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Trials Manager's Report.

This was the first trial run by N.A.S.A. and my first attempt at being a trials manager.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which might have been because there were no tracking stakes to think about, but I like to think it was due to all the support from the N.A.S.A. committee, and Zoe Finlay without whose help I wouldn't have managed so easily.  A BIG THANK YOU to Angie, Catherine, Ted, Gary, Dawn and daughter (sorry don't know your name) and Zoe for all your help on the day.

We had an enormous entry for the open CD of 21, which meant, I now had to find a second judge, so that we would be finished before it got too dark.  Thank you Caroline for agreeing to be our group IV judge at such short notice.

Thank you to both judges for setting sensible tests, Sue McCabe our control / agility judge ably assisted by Sue Darley, Caroline Morton our nosework judge whose steward was Heather Donnelly, and for being so pleasant to the competitors, all we heard back at base, was how much everyone had enjoyed themselves and how positive they felt, even if they hadn't qualified.

The competitors were a lovely bunch of people, ranging from first timers to experienced trialists, most of the competitors stayed for the presentation, which resulted in a lovely atmosphere.  Thank you to Leamington Dog Training Club for the use of your training ground and jumps, and David Baker for being the go between and making sure we had the keys.  Well I think I've waffled on long enough, it was a brilliant day and thank you to everyone for making it so.



CD Control and Agility


Control steward : Sue Darley

Stay stewards : Sue, Heather and Caroline

Gofers : Zoe and Gary - thanks to the "Dream Team"

I was thrilled to accept the invitation to judge N.A.S.A's first trial.  We were extremely well looked after by the Aussie folk, most of whom were not trialists, but nevertheless an enthusiastic, charming bunch.  The food was excellent; home made shepherd's pie and cakes galore!

Thanks to my pal Sue for her faultless stewarding and her great company.  We had an enormous entry of 21, so my old mate Caroline was dragooned in to judge group IV - it was just like the old days, before she emigrated.

18 dogs worked, and what a fantastic selection of breeds and indeed cross, and also a lot of young, new faces, if they all stick at it (and they all certainly should) it looks very good for the future of working trials - keep your enthusiasm folks!

The standard was incredibly high - 12 dogs completed the stays and 6 qualified on the jumps - we ended up with 5 qualifiers overall.

1st           Sonia Wright with SLIPWOOD JET (BC dog) 94.5 COM.  Faultless control round and 17.5 on the jumps gave this team a well deserved win.  Good luck in the future.

2nd         Louise Fitzpatrick with JAKESMEAD NORTON (flatcoated Retriever dog) 87 COM.  A very impressive performance from Louise and Oscar - one of my "new faces" and one to watch for the future.  Well done.

3rd          Tally Rees with TRIJEM ICENI WREAK HAVOC (Aussie dog) 86.5 COM.  Another "beginner" team turning in a lovely round.  Excellent jumps and stylish control.  I remember judging Rico's sire, Sonny in CD donkey's years ago and he works with similar enthusiasm.  Congratulations.

4th          Lisa Doody with SWEET SAVANNAH HOTLIPS (WSD bitch) 84 COM.  Yet another new pair performing extremely well.  Holly is a 7 year old rescue and I particularly admire trainers who can achieve this level of attainment with a rehomed dog that invariably comes with its own problems.  Very well done.

5th          Beryl Draper with DECOYMANS PIPER ICEMAN (NSDTR dog) 83.5 COM.  I know that Beryl has had her work cut out with this character and I'm delighted that it came together today.  We did have a nasty moment in the down stays when a duck was heard quacking nearby and we thought Rusty might go off "tolling" but he was rock steady!! Well done.

6th          (Not qualifying) Ian Bradley with HOEGRANGE ZEUS (Labrador dog) 91.

An outstanding performance from Ian (one of only two men brave enough to enter under us) and Wedgie - a stunning Choccie Lab.  Ian's confidence deserted him on the scale, otherwise a terrific round.  Have faith - he can do it!

All the dogs were great, but two I must mention were Barney the Westie for our personality of the trial, how magical to see this tiny terrier - he's under 10 inches - strutting his stuff.  Great to see such an unusual breed in trials, I cant wait to see him track.

The other special boy was Timba, a one eyed GSD cross who missed the jumps by a whisker, but has great potential.

Finally, thanks to Linda for running this trial so brilliantly and thanks for the pressies.


Group 4


It was absolutely great to be able to support the "NASA" in their running of their first working trial.  All credit is well deserved to any breed club promoting the working aspects of their breed.  A big congratulations for Linda Reynolds assisted by Zoe Findlay for all the hard work and stress involved in getting these things off the ground, it certainly paid off, it was a brilliant day for all.

My last two thank you's are to Heather for giving your time to lay search squares, and to all the competitors who began enjoying themselves once they realist that us judges aren't so scary after all!!!

1st           Mrs. S. Wright with SLIPWOOD JET 94.5.  Chuffed to see an older dog (7) having a successful bash at trials.

2nd         Mrs. L. Fitzpatrick with JAKESMEAD NORTON 87.  Good start to this F.C. retriever's career.

3rd          Mrs. N. Rees with TRIJEM ICENI WREAK HAVOC 86.5.  Flew the flag for the Aussies today, worked well for you.

4th          Mrs. L. Doody with SWEET SAVANNAH HOTLIPS 84.  You handled her really nicely, keen lively collie.

5th          Mrs. B. Draper with DECOYMANS PIPER ICEMAN 83.5.  All your hard effort has finally paid off, full marks for perseverance.

Special mention to my two X-FACTOR teams Ian Bradley with HOEGRANGE ZEUS (choc lab) and Natalie Simper with BARKING MAD BARNEY (WHT), keep it up both of you, I saw a lot of potential.

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