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TM, WD Stake


The entries were well down this year with no CD entries, 13 WD and 10 Veteran.

We were extremely lucky with the weather. I elected to run Friday and Saturday, as there were some competitors competing at Iceni - the weather on Sunday was diabolical.

I would like to thank my usual helpers Carol Hedges, Gill Lawrence, and Pearl Bray. I would also like to thank the judges Maureen Regan and John West, for setting tests that were fair to all.

Thanks also to:- Stewards: Pippa Bentham and Rose Faulkner, and Margery Lee who stepped in while Pippa worked Veteran; Track Layers: Alan Hedges, Alan Lee, Adrian Quick, Jo Magness and Lindsey Poole. All made the Trial a success.

I would like to thank the farmers who allowed us to use their land, which was not at a premium,

Next year I am bringing the trial back one week, so as not to conflict with Iceni.





Tracklayer: Lindsey Poole, Alan Hedges, Alan Lee

Search Stewards: Pippa Bentham, Margery Lee

C/A Steward: Pippa Bentham

Many thanks to Portland Dog Training Club Committee for this appointment, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My thanks to Pat Middleton-Smith for doing a wonderful job as Trials Manager; Pat creates the tone of a very relaxed enjoyable trial. Thank you, Pippa, for your company and efficiency; you were super and worked very hard. Thank you, Margery, for stepping in on the Sunday, after you worked Veteran, to allow Pippa “time off” for an hour to also compete in Veteran. Thank you both. Lindsey and Alan laid all the tracks, with Alan Lee stepping in to lay the spare on Sunday. Thank you very much, you did your best for every one.

13 entered and 12 ran. Tracking was on stubble. The weather conditions over the two days were very different. Friday saw the continuation of beautiful warm dry days. Saturday (having hammered it down with rain all Friday night) was very cold and damp, who knows if the conditions played their part or not, but no dog completed the track on Saturday. The standard in the C/A was very good indeed and a joy to see.

1st Tony Lockyer and LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, 192.5, Q. Good steady track, getting all track and square articles. Only dropped 1 mark in control. Excellent! Well done! It’s so good to see how an experience handler works a “rookie” A lesson for every one watching. Good luck for your future trials.

2nd Kevin Hill and VEKKA LADY, GSD, B, 187, Q. After a tricky start at the start pole, which had me looking at the stop watch, Vekka worked it out and did a very good track indeed, getting 2 articles and 4 out of the square. Good control. Well done! And good luck for your future trials.

3rd Rosemary Turner and MALTESER MARY, Lab, B, NQ. Nyla worked very hard on the track, but alas, after all her hard work she went wrong three quarters of the way round. No articles off the track, 3 from the Square. Rosemary was telling me that Nyla was her son’s dog, and Rosemary picks her up 1 day a week and “we go out and have fun”. I’m sure it won’t be long before you get you WD. Good luck.

4th Felicity Veazey and VANISTICA RAINBOW SEEKER, Groenendael, B, NQ. Inka isn’t an easy dog to handle and you are very patient, Felicity. Only got 1 off the track and 3 from the square. Hard Luck. Good luck for your future trials.

I would like to thank the competitors, qualified or not, for allowing me to judge your dogs and for accepting my decisions gracefully. Good luck to all of you.

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