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Stakes Run: CD,UD WD and Veteran

We were only able to find sufficient grass for the Veterans.  Thanks to Woodford Farms we managed to run the CD, UD and WD on stubble.  I am hoping that we will be back on grass next year.

I would like to thank our judges: Lindsey Poole who judged the UD nosework; Margery Lee, UD Nosework; Pippa Bentham, Veteran; John Hines UD, WD C/A, and CD; and also their stewards and tracklayers.  I will leave it to the respective judges to thank them personally.

My many thanks to the following: -

Carol Hedges and Pearl Bray who manned the kitchen, and cooked the evening meals; Mary Drewitt who stepped in to do Veteran squares; Gill Lawrence for taking over the scoreboards and the associated paperwork - this was really appreciated; Alan Hedges and John West, who did a fantastic job sorting out the tracking fields.

Thanks to all who helped to make this year’s trial a success.  Without the commitment of people willing to give up their time to contribute to running a trial, there would be no trials.

Nobody claimed expenses; this has enabled Portland Dog Training Club to make a donation to The Dorset Search and Rescue Dog Section.  Many thanks.

I hope everyone enjoyed the trial. Congratulations to those of you that qualified, to those that did not quite make it this time, all the best for the future.

Pat Middleton-Smith




Stewards: Friday, WD Stake, Pearl Bray: Saturday and Sunday, CD and UD Stakes, Liz Hickman.

Firstly I would like to thank Pat Middleton-Smith and Portland for inviting me to judge the Control sections of the stakes, and for once again staging a very friendly enjoyable trial; all credit to you, Pat.  I found it a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, assessing some happy dogs with their very nice handlers.  I also extend a very big thank you to my stewards, Pearl Bray and Liz Hickman, for the kind, caring  and friendly manner that they treated all the competitors.  I couldn’t have had a more friendly and likable pair stewarding for me, you were both brilliant and I sincerely thank you for your efforts and support.  Finally I would like to express my thanks to the competitors for accepting my judgment and comments in a positive friendly manner, without question or argument.

Although there were 19 entries in the UD and WD Stakes only 4 UD and 5 WD competitors successfully completed the Control and Agility rounds, the jumps, stays and sendaway being the main reason for failing this section of the stakes. 

To those who qualified I extend my congratulations and to those who just  missed out, I wish you better luck next time.


(3 entries)

1st Gill Lawrence with BEKKIS BEKWAY MERRIDOWN, CDEx, BC, B.  A very good solid round and worthy winner of the stake.  Very well done.  89, Q.

2nd Rose Faulkner with DANCING SILVER GIFT, SSD, D.  The heelwork and long jump dictated the placing.  A good round, well done. 83, Q.

3rd Chris Young with LLYNELLEN MEADOW SAGE, WSD, D.  Early days, but training is going in the right direction.  Better luck in the future. 43.5, NQ.


(9 entries)

1st Pat Tagg with ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, GSD, B.  A little weak on the heelwork but near perfect marks in all other areas of the control section made this team a worthy winner.  Well done and good luck in the future.  190.5, Q.

2nd Carol Huckle  with VAPRESTO DIABLO KINGSWOLD, CDEx, BSD, D.  A very solid C/A round.  If only the sendaway had been a little more accurate.  This team really enjoyed themselves.  Well done and good luck for next time.  186.5, Q.

3rd Sarah McDowell with PERFECT ZAK, WSD, D.  Other than losing a few marks on the sendaway  the C/A round was good and solid.  Well done to you both. 182, Q.

4th Margaret Tarvit with VEREKER NUN NICER,  Hung Vizla, B.  An excellent C/A round, other than the down stay.  Good luck in the future.  183, NQ.


(10 entries)

1st Janette Hickson with ROSMARINUS  RAINBEAU, BC, D.  A little ragged on the heel free but otherwise a very strong C/A round.  Well done and good luck in the future. 178.5, Q.

2nd Jodie-Lea Phillips with FLIP FLOP RIP, CDEx, BC, D.  This team only needs to be a little tighter in the group one elements of the C/A round to achieve a higher placing.  Well done.  169, Q.

3rd Hayley Woodcock with COTSDEAN NELL CDEx., UDEx, BC, B.  A good C/A round spoilt only by poor sendaway and long jump marks.  Good luck for the future. 160, Q.

4th Pam Wadsworth with BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE, Cocker Spaniel, D.  What a happy little dog.  Had he managed the long jump he would had achieved the highest C/A marks of the stake.  A lovely team to watch and good luck in the future.  156, NQ.




Tracklayers: John West, Alan Hedger and Adrian Quick

Steward; Alan Lee

My thanks to the Portland Committee for inviting me to Judge at this trial, to Pat Middleton-Smith, Trials Manager, for running a friendly well organised trial, to Carol Hedger in the kitchen, who fed us sumptuous evening meals as well as keeping every one supplied with smashing food throughout the day, and Gill Lawrence who managed to keep everyone’s scores sorted out at base with her usual calm efficiency. Thanks also to my tracklayers, John, Alan and Adrian, who managed to lay all the tracks as I wanted, and to Alan Lee (patient husband) for laying all the squares.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was great to see happy dogs and handlers.  To those who didn’t qualify today, bad luck but persevere; you all are capable of gaining this qualification.                             

1st Pat Tagg with LARA, GSD, Q, 190.5.  Lara did you proud, beautiful track, with both articles, and four out of the square, lovely to watch. Well done.

2nd Carol Huckle with BLUE, BSD Terv, Q, 186.5.  Another nice track, again 2 and 4.  It was lovely to see a handler so appreciative of her dog, and a dog so happy to work.  Well done                                           

3rd Sarah McDowell with ZAC, WSD,  Q, 182.  Zac did a lovely track, with both articles. Unfortunately only three out of the square cost you a higher place to-day.  His enthusiasm was great to watch. Well done.

4th Margaret Tarvit with ZAZZ, Hung Vizsla, NQ, 183.  Zazz really concentrates when tracking - both articles and four out of the square. A pleasure to watch, well done.




Tracklayers: Alan Hedges, Paul Cousins, John West

Steward: Shirley Robinson

My thanks to the Portland Committee for the invitation to judge the WD nosework, and to Pat for organising and running the trial from her lovely home.  Thank you to Carol for the catering.

Tracking was on stubble with a bit of growth.  13 dogs entered of which 9 worked.  Thanks to my three tracklayers, Alan, Paul and John, who laid all the tracks as I asked, thereby giving each competitor every chance of qualifying.  Thanks to Shirley for laying all the squares and for being good company.

1st Janette Hickson and ROSMARINUS RAINBEAU, BC, CoM, 178.5.  Roy missed the first article on the track but recovered well, only losing 1 mark in the square. Well deserved win.

2nd Jodie-Lea Phillips and FLIP FLOP RIP, BC, CoM, 169.  Again, Rip missed the first article on the track and left one behind in the square.  Jodie was delighted with him, well done both.

3rd Hayley Woodcock and COTSDEAN NELL, BC, CoM, 160.  Nell found the first article on the track and Hayley spotted the second.  Only two out of the square made this quite ‘tight’ for a qualification - but well done.

4th Pam Wadsworth and BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE, Cocker Spaniel, NQ, 156.  Connor missed the first article and took a wrong turn at the last leg - such a shame.  All four out of the square.  Unfortunately, the missed track article cost him the qualification.  He’ll get there on this showing.




Tracklayers: Alan Hedges and Jo Magness

Steward: Mary Drewitt

I would like to thank Pat and Portland DTC for the invitation to judge the Veteran Stake at their Open trial; Carol in the kitchen provided excellent food to keep us going – thank you.

My tracklayers, Alan and Jo, did a brilliant job, as did Mary, who very kindly stepped in to lay the squares when Rose got delayed – many thanks to you all.

I had an excellent day watching dogs, ranging from 7 to 13 years old, come out and enjoy themselves.  Tracking was on grass, and the weather, whilst rather bracing, was dry until the last track.  8 entered and 8 ran.

1st Nicky Prescott and TILLY, 11 years.  The only dog to get all the articles; a well deserved win.

2nd Lynne Davies and KANE, 13 years.  His enjoyment was obvious, a real pleasure to see him work.

3rd June Coutts and MILLIE, 12 years.  First to track and set an excellent standard.  Well done.

4th Anne Bracegirdle and JASPER, 8 years.  Wonderful to see Jasper looking so well after his health problems.  Well done to you both.

Thank you all for entering.  It was a privilege to watch your dogs working and it was obvious how much they enjoyed themselves.

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