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TM, CD Stake


For once the weather was kind to us, and with a smaller than normal entry for this trial, we could all relax and not have to rush.

Thanks to our judge, Ann Clarke, for setting a straightforward and sensible round and huge thanks to Zoe, for not only stewarding, but for all the other bits you do as well!! And, of course, a big thank you to the NASA committee, who turn up to help and support us every year. Last but not least the LDTC, who lend us their jumps, and allow us to use their training ground every year - thank you.

Best control: Mary Braybrook and GAMEHEART ABERAHAMA; Best nosework, Tom Darby and TRIPLE CHAOS





Search and Control Steward: Zoe Finlay

Thanks to the Association for the invitation to judge, to Trial Manager Linda Reynolds for her organisation and the ladies in the kitchen for the very welcome hot lunch. Zoe was a very efficient steward and very good company. A smaller entry than usual for this Trial, the postal strikes around closing date probably didn’t help there, and some scratches made for a very relaxed morning’s work. We started with the squares and retrieves, followed by the sit stay, control and agility and finally the down stay. All the dogs worked well, and the usual CD bugbears, stays and the jumps, were qualified by all dogs. Nerves afflicted the handlers, but you only learn how to cope with those by practice, so keep at it. We ended up with the following:

1st Linda Johnston and RAVEN HILL RORY, X Breed, D. Very smart square, followed by a tidy control round, and full mark agility. Very well done. Q, 91/100

2nd Tom Darby and TRIPLE CHAOS, WSD, B. Like the above dog, made the square look so easy. Unaccountably took against the long jump today which was expensive (like the heelwork!). Nice to see you on the other side of the fence, Tom, hope you are enjoying it. Second qualification in a month, must be doing something right. Q, 87.5/100

3rd Mary Braybrook and GAMEHEART ABERAHAMA, Cocker Spaniel, D. Very busy little dog! Tackled everything with energy and enthusiasm. Missed one in the square but excellent sendaway and full mark agility. Q, 85.5/100

4th John Coley and MISTER ZAK, BC, D. Not your day today, all the little bits added up, unfortunately. However, they are only little bits, keep up the training, and I am sure your day will come. NQ

Thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions and for being a really nice group with lovely fit dogs. Keep up the training and keep it fun for them.

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