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Steward: Mary Prentice

My thanks to Ranmore Dog Training Club for the invitation to judge the WD/UD Control and Agility at their Open Trial. Thanks to Stan Ford, the Trials Manager, and to Mary Prentice who was an excellent steward and put all the competitors at ease and was great company. She stewarded the round perfectly. Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen - Joyce, Beryl, Sue (2), Jenny, Liz, Margaret, Sandra and Sally, who served some superb meals and looked after the competitors. Sue and Joyce ran the base and did a splendid job. Thank you to all the competitors who entered under me and made it such an enjoyable two days.


1st Elizabeth de Unger and STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, D, 198. Only lost one mark on the C/A – brilliant! Well done, Liz, you have obviously put a lot of work into training this dog.

2nd Nathan Wilson and SPECIAL GIFT, Weim, D, 195. Another excellent control round. It is nice to see another Weimaraner coming into Working Trials. Hopefully you will continue to do well in the future.

3rd Val Upton and GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, BC, D, 192. Won the run-off with John. Good control. Well done, Val.

4th John Reynolds and STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, D, 192. Full mark sendaway. Well done, John.

Also gaining a Certificate of Merit:

Lynne Brown and LAURINCO EBONY, Lab, B, 187

Pat Golding and ST PETES JETTA, Lab, D, 187


Mary Hansell and NELLINKA WINTER STORM, GSD, D, 173

June Coutts and CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, 172

Isla Cameron and MORGAN’S LEXI, WSD, B, 169



1st Paul Merritt and VONGRAF MELCHI, GSD, D, 175. Good control round. Full mark agility. Well done.

2nd Angela Sanders and STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, HWV, D, 166. Another good control round with full mark agility.

3rd Stella Smyth and BLUE JAMBEROO AT MORROW, ACD, D, 182, NQ. The hard luck story of the trial. One of the few to get round the track and failed in the agility section. Full mark sendaway. What a disappointment.

4th Pat Tagg and ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, GSD, B, 145, NQ




Tracklayers: Tessa Shoolbred, Cathy Dench, both days, Lauren Marlow (Saturday) and Ron Davies (Sunday)

Search Steward: David Collins on both days

Many thanks to Ranmore DTC for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at their Open Trial. I had a very enjoyable weekend and the gift was much appreciated.

My thanks also to those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the trial such a success. As usual, the volunteers in the kitchen prepared some excellent meals and refreshments - thank you. Also thanks to the escorts and chauffeurs who ensured that the competitors and I all arrived at the various areas of tracking land on time.

There had been rain leading up to the trial, but Saturday was fine. Sunday saw some light rain in the morning and was colder. The track pattern was a simple ‘box within a box’, consisting of seven legs. Tracking was on a good growth of grass and several dogs completed some top class tracks. The articles on the track were a coil of bailer twine and an ‘Actimel’ pot. In the search square were a length of green hosepipe, a metal teaspoon, a square of blue carpet and a strip of leather.

There were 26 entries in the UD stake with 22 running. Of those, 12 competed on Saturday, with ten qualifying in the nose work, and 10 competed on Sunday with eight qualifying in the nose work.

After the Control and Agility had been completed we were left with eleven qualifiers.

1st Elizabeth de Unger with STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, D, 198. A superb full mark track completed in typical Labrador style, with a tail that never stopped wagging! Both track articles followed by 34/35 in the square. An excellent result, congratulations.

2nd Nathan Wilson with SPECIAL GIFT, Weimaraner, D, 195. A big, very keen dog calmly handled by Nathan. 88 from the track plus both articles and scoring 33.5 in the Square. Congratulations.

3rd Val Upton with GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, BC, D, 192. Another brilliant full mark track with both articles. Super square, losing just one mark, 34/35. On the same final mark as the next dog but winning the run off exercise (a search square). Very well done.

4th John Reynolds with STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, D, 192. A near perfect track from this young ‘rescue’, dropping just one mark, followed by a full mark search square. Well done.

Also gaining a Certificate of Merit:

Mrs Lyn Brown with LAURINCO EBONY, Lab, B. Track 87/20, Sq 32; Total 187

Pat Golding with St PETES JETTA, CDEx, Lab, D, 89/20/25; 187

Mr Pat McMaster with BRYANTSCROFT MASHAM, GWP, B, 88/20/34.5; 187

Mary Hansell with NELLINKA WINTER STORM, GSD, D, 89/15/21.5; 173

June Coutts with CRADBRIDGE BILL, CDEx, Lab, D, 80/10/35, 172

Miss Isla Cameron with MORGAN’S LEXI, WSD, B, 87/10/25.5; 169

Gary Haim with LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, D, 89/20/16.5; 165.5

Congratulations to all those who qualified. To those who didn’t qualify (and some only missed by a whisker!), I wish better luck next time. Thank you for the pleasure of judging your dogs.




My apologies to anyone awaiting this report – it is the second attempt, honest!

Thank you to Ranmore for inviting me to judge, and to my tracklayers and search stewards and everyone one else who multi-tasked to run the trial.

Saturday sadly was a bit of a tracking disaster – possibly the combination of heavy rain, frost and sun in the previous hours – but the second day was better, although we still only finished up with two qualifiers overall in the end.

1st Paul Merritt and VONGRAF MELCHI, GSD, D, 175. Qualified with an excellent track with both articles, but unfortunately swallowed the piece of cloth in the square and left one in there.

2nd Angela Sanders and STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, HWV, D, 166. Tyler hardly lost a mark for most of the track and had the first article too, but then got sidetracked by the smells of a rough patch of ground, lost concentration and hence the end of the track. Fortunately he did a full mark square which brought him up to qualifying.

3rd Stella Smyth and BLUE JAMBEROO AT MORROW, ACD, D, 182, NQ. Only lost 1 mark on the track and a couple on the square which he completed in 2.5 minutes. A pity that the C/A let him down after such a performance.

4th Pat Tagg and ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, GSD, B, 145, NQ. Lara got half way round without losing a mark but then went off in totally the wrong direction. 4 out of the square.

Congratulations to the two qualifiers and better luck next time to the others.




Tracklayers; Val Upton, Tess Shoolbred and Don Laskey

Search Steward: Beryl Kimberley

Thank you to Ranmore DTC for the invitation to judge the nosework when it was decided that there were too many dogs entered for Richard to judge all sections in one day.

My thanks to Trials Manager, Stan Ford, and his merry band of helpers, and special thanks to Val, Tess, Don and Beryl for a job well done and their good company.

The track pattern and articles were of Richard’s design, and with the perfect weather conditions most dogs found it very easy - in fact, every dog qualified in this section!

I will leave it to Richard to detail the final placing, but the best nose work was done by:

Andy Baker with SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, 112.5/115. A pleasure to watch - four articles out of the square in two minutes, both track articles recovered and just 2.5 lost on the track - well done.




C & A Steward: David Clark

Patrol Steward: Sally Bergh-Roose

Patrol Criminals: David Clark, Mark Lewindon, Bert Maynard, Penny Bellis

Thanks to the Ranmore DTC committee for inviting me to judge PD, and to Trials Manager, Stan Ford, Base Steward, Sue Henderson, and catering team, Tessa Scholbred, Joyce Tibbets and many more. Thanks also to

all the teams who entered under me - 9 teams entered and 7 teams turned up for the test.

Sally, a big thank you for judging nosework at short notice and also to Beryl Kimberley for stewarding; both got up for a very early start to the day. All teams qualified this section of the stake with near perfect conditions.

The weather was mostly cloudy and overcast with a slight wind, almost perfect conditions, until it started to rain on the last two patrol rounds. We were very lucky for this time of year.

A big thank you to all those above for giving up their time and making the trial the success it surely was. Also thanks to Stan for sorting out the land and getting the jumps and all the thousand one other things that trials managers do behind the scenes. Thanks also to Bert for keeping us supplied with goodies and all the “gofering” during C/A and prior to the patrol round. Thanks to Joyce and Tess for bringing the sandwiches and drinks etc. up for our 10 minute break at lunchtime. I thought it best to crack on so we could have a run through of the patrol round with all competitors able to watch what they would be doing during the afternoon.

Thanks to all the competitors for smiling from beginning to end no matter what the result. I am totally convinced that all of you will be competing in PD Championship in the near future and some of you will win CC’s for sure. Please remember that all the marks count, not just the Patrol Round; a good PD dog gets 2 and 4 for the nosework.

For those of you who competed you may have guessed that the theme for the PD stake was control, as this is the key to success when you compete in PD Championship in the future; however I was well aware that I was judging a PD open and kept everything as straight forward as possible.

The C/A commenced with heel work, with the teams able to re-set up their dogs between normal, fast and slow pace. Next was the speak; for this the dog was placed in a hide and the handler joined the steward 5 paces away out of sight of the dog, 5 barks, quiet, another 5 barks, quiet and rejoin the dog. Everyone got marks for this, but no one managed a full score. The sendaway was 100 paces into the middle of the field to two crossed poles and the redirect was 120 paces to the right to a pole on the boundary of the field - again no one got full marks, but a couple of you came close, and a couple of you need to work at this exercise. Next was the jumps with the usual routine of clear, long and scale in the handlers own time, but told when to rejoin the dog by the handler for the clear and long jump. Brilliant effort by all of you on the jumps with no one failing to qualify, but a couple of dogs did knock the clear over or touch it for a casual foul. The handlers were told to have their dogs under control for the whole round. Final exercise was the stays, split in two lots so you could go and compete in the nose work; all dogs stayed, but a couple did lose marks for rolling around and crawling (less than a body length).

Before the patrol round commenced the teams were allowed to watch Bert and Rio do the run through - and she is doing very well, Bert, as you would have qualified this section easily. This was followed by a briefing, in which I emphasised that the dog must be under control for the whole time during the patrol round, and also that at the end of the quarter the criminal would not be compliant for a short while.

The round commenced with a Test of Courage - three criminals about 75 yards away running towards the handler and dog screaming and shouting and holding sticks and bottles. The criminals were instructed to stop running when the dog was approximately 10 paces away, but to continue shouting and making a noise until they were instructed to stop by the handler. To finish the exercise the dog was positioned in front of the criminals and the handler carried out a casual search of the criminals. All dogs came through this with flying colours, but some of you need to work on the re-bites as this will cost you in ticket.

The next exercise was quartering the ground, which due to the topography of the field and for the dogs’ safety was set up with 4 hides, each about 200 yards apart forming a large square. The dog was to be sent round three hides and onto the fourth hide in which was a person. This person had been told to behave like a vulnerable person. By this I mean drunk, other vulnerable people being children, mentally handicapped, persons on medication, the old and infirm. At the end of the quarter when the handler joined the dog Dave behaved like a drunk and offered them a drink and proceed to share this with them. Why? Because I wanted a test of control and to put the handler out of their comfort zone prior to the search and escort. The arm with the sleeve remained in the same position during this, by his side. Unusual yes, but only one dog failed this test of control and this was the only dog to have a full bite on arriving at the hide; two others nudged the sleeve with their nose on arrival, but then sat and barked through the rest.

The search was for two knives, one on the criminal and one in the hide; most found the knife on the criminal, but most missed knife in the hide even though a the string attached to it was hanging down! The escort was for the most part performed well, but a couple of you forgot to tell the handler to stand still and Dave just kept coming, no matter what the size of dog was on his arm, very quickly - well done, Dave, excellent work.

Next was the Recall. The criminal came out from the first hide diagonally across the field. At first walking and talking for 20 yards to get the dog focused, with the handler challenging the criminal, then running 100 yards before the dog was sent. The recall point was approximately 70 yards from the handler as I wanted to see and make sure the dog was fully committed prior to being called back. Penny was instructed to carry on running till out of sight and stay there as the chase was next. Only one dog failed this; however a lot of you used extra commands, whistle, voice and arms when the dog was returning and one team did an emergency stop before returning to the handler - you will need to improve this before entering ticket.

The final exercise was the chase and detention, with the same set up. All but one dog did this very well and finished by doing a cursory search of the criminal. The dogs must have been evenly matched for speed as they were all in a similar place when the chase finished, and also praise to Mark for keeping up the same speed all afternoon.

After all this we had three qualifiers, but it was so nearly 5, and with a little more work in the future I am sure it will be seven out of seven. My heart goes out to Bob Cook who missed the C/A by one mark. When helping out at PD’s last year I saw two new competitors to PD and it was good to see the vast improvement there has been in the way you approach a patrol round and the confidence of your dogs - you must have put a lot of work in this year. So to you, the qualifiers and those who did not qualify on the day, good luck in ticket for the future.

1st Andy Baker, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, Q, 291. Good luck in Ticket.

2nd Rita Banfather, STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, Q, 274. Well done, you are both very confident these days

3rd Prof. Mike Robinson, FLINT OF GLEN MEL, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D, Q, 269.5. Keep up the good work.

4th Lynne Davies, MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, CDEx – TDEx, XB, D, NQ, 255. Shame about recall and sendaway.

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