good luck, Kate.  88, 10, 24, 31, 14, Total 167,  COM

Worthy of a mention:

David Waite with EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rottweiler.  This young Rottie bitch was a pleasure to watch in all exercises. Her confidence wasn’t up to the scale today but it’s only a hair’s breadth away. Good luck.

Jackie Nicholas with OWEN JOKE, Kelpie.  Tiny bits and bobs on the control round, along with a gun problem, prevented Josh from qualifying, but as soon as these are sorted this little bundle of energy will be well on his way. The best nosework of the day getting Track 87, Articles 20, Square 30.

Articles and jumps caused problems toda,y otherwise we would have had many more qualifiers.  Good luck to all.  Thank you for entering under me; I hope you enjoyed the trial as much as I did.

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