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Tracklayers: Alan Hedges (2 days), Adrian Quick (2 days), Jo Magness (1 day), Liz Hickman (1 day)

Stewards: Pat Tagg (UD), Jo Magness (WD)

My thanks to the Portland Committee for the invitation to judge the WD and UD stakes, and to Pat Middleton-Smith for organising and running the trial from her home, which made it so friendly.  Thank you to Carol for the catering.

Tracking was on grass and the weather stayed dry both days, though very windy which affected some of the less experienced dogs.  Thanks to my four tracklayers - Alan, Adrian, Jo and Liz, who laid all the tracks as I asked, thereby giving each competitor every chance of qualifying.  Thanks to Pat and Jo for laying the squares, stewarding the control rounds and for being good company.


10 entered, 7 ran.

1st Bob Burns and GUNWHARF JACK, 3yr old Labrador, D, 186.5, CoM.  Lovely nosework on quite difficult ground because of the wind.  Just scraped the control round to qualify - the sendaway almost cost you the qualification.  Well done.

2nd Jill King and WOLFHART AVA, 2yr old GSD, B, 184, CoM.  Ava’s first attempt at UD Open and deserving of the qualification.  Lovely track, but needs more work on her square.  The only full mark jumps in the stake.  Well done, Jill - you should be thrilled with her.

3rd John Turtill and WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, 2yr old WSD, D, 183.5, CoM.  Lovely track, John; again needs work on Tayo’s square.  Super control round and just managed to scrape enough on the jumps.  Well done.

4th Pippa Bentham and MY BILLIE, 3yr old WSD, B, 178, CoM.  Pippa was delighted with Billie - confident track, square was a bit messy and other little things cost you some marks today, but overall a well deserved qualification.  There’ll be no stopping you now!

Best nosework – Fiona Britten’s 6yr old Weimaraner, OWLSEY TIKOUKA - such a pity the scale cost you the qualification.


9 entered, 7 ran.

1st Jenny Jefferson and BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, 3yr old BC, D, 181.5, CoM.  Teg had to work really hard on his track due to the strong wind - but you should be thrilled with his can-do attitude, Jenny.  Lovely C/A rounded off a deserved qualification.

2nd Margery Lee and SYN MISCHIEF’S PARTNER, 2yr old WSD, D, NQ.  Just missed out on the qualification because of the jumps.  The rest of his work was super.  On the same mark as the winner of the stake.

3rd Angela Fields and JUST RED ROBIN, 4yr old Labrador, D, NQ.  Didn’t quite believe him on the track.  Tidy C/A round - keep going, you’ll get there.

4th Chris Young and LLYNELLEN MEADOW SAGE, 5yr old WSD, D, NQ.  Jack didn’t cope with the wind conditions from the pole, but nice square.  Smashing C/A round - you’ll get there, Chris.

Best nosework - Paul Thornton, working CC Westmids Police LIMASMYTHE ENNYA, 4yr old GSD B.  Sendaway cost you today, Paul, but you should be pleased with the on-going work you’ve done on her steadiness to gun test.  Well done and keep working on it.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend judging some super teams.  Many thanks to all of you for entering under me, accepting my decisions and allowing me to judge your dogs.  Good luck to all of you.

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