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Open Trial
Trial Held: 26 October 2003



For once the weather was on our side we had two brilliant days, cold but dry.

There was an overall entry of 19 UD. 11 CD and I0 Veteran.  It was good to see that  the Veteran Stake was well supported. which made it worth while.

I would like to thank my usual helpers Alan and Carol Hedges, also  Les Robinson. who compiled the score sheets and wrote the certificates each  day  which  helped  to  make things  run smoothly. I would like to thank Ann and Martin Bracegirdle. Adrian Quick and Liz Hickman who all gave their time to help make the trial a success.

I would also like to thank the judges, Shirley Robinson. Jo Magness and  Pearl Bray for setting tests that were fair to all.





Tracklayers: Alan Hedges, Adrian Quick & Dave Hamer

Search Steward: Rose Faulkner

We are very indebted to Pat Middleton-Smith for running this trial and al l owing us to use her house in this fantastic part of the country. M) thanks to her and to Alan. Adrian and Dave- tracklayers, Rose-searches and Carol for the marvellous food. Thank you all for making his trial so enjoyable.

On Saturday despite good weather and conditions dogs were failing to get beyond the first leg of the luck  until the end of the day when Chris Young and her young dog proved it was easy to do,  followed by a stunning track by Judy Meeking's Lab and finally full mark  nosework by Jenny  Jefferson at  her very first trial. Unfortunately none had qualified on control.

Day two - more wind and more deer running all over the tracks, and Pippa &  Keri sailed round the track to be our first qualifier, followed by three Shepherds completing their tracks in grand style  handled by Michelle Falcon, Frances Stoneley and Frances Webb. Bob Burn's Lab finished off the day with yet another  lovely   track  leaving us with just three qualifiers.

1st          Michelle Falcon & LAETARE LEXICAL VOLUME {GSD) 176.5 CoM. Track 85 + I0, search 34. Well done Michelle, I am sure you will do well with this dog. A worthy winner.

2nd         Frances Webb & BLACK KNIGHT OF LINCOLN (GS) 174 CoM. 89+10, 24. A super track, extra satisfying to do this well with a rescued dog.

3rd         Pippa Bentham & LABELLE KERRI (WS) I 71.5 CoM. 86+20, 25. Kerri absolutely flew round the track, you're on your way now!

4th          Jenny Jefferson & BEKKIS  VIRTUOSO (BC) 186 NQ. 90+20,  35. A fantastic result at your very first trial. Woody never put a paw wrong. Received the Best Track trophy.




Track layers: Alan Hedges, Ann Bracegirdle & Martin  Bracegirdle

Steward: Brian Bray

My thanks to Portland  D.T.C. for the invitation to judge veterans. A special thanks to Pat who did a grand job as trials Manager, even down to finding us good weather. Thanks to my track layers Alan, Ann and Martin and my steward Brian, also to Carol Hedges for providing good food/teas and the lovely meal on Saturday evening.

1st          STARAZAZ   LAD  (BC)  handled  by Rose Faulkner. Fleet. now a good age of 13 years. made the track look easy, also making Rose run. AII articles out of the square.

2nd         KELMSCOIT   KESTREL  (ESS)  handled by Judy Meekings. Kes had the same marks as Fleet so we had to have a draw. Kes also produced an excellent track with all articles out of the square. A really happy dog. I don't think Kes's tail never stopped wagging.  Well done.

3rd      RODINGLEA   RHAPSODY   (X   Breed) handled  by  Mary  Fellows.  Lifrey's track mark was 89/90. but missed the first track article. all articles  out  of the square. Lifrey was a happy little girl enjoying herself. Well done.

4th          WHITE  COLLAR  MISTER  {BC) handled by Les Robinson. Glen tracked with total  confidence and commitment and Les followed behind in his quiet competent manner. A good team, well done.

Also well done lo:-


STARAZAZ NIMROD  (BC) Mrs R  Faulkner.


DARK HONEY (SS) Mrs R Turner.

BRAV E VENTURE   (Lab) Mr R Burns.

Thank you to all the competitors for coming. I hope you all enjoyed the trial




Steward: Liz Hickman

My thanks to Pat for the invitation to judge. This year the weather was bright and sunny and we were able to appreciate what a beautiful part of the country Pat lives in and as usual she opened up her home to us all. Liz was an excellent steward, thanks for your company and help.

The standard  was very  mixed, there were several first timers and some who had been around the block before. I hope we managed to ease some of the nerves and show that competing can he as much fun  for dog and handler as training should be. No one exercise caused problems it was just a case of inexperienced dogs getting it wrong some­ times. Thank you all for allowing me to judge your dogs. and for your sporting attitudes.

CD Stake

1 1  entries -7 competed

1st           June  Coutts,  HORSEDROVE HENRY (Lab/Ret) D. 8 1 .5 CoM. Darcy just managed to get  enough on the jumps and .June was ecstatic (her previous dog never having done this). Well done I hope you go on to qualify right up the stakes.

2nd         Margaret  Gatland,  ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONl  (Large Musterlander) B. 72 NQ. Sendaway and jumps let you down today bur Emma has a nice lively attitude. I'm sure you'll get there.

3rd        Heather Caird, BLACK HIPPOCRATES (Lab/Ret) D. 65.5  NQ. Very nice nosework and control from Merlo!.

4th          Pauline Filler, WHIZZY  BARLEY  (X Breed) B. 59.5  NQ. Very nice nosework and enough on the control.

UD Stake

1 9 entries- 14 competed

1 st          Michelle Falcon. LAETARE LEXICAL VOLUME (GSD) B. 1  76.5 CoM. Lovely lively bitch. Very well done.

2nd         Francis Webb, BLACK  KNI GHT  OF LINCOLN   (GSD)  0. 174 CoM.  Full  mark sendaway and good control/C&A. Well done.

3rd        Pippa  Bentham, LA   BELLE   KERRI (WSD) B. 1 71.5 CoM. Just made it on the control/C&A. Kerri's  nosework must  have made up the marks. Well done.

4th         Jenny Jefferson. BEKKIS  VIRTUOSO (BC) D. 186 NQ. The sendaway cost Woody dearly today. I'm sure you'll get there soon. Good luck.


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