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Trials Manager's Report

This was the second open CD trial run by N.A.S.A.  Once again we had a very good entry of 15 and only a few scratches so once again a full day for the Judge and steward.  Thank you for setting a sensible test, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that came to help, namely Catherine, Gary, Trish, Di, Tally and Zoe.  You all did a brilliant job.

The competitors were a lovely bunch of people ranging from first timers to experienced handlers with young dogs.  Most of the competitors stayed for the presentation, which resulted in a good atmosphere.  Thank you to Leamington Dog Training Club for the use of your jumps and training ground.  It was a brilliant day and thank you to everyone for making it so.

Linda Reynolds.


CD Stake

Judge: Sue Darley

Steward : Sue McCabe

Very well run and friendly trials, all credit to Linda Reynolds and her very able team of helpers.  We were very well looked after; in fact we committed the cardinal sin of sending back a Judges box with food still in it!!

I set a very straight forward test, my thought being that we are trying to encourage new people into our sport.  The standard of work was excellent on the whole, and most of the handlers and dogs being capable of going on.

1st           and best control round on 95 points Q : Sue Jones with WSD MEG.  Very nice all round performance as one would expect from Sue.  The heelwork a lot better than Sue thought!  Best of luck with Meg in the future Sue.

2nd         and best nosework trophy on 90 points Q : Vicky Wilford with Pyrenean Sheepdog SCOOTER.  This was the dog I was looking forward to seeing work, and he didn't disappoint.  Scooter is the first dog of his breed to be awarded a C.O.M. Congratulations .. I am sure that on this showing he will go on to collect a few more.  Very well done.

3rd          89.5Q Marie Dixon with X.D. GUNNER.  I liked this dog a lot, Marie has had to work hard to get a tune out of this rescue dog, but her patience is paying off, and I am sure in time the article problem will resolve itself.  Good luck with him.

4th          87.5Q Diane Matthews with WSD KIZZY.  Very workmanlike round, the sendaway costly today.

5th NQ on 62.5 Sarah Naylor and Lab ASSA.  Assa is a very strong willed Lab, and Sarah had to work hard to get him to listen to her, but I saw nothing that couldn't be sorted.

6th NQ Morag McGinn with WBC BADGER.  Only two out of the square, then Badger seemed to have his mind on other things during his control round.  Keep up with his training and I am sure you can sort it out.

Trophy for the best "Aussie" went to Chris Shave and TOPAZ.

I would also like to mention David Barker and his GSD Sophie.  David chose not to do the stays, but what a lovely round otherwise, only 4 points lost in total.  I do hope that you manage to sort her stay out David.

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