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Trials Managers Report.

Entries were down again this year, with eight teams entered in UD, nine in Veteran and four in CD.

I would like to thank our judges, Paul Cousins who judged the UD nosework, Rose Faulkner CD and UD C&A and Adrian Quick who judged the Veteran stake, also their stewards and tracklayers. I will leave it to the respective judges to thank them personally.

I would also like to thank Carol hedges and Pat Curtis who manned the kitchen, and everyone else who helped in many different ways.

I would like to thank Holland's Farms for the use of their land, which meant that all work was on grass. I am hoping that the same arrangement will stand for next year.

Congratulations to those of you that qualified, to those that did not quite make it this time, all the best for the future.



CD Stake and UD Stake C&A

Judge: Rose Faulkner

CD Square steward : Brian Bray

Control steward : Shirley Robinson

CD Stake

Thanks to Portland DTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake and control and agility UD.  Brian was an absolute star, he helped me put up the jumps, laid the squares, then stayed when Shirley took over for the C&A and kept us supplied with sandwiches and coffee at regular intervals. 

There were four entries for CD and four different breeds.  All dogs recovered three articles from the square and all gained full marks in the stays.  Only the jumps were problematical.

1st           M. Gatland with ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONI.  Large Munsterlander.  Congratulations.  A well worked round.  90 C.O.M.

2nd         A. Stevenson with GEMSTAR OF CLEYSIDE.  Working sheepdog gained top marks for search and retrieve.  80 N.Q.

3rd          G. Rowley with GAEGRAIZE NEMESIS GSD.  Lovely big dog.  63 NQ.

4th          T. Coults with FULMAY RIGHT ATTITUDE AT AMBERSLATE, Australian Shepherd.  Showed she could qualify easily on another day.  62 NQ.

UD stake

Again all stays completed successfully.  Results as N/W Judge  Paul Cousins.


UD Stake - Nosework

Judge: Paul Cousins

Steward: John West

Tracklayers: Ann & Martin Bracegirdle & Pippa Bentham

I should like to thank Pat Middleton-Smith and Portland Dog Training Club for giving a novice his first judging appointment. I could not have asked for a better start. The weather was kind to us, the land was very good, the trial had a 'friendly' feel to it and my first competitor completed the track.

I set a straightforward UD track with a piece of wood and half a beer mat for articles. The search square articles were a long thin wooden tea stirrer, a piece of carpet, a gun cartridge and a piece of green hose. Of the six competitors who turned up on the day three completed the track. With one exception all the dogs retrieved at least three articles from the square. As you would expect at UD Open level inexperience played its part with a few dogs on the track. However, on the whole the standard of nosework was very good with most dogs tackling the track and square with enthusiasm.

To add to the excitement there was a run off for the best nosework award. Margery Lee with Loki and Felicity Veazey with Inka both scored 136. The run off was decided by a search square with Felicity turning out to be the eventual winner.

Thanks to my tracklayers, Ann and Martin Bracegirdle and Pippa Bentham. Special thanks to my search square steward John West whose knowledge and experience were available if requested. Thanks also to Carol Hedges and Pat Curtis who did an excellent job in the kitchen.

Well done to the qualifiers and better luck next time to those who did not quite make it. My thanks also go to the competitors who entered the trial without having heard of the judge before and for helping to make my day so enjoyable.

1st           Margery Lee with LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER (WSD) Q182. A very steady track with dog and handler working in harmony and only losing half a point.

2nd         Stella Smyth with MORROLI DIAMOND DREAMING (ACD) Q161. Did not make the end of the track but made up for it with an excellent search square dropping only one point.

3rd          Felicity Veazey with VANISTICA RAINBOW SEEKER (Groenendel) NQ 166.5 Matched the winner for the nosework - what happened with the C&A?

4th          Sally Baker with IVYMORE HESTER CDex (Weim) NQ 164. A very nice track but unfortunately failed to retrieve any articles from the square.

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