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Trials Manager’s Report

This was Midlands Border Collie Club’s first Championship Working Trial.  Who would have thought that we would be doing this seven years ago when we ran our first Open Trial with a tracking stake.  We held a Utility Dog (UD) and a Companion Dog (CD) Stake at that trial. This Open Trial followed on from the enthusiasm shown by Barbara Swann in promoting the working abilities of the Border Collie and running an Open CD Working Trial for a number of years.

We have to thank so many wonderful people in the Working Trial’s world who have helped us over the past seven years at our trials, and also of course the Officers and Committee of the Club for supporting us in our endeavours.   Club members have come along to help each year even though they did not know anything about Working Trials.

My thanks to everyone who helped at our trial in whatever capacity; it would not have happened without you. My thanks go especially to Anne Fowler for arranging all the tracking and TD Control land, not just once but twice this year, as we lost all our TD tracking land three weeks before the trial when 1000 sheep were moved onto the land.  Also, thanks, Anne, for the encouragement when things did not always look good.  Thanks to the TD tracklayers, some who travelled from long distances to come and help: Len Newman (Sun 6th to Wed); Andrea Lynd (Sun 6th to Fri); Andy Magyar (Sun 6th and Thurs to Sat, Andy also came Sun 13th in case we needed run-off tracks); Lynne Baker (Thurs to Sat) and Roger Shrimpton, who tracklaid Mon and Tues at very short notice when Ann Bedford went down with the dreaded flu a couple of days before the trial.  Thanks to the UD track layers: John Weselby, Dave Marchant, John Atkins, Jim Sewell and Linda Newbold.

Thanks to all the club members who rallied round with help at the base, and doing an excellent job on escort duties, the ladies competently manning the table through the week: Voirrey Paesler both Sundays and Tuesday, Rita Shields Mon and Wed (also helped me peg out the UD fields Tues) and Jan Sewell Fri /Sat.  Special mention for Dave and Julie Skipp in the kitchen all week. They did a great job and organized the food and drink to the fields every day without a hitch and took my banter in good spirits (I hope!).  Thanks to the judges Moira, Jean and Jacqui.  Thanks to the stewards: Jacqui, TD squares Sun to Thurs; Gail Cartwright, Fri and Sat; Linda Newbold C/A final Sunday.  Peter stewarded for Jean all three UD days and John Wykes was CD steward Fri and Sat. Everybody was fantastic and without people like you there would be no Working Trials. Finally, thanks to the competitors who entered and made our first Ch. Working Trial a success.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us.

The weather over the week was mixed.  We had just about everything, high winds, rain and some sunshine.  Mostly it was blustery and overcast.  Tracking was on well grazed pasture.

Barrie James


Stake: CD


Steward: John Wykes.

Many thanks to MBCC for the invitation to judge, and congratulations on running your first Championship Working Trial. I really enjoyed judging this stake; there were a few newcomers as well as experienced Trials people bringing on a young dog. The standard was good overall and the weather, cold and very windy on Friday, frosty then rain on Saturday, did not seem to adversely affect the dogs too much, except for the jumps - positioning and lack of confidence in less than perfect conditions caused a few upsets. Search and sendaways were well done and only one dog failed the sit stay, all downs being clear.

Thank you John, for being such a good steward, ensuring that everyone had the best chance to qualify. I set a straightforward test. For convenience we used the UD C/A field for all the searches first, followed by sendaway, then heel on lead to the jumps: then back to base and sit stays, retrieve, heel free, recall and down stays.

1st          Ruth Cahill and GSD, VOMKYNA BORUSS, 93. Bud, as usual was full of it today, but good handling harnessed his enthusiasm in the right way. Well done Ruth.

2nd        Norma Ansell and GSD, GEFNI CAUGHT ON CAMERA, 92. You and Super Spud got it right today for a well deserved qualification.

3rd         Barry Gilbert and Poodle, IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, 89. Heart in the mouth on the scale jump, otherwise an excellent round.

4th         (thank God, a Collie!) Anita Snell and CROESLLWYN STREAK OF LIGHT, 88. Flash is a handsome young Collie and deserved this excellent qualification. Well done.

Also qualified CDEx:

Lucy Clark and Mali CAESAROMAGO IRIS, 87.5. What an impressive Mali, very well trained by this new handler. Well done.

Val Thomson and GSD CONCENN YAUTIA, 87.5. Calm handling ensured a good qualification.

Carole Hall and Collie PATTY OF SELDOMSEEN, 83. I e-mailed Her Majesty on Monday, as she was the only one who hadn’t heard! Well done Carole.

Well done to all the qualifiers. Those who didn’t make it today, your day will come. Best of luck next time.


Stake: UD


Steward: Peter Morley

Tracklayers: Dave Marchant, John Weselby, John Atkin, Linda Newbold , Jim Sewell (2 days)

Many thanks to MBCC for the invitation to judge at their first Championship Trial. As usual, Barrie James worked extremely hard to make sure all was well before and during the trial. He produced some excellent maps to get us from A to B and they worked well. Julia and Dave kept us fed and watered - many thanks indeed to you both - and Jan Sewell kept the scores at the base - not an easy task when there is a lot of noise going on in the background.

All tracks were worked on short pasture land. My tracklayers laid each track as requested, so much so that we had some excellent nosework results even in the worst weather. Many thanks to you all. The weather was unpredictable to say the least - gale force winds, cold but bright and torrential rain. I was impressed by the standard of the nosework. Articles were 2" x 1.5" green scourer and 3" square pink carpet on the track, and wood 2.5" long, leather 2.5", shotgun cartridge and a piece red openwork plastic in the square. I was a little disappointed in the control - there were a lot of extra commands in the retrieve and heelwork - all duly noted! The sendaway was 120 yards to a blue pole in a small red cone, easily visible to the handler, but unfortunately a lot of dogs went to the hedge - there were not many straight outruns. Special thanks to my husband Peter for ferrying me around, doing the searches, stewarding the control and when necessary wiping the scale boards for each competitor.

1st          Ruth Cahill with VOMKYNA BORUSS, (GSD), Q UDEx, 194. A very focused dog who needs firm handling. Only lost 1 mark on the nosework, winning the best nosework trophy

2nd        Jan Vallack with KENMILQUIN CROWN IMPERIAL, (Lab/Ret), Q UDEx, 189.5. A sensitive little dog so keen to please.

3rd         Eleanor Mestraud with WOLFHART FIRENFUL, (GSD), Q, UDEx, 187. One of the best sendaways of the stake.

4th         Caroline Martin with YES MALADY, (X), Q, UDEx, 179. Worked well.

Also qualified:

Julia Findesien, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, (GSD), 177.5

Joyce Tibbets, OAKENHEART PHANTOM, (GSD), 176.5


I was delighted to see the GSD's in abundance - not that I am biased at all!! My thanks to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my judging with good grace - the pleasure was all mine. Good luck for the future.

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