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Open Trial
Trial Held: 11 January 2004

CD Stake


Steward : Lisa Fox

A big thank you to Barrie and the M.B.C.C. for the invitation to judge the CD stake at your open trial.  Thank you also to the kitchen staff, and to Lyn for helping with the scores and Lisa for being my steward.  Thank you to the competitors foe entering and giving me the chance to see you and your dogs.

1st           Ms. S. Adams with FLYNNTASTIC FLO 94.5.  An exceptional performance and congratulations on a well deserved win Q.C.O.M.

2nd         Miss L. Jones with LIVELY CLIVE 93.  An excellent performance from a dog that lived up to his name Q.C.O.M.

3rd          Mrs. M. Robinson with TYRTI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY 87.5.  Excellent search and control round only the sit stay letting you down today.  Non Q.

4th          Mrs. S. Pickerin with HOBHILL FREE SPIRIT 81.5.  A good performance overall but again the sit stay proving costly.  Non Q.




Stewards: Jan Brierly - Fri

Graham (Enfield) Brumpton – Sat/Sun


Jane Webb and Maeve Weselby – Fri

Linda Newbold and Jacqui Barron – Sat/Sun

Thank you to Midland Border Collie Club for an enjoyable weekend and the invitation to judge, quite an adventure being allowed to travel ‘south’ for a change. Thanks to the ladies of the catering corps who kept us supplied with plenty of tea as requested, as well as copious amounts of food.

With exception of the very first track, during which it rained, the weather was surprisingly kind, bright but windy for all three days. I gather it was a somewhat different story on the Thursday.

Many thanks to:

 Jan, who had never laid squares before and wasn’t put off by the soaking she received on the first one. 

 Maeve and Jane who laid tracks on Friday.

 Graham for stewarding Sat/Sun, and coped admirably being surrounded by women all weekend.

 Linda and Jacqui for track laying Sat/Sun.

There were 23 entries, 21 worked with 14 qualifying nosework, though no qualifiers overall.

A fairly standard track with generous articles, though only ten teams returned with both. To my mind, at this stage of the game its all about encouragement, and whether a newcomer to trials or an old hand, its nice to leave the field with a bit of success. Squares were generally successful, main problem being mouthing.

1st           Eric Nicholls and Tytri Nikki. BC. Other than a bit of a mooch at one corner this little  dog never lifted its nose and did a beautiful track. 186.4 NQ.

2nd         Sue Ashby and The Echo. WSD. Lovely little dog who tracked deliberately  but did find the ‘goings-on’ in the next field  interesting.. 186.NQ.

3rd          Les Teobald and Tytri Tess. BC  Another lovely track from litter sister of the winner. Worked on undulating land which  due to the wind made her square more awkward, but executed well. 185. NQ.

4th          Lee Newman and Bayriver Antics GSD. NQ. Steady track, only needing to double check on one corner. 182.5.

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