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Trial Held: 11 February 1990




Tracklayers: Jill Dempster, Steve Langston, Brian Coe,

David Needham

Steward: Lil Diggins

My thanks to North ants & Beds WTS for the invitation to judge both CD and Veteran Stakes. The trial was, as always, ably managed by David Ashford in his last year as Trials Manager. His cheerful personality will be a hard act to follow but good luck to his successor. Thanks also to David's wife Judy, and to Stella for their sterling work doing the rounds of the fields feeding us all, to Lil my steward for both stakes and to Jill, Steve, Brian and David the Veteran (?) tracklayers.

C.D. Stake

13 Entries 10 Ran.

All the CD's were done on the Saturday in the rain. As one would expect, the standard of work varied tremendously with several of the dogs obviously not yet ready for competition. I set a very straightforward test and second attempts were allowed at all jumps. The search articles were a 2" square of thick cloth, 2" x 1" wood and a spark plug.

1st. Miss M. Perman's JOYOUS SILVER BARK (WSD) A very nice round I especially liked the positive handling at the jumps. 94/100 C of M.

2nd. Mrs. D. Collie's CRANNAGH FLASH (BC) A super round from this very young dog with only the sendaway being expensive. 91/100 C of M.

3rd.Mr. P Adams CARISTAN BLACK SHADOW (BC) A lovely round from another very young dog. Inexperience  at the jumps cost you a certificate, but I'm sure you'll sort out the problems. 83/100 NQ.

4th. Mrs. P Weight's BURRABROOK MOSS (WSD) Just bits and pieces to tidy up  - lots of potential.  76/100 NQ. 


VETERAN STAKE 19 Entries 12 Ran.

The weather for all the Veteran tracks was very similar each day - very, very windy. It was a  pleasure to watch these older dogs track  - most of them completing  it. There were five articles  on the track, a good sized piece of thick dark green cloth 75 yards up the first leg to give them  encouragement and a nice bit of green wool carpet at the end as a reward. The in­ between articles  were sized to help sort out the winner.In the end, no dog recovered all the track articles but  every article was recovered by at least one dog. We also had some sharp· eyed handlers  even though  the articles were chosen to be found by the dogs and not seen by the handlers.The track was marked  out of 100, plus 10 for each article. There were 6 search articles of varying sizes, marked 7 per  article, 8 for style, total 50

1st.  Mrs.  S. Colon  TULLSTAR ZEPHYR  (GSD) A supe enthusiastic 7 year old bitch. Had problems  at  the second corner but made a very good recovery to complete the track and recover 3 articles and 5  from the square  (85 track, 3 articles, 37 search) 152.

2nd. Mr. P Ross MAYDAY KELLY (WSD) This little bitch  1 thirteen years old and went round the track as if on tram line Unfortunately only recovered the end  article and 5 from th square. (99 track, 10 article, 42 search) 151.

3rd. Mr. J. Dickenson COOLREE'S JANNA (GSD) This seven year old bitch recovered four articles from the track, although missing a little bit out. Lethargic  search. (85 track, 40 article 24 search) 149.

4th.Mrs. S. Brown BRADWAY TIFF (BC) Eight years old, nic track, handler found one article. All the  search articlc recovered in 3 minutes 20 seconds. (92 track, 5 articles, ! 26  search) 147. 

I must also mention Sue Ashby's WT.CH. THE TYKE, 12 years old on what I believe was her last  competitive outing, finishing in 5th place 94 track, 10 articles (Sue found two) 40 search. 144. 




Tracklayers: Trevor (mole catcher) Pegg, Colin (under the hat) Diggins, Ted (it's there somewhere)  Pallot Steward: Robin (Reliant) Lattaway 

Thank you David Ashford and Committee for inviting me to judge these trials, I always enjoy these  trials whether judging, track laying or competing.  The trials, as this one, are always friendly and  well run. A good venue and first class manager. Thank  you Trevor, Colin  and  Ted for laying  the  tracks as requested and surviving the strong wind, also Robin for stewarding, gun loading and  escorting me around. Thank you to Judith and Stella for coffees  etc. and all the helpers who made  these trials run smoothly. 

I had 48 competitors  entered,  39 ran, 19 left the nosework qualifying and 13 of them survived the  C & A. Tracking was on winter wheat and I set a straight forward test knowing the forecast of gale  force winds. The dogs that qualified worked very well putting their noses to the ground and  ignoring the high wind. 

I allowed each competitor 20 minutes to complete the track and only 1 dog ran out of time. Most  dogs worked the square well and retrieved at least 2 of the articles.  1st. Mr. Stephen Barnes BILBO'S KESS (BC) Marks 87-20-35 Worked on the  first day, very  windy  conditions  but KESS ignored the wind and completed the track in 9 minutes. Took 4 minutes to collect articles from the square. A good working dog and will go to the top! 192 C of M.

2nd. Mr. John Seal NYRVANA LUTZ (GSD) Marks 89-20-25 Worked on the third day with wind and rain to contend with but a beautiful track done by a very strong dog ( he has to be to pull John from the corners!) 188 C of M.

3rd. C.C. Metropolitan Police METPOL ZERGETIE (GSD) Handled by Amanda Reed. Marks 85-20-30 Worked on the fourth day which was still windy. A very happy working dog,

lost marks working the square for 'swimming' etc. 184 C of M. Winner of 'Alan Baulk Memorial' Trophy for Police Handler and Dog gaining highest percentage in TO WD and UD stakes also

'Falconer' Trophy for GSD with highest marks in nosework section WD stake.

4th. Miss Joan Milnes DRINGHOE KING (GSD) Marks 80-20-34 A very bouncy young dog which enjoys his work. You will stay fit with this dog. 183 C of M.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:-

Mr. D. Needham ALKA HANNA (GSD) 181 .


Mrs. G. Cooke DARK MUSKATEER fYVS) 1751' 2.


C.C. West Mids.  Police, HANDLEY  OF  WESTMIDS (GSD) Handled by PC Derek Handley 173.




Miss M. Rowe LUMSBANK DRAKE (LAB. RET) 168. 

To all the competitors thank you for entering Ienjoyed watching your dogs work and I'm sure once  the nerves were out of the way you enjoyed your day. Best of luck for the future. Just keep  training!        




Tracklayers: Debbie Allen, Bob Bawden, Sue Ashby, Sheila Brown, Ringo Starr, Jill Dempster Steward: Gordon Black 

Many thanks to Bedford for their invitation to judge. In view of the fearsome weather forecast I  brought enough spare jerseys and waterproof clothes to outfit a regiment, but in the event we only  had rain on one day, though there were continuous high winds. It was fascinating to see how little  the wind affected the dogs - about 23 dogs did all, or most, of the track. It must be said, however,  that some had a good deal of help from clearly visible footprints! 

I was fortunate to have excellent tracklayers.  Thank you to them all, but in particular to Debbie  Allen, who stepped in at the last moment to replace a 'back-stricken' Roger Shrimpton, and laid the  first six tracks every morning. (Hope you're better, Roger!). Also many thanks to Gordon who laid  all the squares so that every dog had as similar conditions  as one could manage.

Bedford has always been one of my favourite trials due not least to the welcome Trials Manager  David Ashford gives to  the competitors for giving us such a good entry  - so much so that we needed an extra judge for CD  (18). I doubt if Alar    each competitor.  Nothing is too much trouble for him, and everyone is made to feel the most  important person at the trial! Sadly, David says this is his last time as Trials Manager  - he and Judy will be a very hard act to follow.

1st. Mr. J. West's RUSHOLT HELGA (GSD) 198 marks. Lovely bouncy bitch -just my sort of Shepherd! Three on the track (2 dog, 1 John) and three in the square. Very well done.

2nd. Mr. John Baker's SCRIPDEAN WORTHY WIZARD (GSD) 195 marks. This is the second time I have judged this dog in a high wind, and both times he has tracked as though on tram-lines and stopped dead on corners. Very impressive.

3rd. Mrs. R. Hodnett's GRETEL.:S BLACK DIAMOND (Rott!Collie Cross?) 192 marks. An excellent round from this pair getting two on the track and four in the square. Well done.

4th. Mrs. Cresswell 's OCCARDI DUKE OF CARL10N (GSD) 190 marks. Very steady track during which the handler nearly disappeared in a particularly soft bit of ground! Three on the track, but not too enthusiastic about the square.

Also gaining Certifcates of Merit:-

Mr. C. Bell 's ROBRAI BASKO (GSD) 185 marks.

Miss A Collen's OVER THE MOON (ROTT.) 178 Came all the way from Ireland to compete - very pleased you qualified.


The best nosework came from Maurice Cooke's SAXON BLACK KNIGHT (GSD) - a superb track with all the articles - who won the METPOL QUEENIE trophy.

Very unfortunately, the dog aggravated a previous injury on his way to do the control and couldn't cope with the jumps.

PS. Where were all the Collies? The entry of 43 dogs included 26 GSD's but only 6 Collies!

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