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Trials Manager’s Report.

This was our fourth year of running a CD only trial.  Once again we had a good entry of 15 dogs, but had the usual few scratches.  I would like to start by thanking Leamington DTC for the use of their training ground and jumps. Without their support it would be very hard for N.A.S.A to hold the trial, so a very big `THANK YOU’.

Also thanks to the committee of N.A.S.A.  Only one of them competes in trials, but as a club they support all the working aspects, and I think they are beginning to get their heads round our weird and wonderful sport! It’s a shame more breed folk don’t get out to do something with this active breed.  So thanks to Angie and Gill in the kitchen, making sure every one had food and drink all day, and a lovely meal at the end for the Judge and helpers.  Thanks to Ted for doing the scores, and our judge Kate for setting a nice sensible round, and last but not least Zoe and Tally, who both spent all day outside either stewarding or keeping the competitors organized.  We always have an experienced and friendly trials person out on the field to act as a point of contact so that things can be explained, as this is often the first trial that handlers have entered.  Judging from the phone calls, and cards of thanks received, this is working well.  So to our judge, helpers and competitors, thank you for making it a really enjoyable day.  I will try to arrange better weather for next year!!

Linda Reynolds


Stake: CD


Steward: Zoe Finlay

Many thanks to Linda and the NASA committee for asking me to judge the CD stake, and for all the hard work and organisation that went into the smooth running of the day. The only thing that did leave room for improvement was the appalling weather! Thanks also to the members of the team, who ran the base, did the scores and cooked the most delicious food.

Much appreciation to my steward, Zoe, who laid all the squares, and Tali who stewarded the C/A. You both worked hard to make sure all the competitors had an equal chance, and generally made my job so much easier all round.

I set a straightforward test and saw some really lovely young dogs "coming out" and some excellent work over all.  Thank you all for entering.

Results were as follows:-

1st Jeanette Nicks with ROSMARINUS RAINBEAA, BC, D.  Good standard of work all round, though slight hiccup in the sit.  Well deserved CoM, 84.

2nd Norma Ansell, GEFNI CAUGHT ON CAMERA, GSD, D.  Qualified well in all sections but sadly found the down stay too much today, therefore did not get enough overall for CoM.  79, NQ

3rd Lucy Clark with CAESAROMAGO IRIS, Malinois, B.  Just bits and pieces needing to be tidied up prevented CoM today; it’s all there, better luck next time. Qualified in all sections, but not enough overall. 78, NQ.

4th Veronica Hourihane with WAGGERLAND WITCH, BC, B.  Lovely nosework and good control, sadly let down by the jumps today.  Better luck next time. 85, NQ.

5th John Fitzpatrick with CONCENN YUSHA, GSD, B.  Jumps were the problem here again, everything else went well. 76.5, NQ.

6th Di Assheton-Bowtle with VONGRAF KADI, GSD, B.  Beautiful nosework, came to grief on jumps and stays. 75:5, NQ

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