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Trials Managers Report.

We ran three stakes, UD,CD and Veteran

Entries were very low this year, but it was interesting to note that the Veteran Stake was very popular with ten teams entered.

The weather was fantastic, only the day before there were gales and torrential rain.

The morning started with thick fog, which caused quite a few problems for competitors trying to find the base, by midday we were in brilliant sunshine.

I would like to thank the farmers who allowed us to use their land, which was not a premium this year.

Once again I had excellent helpers, Pat Curtis did a fantastic job in the kitchen, supplying food and drinks through out the day.

Pearl Bray who helped me with the shopping and preparation before the trial, and Gill Laurence who acted as escort.

I would like to thank the judges, Pippa Bentham and Liz Hickman and Les Robinson who was kind enough to step in at the last moment, for their time and expertise.

Lastly I would like to thank the competitors who were kind enough to help at the end of the trial, it was much appreciated.



CD and UD Control and Agility


Steward : Pearl Bray

Thanks to Portland for the invitation to judge the CD and UD control.  Pat Middleton-Smith organises this trial single handed and does an excellent job as does another Pat in the kitchen keeping everyone fed.

My steward Pearl expertly guided me through both stakes and I hope enjoyed her day.  Despite my many misgivings, I definitely found judging a much less daunting experience than I had expected.  I would like also to thank the CD and UD competitors who were a lovely and cheery lot and accepted my decisions with a smile. 

CD took place in the thick mist which made things interesting with a sendaway pole which kept disappearing.  All 3 competitors worked well in the nosework and all qualified the stays.  The rest of the control varied and unfortunately the jumps defeated all of them. 


1st           Carol Clayton with JAKE (BC)

2nd         Margaret Gatland with EMMA (LARGE MUNSTERLANDER)

3rd          Gay Rowley with HAGAR (GSD)

UD control

The sun shone for UD and despite the jumps and stays taking their toll I saw some very nice control rounds.

1st           Jenny Jefferson with WOODY (BC) Q 32.5 + 20

2nd         Christine Stewart with DUNCAN (STD POODLE) Q 32 + 17

3rd          Jill Storr with FOXY (GSD) Q27 + 19

4th          Robert Currie with PUNK (GSD) NQ 31.5 + 13

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