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Trial Manager’s Report

Once again, we had a good entry for a CD trial.  Eight competitors arrived from the eleven entered, which was pretty good considering how awful the weather had been, but at least Sunday, though windy and cold, did manage to stay dry.  This year we had three Aussie entries, but unfortunately two scratched, so we were left with one, Mrs M Jones, who won the Havoc Trophy.

A big thank you to everyone who came to help, namely Catherine, Gary, Angie, Ted and Zoe – you all did a brilliant job.

Most of the competitors stayed for the presentation, which resulted in a lovely atmosphere at the end.  Huge thanks to my judge, Sue, for setting a good test, and also to Pete and June for all their hard work.  Also thanks must go to LDTC for the loan of the jumps, and the use of their training ground; without this support, we wouldn’t be able to run the trial.

It was a brilliant day, and thank you to everyone for making it so.

Linda Reynolds.


Stake: CD


Search Steward: June Clayton

Control Steward: Pete Jones

Many thanks to NASA for the invite to judge at this extremely friendly and well organised trial.  The weather forecasters came true to their word, and by the time we started, the overnight rain and wind had passed over.  It was still a bit windy, but bearable.

We had eight competitors, from the eleven entered, arrive at Stoneleigh Village Hall, which surprised me, considering the overnight conditions.  As usual in this stake, with young dogs and new handlers, the various exercises took their toll.  With ground conditions underfoot being a bit boggy – even Pete managed to get his new 4X4 stuck! – I altered my previous planned round to assist handler and dog, and kept heelwork to a minimum.  My search steward, June, who competes in Obedience, laid the squares – her first time at trials, and we only had one dog fail, and that only missing out by dropping the second article in the square just as time was called.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day.  Thanks to Pete for stewarding the control, also the committee members for a super hot lunch.  Thanks to Zoe and Garry for setting out the jumps, and a special thanks to Linda for all her hard work.

1st            Dot Boland and CONCENN XCALIBUR, GSD, D, 86.5.  A good all round performance, the only dog to obtain full marks for the agility, good nosework and just a little hiccup in the down stay, but with the new CD scoring system, gained a well-deserved qualification.

2nd           Ken Coleman and PENCOME BECK, WSD, D, NQ, 86.5.  Good nosework and super control, but just missed out on the jumps for a qualification, but had enough marks to win the best control and agility trophy.

3rd           Hazel Burton and HAZTONS LUCKIZA LADY, WSD, B, NQ, 79.5.  Just half a mark short of qualification; sit stay let you down today, but the rest is promising.

4th           Diane Cottrill and PAURUS MAESTRO, GSD, D, NQ.

5th           Kate Wykes and KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BS, B, NQ.

6th           Veronica Hourihane and WAGGERLAND WITCH, BC, B, NQ.

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