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Stake: CD and UD C/A


Steward: Pearl Bray

Firstly I would like to thank Pat Middleton-Smith and Portland Dog training Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake, and the UD C/A.  A very special thanks is also extended to Pearl Bray for the proficient and caring manner in which she carried out her stewarding duties, and for putting all the competitors at their ease.  Thanks is also extended to Carol Hedges for keeping us suitably fed and watered throughout the trial.

CD Stake.  6 dogs competed and 2 dogs qualified, jumps and stays taking their usual toll.  Thanks must be extended to the competitors for accepting my decisions without comment.  For me, it was a pleasure to see you and your dogs work in such a boisterous and happy manner.  To all the competitors I say “Well done”; to those who qualified I extend my congratulations, and to those who just missed out, I wish you better luck next time.

1st           Christine Clements with MANDERIAN SOFTICE BELLE OF MOUNT LOCHAN, CDEx, AW, BC, B.  Corrie performed a lovely round, spoilt only by the clear jump.  Congratulations and good luck in the future. Q, 86.5.

2nd         Sue Topley with OUR FLORIENNE, AGI, Crossbreed, B.  Other than losing a few marks on the sendaway and scale, the round overall was good and solid.  Well done.  Q, 77.

3rd          Angela Stevenson with GEMS STAR OF CLEGSIDE, WSD,B. This dog attained the award for the”Best Control Round” in the stake, but became a casualty of the jumps.  NQ, 71.5.

4th          Sue Martin with INUHAUS GOLLUM, GSD, D.  A very nice round spoilt only by him breaking the down stay.  Better luck next time.  NQ, 71.

UD Stake Control and Agility

1st           Gary Haim with WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, CDEx, WSD, D.  This young dog was first rate, attaining the “Best Control Round” award for the stake, but unfortunately he broke the stay.  With a little more maturity this dog will be one to watch for in the future.  Well done.  NQ.

2nd         Chris Daubney with COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, B.  A lovely round, losing out on the “Best Control Round” award by only half a mark, but Diz also broke the stay.  Another young dog to look out for in the future.  Good luck.  NQ.

3rd          Felicity Veazey with VANISTA RAINBOW SEEKER, BSD, B.  Other than for a little more work on the sendaway and long jump, it was a very good performance.  Well done.  NQ.

4th          Elaine Betts with KYNYAF TIY OF PINES, CDEx, Hovawart, B.  A good performance, shame about the jumps.  NQ.


Stake:  UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham, Adrian Quick

Steward: Jo Magnes (Squares)

Thank you to Pat Middleton-Smith for the invite to judge the nosework for this Trial. Although this is a “One- woman band”, run on a small scale, it must be one of the biggest hearts of enthusiasm in the south. Congratulations Pat in continuing the spirit of the trialists who attended and long may you continue. Also, a big thank you to Carol Hedges for the food over the two days, as well as the evening meals, and not forgetting Alan Hedges for keeping both ladies happy as the gofer, a must at every Trial. THANKYOU.

For the tracking on both days it remained dry, although there was very heavy rain both nights, but very strange ground, as the first day dogs either failed the track or square, then went on to be quite successful in the Control Round, and the second day brought nearly 100% on track and square, but all dogs failed a part of the Control Round.  Due to this there were no qualifiers, but a lot of potential was shown for the near future.

1st           Mr. Garry Haim, WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, CDEx, WSD.  An excellent piece of nosework, also winning the nose work trophy.

2nd         Chris Daubney, COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD.  Another excellent track, just the square requiring a little polish.

3rd          Mr and Mrs. F.J. Veazey, VANISTICA RAINBOW SEEKER, BSD.  Good track and square, but more articles required to make it excellent.

4th          E. Betts and J. Sharp, KYNYAF TIY OF PINES, CDEx,  Hovawart.  Was an excellent Track, however the handler lost her nerve through inexperience.  I feel sure the same mistake will not be made again.

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